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And Kelly’s Rebel Maggie Shooting Dog Classic

California Bird Dog Championship

By Mike Wilkin | Jan 10, 2019
California Brd Dog Championship Winners. From left to right: Tom Griffin, judge, Far West Ridge Runner  with Mike Wilkin, Lori Steinshouer, Ed Mayhew, judge, Bill Owen w/Highground Tonka,  and Tim Alameda.

Reno, Nev. — The Fresno and Nevada Bird Dog Clubs co-hosted the California Bird Dog Championship in conjunction with the Kelly’s Rebel Maggie Shooting Dog Classic starting October 25, 2018 at the Red Rock field trial grounds outside of Reno, Nev. An Open Derby was also run during the four days of activities.

Purina once again sponsored both stakes with advertising, dog food; Purina points are awarded to the winners.

We can’t say enough good things about the value Purina provides to our trial and the sport in general and encourage everyone to support Purina and their products.

The Fresno Bird Dog Club (FBDC) was revamped in 2018 due to the retirement from trialing of the very capable Hal Meyer. Hal was an immense driving force for this National Championship qualifying stake, and ably guided this trial to great success over several different venues during his tenure as club president. He will always be missed when and wherever this trial is held.

For many years the Championship was run at Jerry Erickson’s Setter Springs Ranch in Southern California in conjunction with the California Chukar Championship. Those were perfect grounds for Western all-age dogs and well attended by numerous pros and amateurs from throughout the country. Unfortunately, things change as they always do.

Setter Springs Ranch was sold and this Championship has since moved several times over the last few years, including being run on the Hornitos field trial grounds in April, 2018 for the 2017/2018 field trial season, and as the National Qualifier stake for the 2019 National Championship, which hurt attendance at this October 2018 renewal, since, although it qualified as a Championship for the 2018/2019 field trial season, it was not a National Qualifier for this single event, but will return to that status for the 2019 running.

Fortunately, the FBDC has righted the ship for the California Bird Dog Championship by combining events with the Nevada Bird Dog Club’s (NBDC) fall trial on the Red Rock venue that are well suited to running all-age or shooting dogs. Although we had disappointing attendance and entries for a variety of reasons, we expect these numbers to rebound in the future as the Championship gets established on its new date and venue.

The FBDC and the NBDC are grateful to all attendees and volunteers who provided entries, judging, bird planting, and general help with everything that went on at this trial to make it the success and fun time that it was.

We cannot thank Lori Steinshouer enough for her generosity and hard work which she contributed in abundance to make these events a success. She opened her home and provided food for the drawing, and then hosted the banquet dinner on Saturday evening. She also Lori arranged with a local construction supply company, Western Nevada Supply, to sponsor a meal tent, including setup and takedown, which was appreciated by attendees during noon meals and refreshment hour(s) after each day’s running.

Jarry Walton and the Bay Area Club supplied the horse water tanks, tables and chairs. Jarry took time out of his busy work schedule to help with equipment delivery for which we were most appreciative.

We thank Gail Small for serving lunches each day, and Tim Alameda who drove the dog truck making sure every dog was in the right place at the right time.

It’s always such a huge help when the small details are handled perfectly, and these fine folks did a great job.

California Bird Dog Championship

The weather for all three stakes could not have been more cooperative. Highs in the mid-70s and lows in the mid-40s with light winds made for perfect bird trialing weather. These temperatures and wind conditions are typical of this venue in late October, and certainly made for an enjoyable weekend.

Judges for this renewal were Tom Griffin from Vacaville, Cal., and Ed Mayhew from Winchester, Cal. Both men are seasoned owners and handlers, with a multiple championships won between them, and we were fortunate to secure their services and appreciative of their efforts. Their placements were well received by all.

We especially want to thank Tom Griffin for stepping in at the last minute to judge this stake after we had one of our scheduled judges cancel at the last minute, causing a shift in judging assignments for two stakes.

I cannot thank those folks who made the time and effort to attend enough for their entries and help. We had a great trial, albeit lacking in entries for the Championship, with a relaxed atmosphere and good camaraderie. Hopefully next year, with a fixed date and venue, we can be back on track with respectable entry numbers and support from the professional field trial community as well as the amateurs.

The Winners

Named the winner Far West Ridge Runner (Aldo), seven-year old white and liver pointer male, handled by owner Mike Wilkin. Aldo ran a forward race maintaining contact with handler through the first part of the course and around the first big bend, and then began to open as the country widened, running to the limits as time progressed. Aldo produced one find with perfect manners as the bird ran out into the open and flushed as handler rode up. Aldo continued forward throughout and finished by putting on an all-age display driving to the top of the hill and going away at time.

Named runner-up for Oregon owners Kara and Chuck Kunde was Highground Tonka with Lori Steinshouer handling. This attractive white and orange setter male ran in the first brace and had a forward race throughout, displaying all-age range and an attractive way of going. Tonka had two perfectly mannered finds. The second find along the Peterson’s was well located after a big move, and this nice setter finished well to the front.

In the companion Open Derby, Tucalota’s Rebel Touch, pointer female, owned and handled by Ed Mayhew was named first. Rockin J’s Amy, pointer female, owned and handled by Jarry Walton was second. Both dogs were forward and attractive on the ground and well deserving of their placements.

