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The American Field carries a great selection of books, including:


• Field Trials by William F. Brown ($20.00)

The history and conduct of the sport. A great resource! Every field trialer should have one.


• The Brittany by Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb ($25.00)

The first edition of the book is sold out; the newly designed attractive second edition contains several additional sections including "a pre-release system for quail," "scent—a discussion of game birds and bird dogs," among others.


• Training Pointing Dogs by Paul Long ($20.00)

The late bird dog trainer loved bird dogs and he successfully trained scores of them during a long tenure. Well received since 1974. This is the second edition.


• Fields of Glory by Everett Skehan ($35.00)

These 456 pages trace the field trial sport from 1874 to 1930—the legendary dogs, their owners, and history-making handlers, the canine athletes and personalities that established the foundation for this fine sport.


• Snakefoot: The Making of a Champion by Robert G. Wehle ($50.00)

The late squire of Elhew Kennels chronicles an odyssey of spectacular years breeding, developing and campaigning class bird dogs.


• Wing & Shot Gun Dog Training by Robert G. Wehle is SOLD OUT.



**Order any three titles and receive a complimentary copy of Field Trials, by William F. Brown, at no charge**



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