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Broomhill Trials

By Mazie Davis | Sep 13, 2018

Broomhill, Manitoba — The four-stake slate at Broomhill, Manitoba came to a successful conclusion with the naming of the respective winners. Lester’s Georgia Time, three-year-old white and orange pointer male owned by Baker Hubbard and Jim Clark of Atlanta, Ga., and handled by Robin Gates, won the Manitoba Open Championship with a strong prairie ground effort and two prairie quality finds. Touch’s Adams County, nine-year-old white and lemon pointer male, claimed runner-up with a creditable prairie effort, one find and a back. The seasoned competitor is owned by Ric Peterson of Gilbert, Ariz., and was handled by Randy Anderson. Twenty-five dogs were entered.

In the John S. Gates Memorial Open Derby with fourteen dogs, the winner was S F Flagship, white and orange pointer male owned and handled by Larry L. Smith of Pleasant Hill, Ia. Snapback, sparkling white and orange pointer female owned by Eddie Sholar of Leesburg, Ga., and handled by Greg Shepherd, was runner-up. Conditions were windy, and they were placed on their manner of hunting the country.

In the Broomhill Open All-Age, also with 25 entries, the winner emerged in Touch’s Spaceman, first year white and orange pointer male owned by Matt Griffith of Edmond, Okla., and handled by Randy Anderson. Spaceman had two good finds. Second was Erin’s Longmire, five-year-old white and orange pointer male owned by Brad H. Calkins of Centennial, Colo., and handled by Robin Gates to a good one-find performance. Third was Valiant, five-year-old white and liver pointer male owned by Jay McKenzie of Eureka, Kan., and handled by Anderson. Valiant also had one find and finished well.

In the concluding Broomhill Open Derby with six entries, conditions were very windy. The winner emerged in Neely’s Standing Ovation, white and orange pointer male owned and handled by John Neely of Albany, Ga.

Ovation had the only find of the Derby entries. Second was Miller’s Captivator, pointer male owned by Scott Griffin of Charlotte, N. C., and handled by Randy Anderson, who also handled the third place winner, Terry’s Third Chance, pointer male owned by Dr. Chris Cornman of Georgetown, Tex.

The judging panels were: John Neely and Greg Shepherd for the Championship; Mazie Davis and John Neely for the Broomhill Open, and Mazie Davis and Robin Gates for the two Derby Stakes.


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