Reno, Nev., October 25 — One Course

Judges: Tom Griffin and Ed Mayhew

CALIFORNIA BIRD DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 3 Pointers and 3 Setters

Winner—FAR WEST RIDGE RUNNER, 1630034, pointer female, by Far West Spartan—Blackhawk’s Roxy Bistro. Michael Wilkin, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—HIGHGROUND TONKA, 1654121, setter female, by Highground Jax Jabba—Highground Abra Ca Dabra. Kara & Charles Kunde & Lori Doug Steinshouer, owners; Lori Steinshouer, handler.

Judges: Bill Owen and Lori Steinshouer

OPEN DERBY — 4 Pointers

1st—TUCALOTA’S REBEL TOUCH, 1679992, female, by Rivertons Funseek’n Scooter—Touch’s J Class. Ed Mayhew, owner and handler.

2d—ROCKIN J’S AMY, 1676205, female, by Smaks Lemon Express—Cache Creek’s Most Wanted. Jarry Walton, owner and handler.

Kelly’s Rebel Maggie Shooting Dog Classic

The Kelly’s Rebel Maggie Shooting Dog Classic began on Saturday, October 27 at 8:00 a.m. under clear skies with light breezes.

Judges were Mike Wilkin and Casten Pigman, both from Reno, Nev. Both are knowledgeable dog men with a wealth of experience, and we thank them for their efforts and dedication.

The format for this shooting dog classic changed this year, expanding to a one-hour stake from the previous 45-minutes, and with the addition of Purina points awarded to the winners. We had a field of sixteen dogs for this renewal, with some fine performances turned in.

The Winners and Others

Lone Tree Splish Splash, white and orange pointer female, owned and handled by Bill Owen of Santa Barbara, Cal., garnered first. Splash ran in the third brace with Dotty (Steinshouer) and had a forward reaching ground application with one find at 20. Splash showed independence in her manner while being responsive to her handler, and always showing where she was needed with a nice finish well to the front.

Kelly’s IB Butler, two-year old white and liver pointer male, owned and handled by Sean Kelly of Loomis, Cal., was awarded second. Butler ran in the seventh brace with Makin Me Better (Owen) and is a classy young dog with a bright future. Butler had three well-spaced finds at 17, 22, and 32, with a mostly forward application, and a nice finish, but lacked the maturity of ground application of the first-place dog.

Kelly’s Uptown, white and liver pointer female, owned by Steve Grundmeyer and handled by Lori Steinshouer was awarded third place. “Kate” ran in the first brace of the stake with Buck (Mayhew) and had three nice evenly spaced finds at 20, 27, and 49 coupled with a good shooting dog ground application, although she shortened somewhat after her first find. This is a nice dog that ran and handled well and was a pleasure to watch. Although always forward, she didn’t quite have the reach of the dogs placed ahead of her.

Buck, pointer male (Mayhew) and Kelly’s Uptown were away at 8:00 a.m. under blue skies and light winds with a slight chill. Buck started strong with nice range but failed to produce a bird for handler during his hour. Kelly’s Uptown was previously reported.

Maybelline, setter female (Griffin) and Northwoods Charles, setter male (Owen) followed. Maybelline scored at 6, with Charles backing. Maybelline suffered two unproductives and was up at 45, while Charles carded finds at 33 and 37, with a nice shooting dog application.

First place Lone Tree Splish Splash was down with Dotty (Steinshouer) in No. 3. Dotty ran a medium shooting dog application but no birds.

Tucalota’s Bandit, pointer male (Mayhew) is a nice, classy, young dog that ran well for Ed but went birdless. It’s Only Money was scratched when Bruce Hale was unable to make it here at the last minute.

Knight’s White Lady and Touch’s California Dreaming were away at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning under clear skies, a slight chill in the air. “Daisy” was not pleasing Owen and was up at 30. “Pete” was doing a good job for Griffin right from the get-go, going to all the right places with plenty of style and class. He had an unproductive at 17, after which he stayed attractively to the front and was rewarded with a find at 56, which required an extensive flushing and relocation effort. The bird was finally flushed as time was called. Pete pushed the winners and with a chance to finish well may have changed the placements.

Kelly’s Rebel Louie (Kelly) and Tucalota Blew (Mayhew) didn’t please either handler and were up at 15 and 16, respectively. Kelly’s IB Butler (Kelly) and Makin Me Better (Owen) were away in No. 7. Butler was previously reported. Owen elected to pick up at the halfway point.

Highground Tonka (Steinshouer) was released from the upper spring for the last brace as a bye when Champ (Hale) was scratched. Tonka was away down course moving attractively and scored a find above phlox hill at 15. Tonka hunted hard throughout his bid but didn’t push the winners on this day.

Judges: Casten Pigman and Michael Wilkin

KELLY’S REBEL MAGGIE SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 11 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—LONE TREE SPLISH SPLASH, 1672171, pointer female, by Frontline Shack Attack—Whippoorwill Wild Spark. Bill Owen, owner and handler.

2d—KELLY’S I B BUTLER, 1675374, pointer female, by Kelly’s Rebel Louie—Wells Fargo First Lady. Sean Kelly, owner and handler.

3d—KELLY’S UPTOWN, 1658486, pointer female, by Kelly’s Bulls Eye—Wells Fargo Tess. Steve Grundmeyer, owner; Lori Steinshouer, handler.

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