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California Bird Dog Championship

By Terry Erickson and Bruce Hale | Feb 03, 2020
Championship Winners. From left: John Beauchamp, Ed Dixon, Troy Kresha, Bruce Hale with Hale’s Main Event, Judge Glenn Johnson, Terry Erickson, Judge Mike Wilkin, Brandon Blum with B M B’s Freeloader, Ed Mayhew and Russ Boyd.

California City, Cal. — The 2020 running of the California Bird Dog Championship was hosted by the Fresno Bird Dog Club on January 4 at Camp H field trial grounds, California City, Cal. The California Bird Dog Championship was followed by the Wally Wallace Open Derby. Weather was beautiful for all stakes with overnight lows at 34 ° and highs in the mid 50s. These grounds were in good condition; with all the rain California had it was starting to green up and there appeared to be good scenting conditions.

Without the backing of our generous sponsors the California Bird Dog Championship would not be the quality event as is appropriate for a National Qualifier. Purina sponsored the banquet, provided promotional hats for participants, and provided their excellent food for the dogs placing in all stakes. SportDog provided their quality electronic training collars for the winners and Sunrise Ford again gave vital financial support. Many thanks for the great support.

Hot breakfast and lunch throughout the trial were provided by Linda Dixon and Shannon Dixon Renfree.

Fresno Bird Dog Club members, Arizona field trialers and California field trialers; Mike Wilkin, Bruce Hale, Ed Dixon, Glenn  Johnson, John Beauchamp, Brian Smith, Terry Erickson, and Ed Mayhew, all helped with the many tasks required by a field trial. Russ Boyd and Glenn Johnson handled dog truck driving and had the dogs where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. The banquet at Gloria’s Mexican Restaurant in California City was well attended.

Judges Glenn Johnson of San Dimas, Cal., and Mike Wilkin of Reno, Nev., chose Hale’s Main Event, pointer male owned by Bruce Hale of Riverside, Cal., and scouted by Terry Erickson, as the 2020 champion. Runner-up was B M B’s Freeloader, German Shorthair male owned and handled by Brandon Blum of Acton, Cal., and scouted by Jen Blum. The winners separated themselves from the rest by extreme good handling all-age races and stylish bird dog.


Scent Seeker (PM/Dixon) was showing his heels, brought back by scout and then did not finish the hour. B M B’s Freeloader (GSM/Blum) was big to the left side of the course near in the hills and was found pointing at 9:00 with good style and very good intensity and manners at flush and shot. Again big and forward and stylish intense find at 14 and again at 56 with good forward range at his finish.

It’s Only Money (PM/Hale) was out of sight the first 10 minutes with a find at 10. Cash finished the hour strongly. Tucalota’s Blew (PM/Mayhew) was forward with a good find at 17. Blew continued forward and was lost at 45, being found over-ridden on point via the retrieval unit.

Hale’s Main Event (PM/Hale) was very big from the start. At 13 an unproductive with a dead bird. At 20 “Champ” was found by scout on point impressing the judge, followed by another find at 26 on the way to the front. At 54 another find with a big impressive race. B M B’s Free Ride (GSM/Blum) showed a big forward tour of the country with an unproductive and one find.

California City, Cal., January 4

Judges: Glenn Johnson and Mike Wilkin

CALIFORNIA BIRD DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 5 Pointers and 1 German Shorthair

Winner—HALE’S MAIN EVENT, 1625121, pointer male, by Erin’s Stoney River—Erin’s Butterfly. Bruce Hale, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—B M B’S FREELOADER, 1678664, German Shorthair male, by B M B’s Free Ride—Hightailing Saddle’s Mandolin. Brandon Blum, owner and handler.


The Wally Wallace Open Derby had nine entries with 45-minute heats and was judged by Ed Mayhew of Winchester, Cal., and Bruce Hale of Riverside, Cal. First was Smith’s Almosta Justice, pointer male owned and handled by Brian Smith. Second went to B M B’s Free Rein, German Shorthair male owned and handled by Brandon Blum. Third was Almosta’s Fred Flintstone, pointer male owned and handled by John Beauchamp. It was a highly contested Derby Stake; all three dogs separated themselves from the rest by race.

Judges: Bruce Hale and Ed Mayhew


and 1 German Shorthair

1st—SMITH’S ALMOSTA JUSTICE, 1682912, pointer female, by Almosta’s Wile E Coyote—Almosta’s Mighty Mouse. Brian Smith, owner and handler.

2d—B M B’S FREE REIN, 1687475, German Shorthair male, by B M B’s Free Ride—Angelina’s Salute to Excellence. Brandon Blum, owner and handler.

3d—ALMOSTA’S FRED FLINTSTONE, 1681609, pointer male, by Almosta’s Wile E Coyote—Almosta’s Mighty Mouse. John Beauchamp, owner and handler.

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