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A Start for a New Club and a Successful First Field Trial
By Jim Hathaway | Jan 05, 2022
Amateur Shooting Dog Winners. Foreground, from left: Peter LaBella with Kissamee Grousewoods Tea, Tim Cavanaugh with Little Miss Bella, and Jim Hathaway with Wizard's Cas Dubh. Back row: Judges Eric Rizza and Steve Levesque.

Falmouth, Mass. — It doesn’t matter if you call it global warming or climate change, the fact is, New England falls are warmer now than they were twenty years ago.

“When I was a little boy,” the start of hunting season and the first frosty morning came close together. Lately, here on Cape Cod the frost and cold weather hold off until almost early November. As a result of the hunting season and the cold weather settling in, field trials in New England have traditionally ended pretty much around the middle of October.

Well that’s all changing now. So a couple, three of us local Cape Cod field trailers and hunters decided to run a trial toward the end of the Massachusetts upland season. Problem is our field trial grounds are on a state wildlife management area and we can't hold a trial on a hunting day. That leaves us with a Sunday only trial. No problem. There used to be an association up here that only ran one day, Sunday trials. So we would be picking up where that group left off.

One other factor works against late fall trials, daylight hours. We’d be lucky to get nine hours of running, just sixteen braces if we hustled without a lunch break. Probably an upside of running a trial on a Massachusetts Wildlife Management Area in the fall is there may be pheasants and flight woodcock in addition to the quail we’ll be putting out.

For a first time attempt at a November trial, we pulled a good number of dogs and handlers. Thirty-three dogs overall fit the bill. That worked out as eighteen braces with a bye dog in every stake but the Derby. All eighteen braces got run with a bit of daylight to spare.

We are fortunate to have a second course through open pine and oak wood. That course gets used exclusively for the gun dog stake. Having a second course is a help when you have to squeeze eighteen braces into a sixteen-brace day. With a little better planning, we could squeeze in twenty or 22 braces next year.

Thanks to all y’all who helped out. This club is new. We have a bank account and a tax number, not much else. Our membership so far is me as the No. 1 whatever needs to be done, and Tom Jay, our No. 2, treasurer and whatever else gets done. Between the two of us, we can get all the paperwork and legwork needed to put on the trial right up until the first brace breaks away. Then we need the help of at least a half-dozen others. We had our judges all lined up. So our biggest need was on the spot, brace to brace bird planters. All I had to do was ask; someone always stepped up to carry the bird bag.

For a November trial, we had great weather, mostly sunny all day. In all, the day went along smoothly. Mostly I just want to thank everyone. First, our judges: Jamie Nee, Bill Bonnetti, Steve Levesque, Tony Leone, Joe Lordi, Eric Rizza and Brian Foley. Y’all kept the day rolling along perfectly.

As I mentioned earlier, Tom Jay was in charge of everything else. He did the entry money collection, lunch, drinks and snacks. We may not be a club with a big membership but these eight ran a great trial. Thanks.

I was able to get a few good photos on the day. Check them out. They are all right here. You just have to click on the first one then on the next and next to see them all. Congratulations to all who placed.

Keep an eye open for the New England spring field trial schedule. I’ll be posting that soon and I am trying to fit another Cape Cod Sunday trial on there somewhere.

Falmouth, Mass., November 14 — One Course

Judges: Tony Leone and Jamie Nee

AMATEUR PUPPY — 3 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st—CHASEHILLS WANGO TANGO, 1697813, pointer male, by Panola Bacon—Chasehill Lizzy Izzy. Allen Raiano, owner and handler.

2d—MAE BEL, unreg., setter female, breeding not given. Anthony Sorrells, owner and handler.

Judges: Brian Foley and Jamie Nee

AMATEUR DERBY — 3 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—COUNTRY ROADS CASH, unreg., pointer male, by Double Deuce Zeke—Bucketlist Bella. Allen Raiano, owner and handler.

2d—LIGHTNING FLASH MISSY, 1693582, setter female, by Blast Zone—Zuk's Ruby. Douglas Dix, owner and handler.

3d—LIGHTNING FLASH ROCKY BOY, 1691984, setter male, by Terhaar's Charlie Daniels—Terhaar's Lapua. Douglas Dix, owner and handler.

Judges: Steven LaVesque and Eric Rizza


1st—KISSAMMEE GROUSEWOODS TEA, 1672676, pointer female, by Daddy's Little Boy Butch—Porter Meadow Betty. Peter LaBella, owner and handler.

2d—LITTLE MISS BELLA, 1664328, pointer female, by Chasehill Liittle Bud—Shaula. Tim Cavanaugh, owner and handler.

3d—WIZARD'S CAS DUBH, 1686867, setter male, by Islander—Richfield Oakley. James D. Hathaway, owner and handler.

Judges: William Bonnetti and Jamy Losy


1st—CAMPBELL'S HOG HILL REMI, 1685491, pointer female, by Glassilaun War Paint—Little Miss Bella. David Campbell & Tim Cavanaugh, owners; Tim Cavanaugh, handler.

2d—STOKELY'S NAUGHTY DAUGHTY, 1657642, setter female, by Stokely's Frankie B—Jonesy's Rebel Revenge. Eric & Gabriella Rizza, owners; Eric Rizza, handler.

3d—BLUE CREEK  PEARL, 1682135, pointer female, by Gordon's Ramblin Rex—Bluecreek Nell. Allen Raiano, owner and handler.


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