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“Bird dogs make you a humble man”

Bud Moore for the Field Trial Hall of Fame

By Durrell Smith | Jul 13, 2021
C.W. "Bud" Moore

Atlanta, Ga. — It is my pleasure to endorse and promote Bud Moore for the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Bud, a friend and mentor to me, integral in not just my own knowledge and understanding of handling and developing bird dogs for field trials and guided hunts.

Bud has been instrumental in the promotion of the field trial sport across America and continues to keep an open door for new members aspiring to win a championship or two. Bud Moore is a man among men, a class act, and truly a compelling storyteller. Simply put, when Bud speaks, you listen. And when Bud Moore teaches, the lesson is clear, concise; his teachings have been developed over a lifetime of hands-on work with bird dogs and field trials. My endorsement of Bud Moore comes not to highlight his winnings and champions, but his actions and initiatives off the field and in the face of the public. Bud Moore typifies the sportsman’s gentry and is a servant-leader to his community.

Bud was raised as a half Cherokee Indian ranch kid in Oklahoma, hunting quail and coyote with his grandfather. Bud’s grandfather taught him some life lessons that far transcended the four walls of a school building. Through hunting and developing truly wild bird pointing dogs, Bud’s teachings come anecdotally. His metaphors illuminate the prairie no different than his Fast Money Molly dog.

His uncle, Dan Huddleston, introduced him to field trials in 1964. Dan had a kennel full of Brittanys and, due to his work with the rodeo, Bud immediately loved training bird dogs on horseback. He then apprenticed under the famed Delmar Smith who handled Bud’s dog Billy’s Buddy Boy to the U.S. Open Brittany Championship in Ardmore, Okla., in 1964 with three callbacks. Later, he bred and developed dogs that he “had a hand in”. Before long, Bud had five Brittany champions. Bud later moved into pointers, starting with Double Rebel Man, a son of A Rambling Rebel purchased from John Criswell. With new blood, Bud went on to see success in a great number of significant trials. It goes without saying that Bud knows how to show a standout dog.

Bud is recognized as a Living Legend at the Bird Dog Museum. But that’s not what’s most important to Bud. Bud has a natural inclination to educate and is truly prophetic about developing young dogs. In our many conversations, he stresses the biological and anatomical value of bird dogs.

With his wife Bud and Miss Patty have sponsored new trainers and handlers in an effort to get new participants into the field trial sport. The sport is not just about winning, but it's about encouraging new blood for the future of the sport, no different than we seek a Hall of Fame dog to be as much a producer as well as a performer. Bud Moore is just that, and leaves a legacy as a winning practitioner, an advocate and an ambassador for the field trial sport across the latitudes of American soil. I thank Bud Moore again for his friendship, mentorship, and humble leadership to the field trial community.



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Posted by: Patrick L McInteer | Jul 13, 2021 18:35

Most of the field trialers in Kansas and the Midwest that have known Bud Moore for years do not recognize all the accomplishments attributed to him in the posts suggesting that he should be in the hof.



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