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Canadian Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Sandy Maclean | Jun 15, 2017
Sugarknoll War Paint Winner of the Canadian Open Shooting Dog Championship

Clinton, Ont. — The 2017 running of the Canadian Open Shooting Dog Championship was held on April 24-27 at the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area in Clinton, Ontario, Canada.

The grounds here are made up of a mixture of light forest and conifer with large hay and corn fields and small flooding and pond areas, making for an outstanding venue to show a true shooting dog. A dog must have the desire and ability to stay in touch with handler when needed and show good casts when given the opportunity. Under the philosophy that the grounds should always dictate the dog’s race, Hullett allows a handler to show both run and handle.

Weather for this year’s running brought just about everything you could throw at a dog and handler. From driving wind and rain, to dry wind and bright warm sun. I don’t think the wind blowing off nearby Lake Huron slowed all week. A decision was made to postpone Tuesday’s running because of the all-day drizzle. On the upper half of the course coming up to the first hay field, the wind just blew from all directions.

Judges for this year’s running were Regis Linn of Pittsburgh, Pa., and myself. This was my first time judging with Regis, and I enjoyed getting to know him. His knowledge of dogs is thorough and complete, and his sense of humor was unwavering. His background covers everything, from the grouse woods to the southern piney woods, working and competing with his horseback dogs. He doesn’t miss a thing while in the saddle.

The heartbeat of the Canadian Championship is Jeff Haggis and his son Mat. Without these two, there is no trial. They put on this Championship from start to finish giving the pros an opportunity to go make a living. Without people and patrons of the sport like Jeff and Mat, willing to take their time from work to put on a open championship, there are none! They coordinate with the park, order birds, make sure water is delivered for the dogs and horses (almost three thousand gallons, this year), book rooms for judges, get coffee and snacks for break, you name it, they do it! Lending a hand again this year to the Championship were Bob Showers and Mike Panovski. They were there planting birds and doing anything needed to help out. The club thanks them. The club would also like to thank Purina for their continued support of this Championship.

Due to the fact that the Purina Handler Award was decided the previous week at the outcome of the Michigan Championship, the number of entries in this year’s trial was smaller than the club had hoped for. However, the quality of this year’s Championship was second to none. The club sincerely appreciates the professional trainers who attended.


The winner was Sugarknoll War Paint, owned by Allen Linder of Livingston, Tenn., and Pete and Chris Del Collo of Pamplin, Va., and handled by George Tracy. The powerfully built white and orange pointer male coming eight years of age rendered a convincing four-find performance in the first brace of the trial that set the standard for the week. He was braced with Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride (Andrea Clark/M. Tracy).

The pair cast up the breakaway and both made the bottleneck into the next field where Smooth Ride was found a quarter mile to the front with War Paint backing at 6. Both dogs ran strong to the front, with War Paint having finds at 15, 19, 39 and 50. His hour finished far to the front. Smooth Ride went on to have two more finds at 19 and 28, with a back at 50.

Runner-up was the seasoned veteran Erin’s War Creek, pointer male owned by Tennessee sportsman Allen Linder and also under the whistle of George Tracy. War Creek ran in the 10th brace with the afternoon sun bearing down and wind gusting at 20 mph. He was loosed with Attittude’s Iron Will (Dennis and Hope Beauford/M. Tracy). The pair broke away with War Creek taking the left side of first field and Iron Will swinging far to the right corner. Mike rode to gather Will and send him forward. He was rewarded with a find 6, War Creek credited with a back. A nice find for Will. For the remainder of the hour War Creek went to work, taking advantage of every piece of the grounds at Hullett. He was fast, he was to the front and he never wasted a step. The rapport he has with his handler is impressive to watch. He was rewarded for his efforts with three finds on the back side of the course coming at 43, 47 and 53. When time was called just after road crossing he was pointed out exiting the far end of the next field.

Closest to the winners were Adjusted Attitude, strong young setter under the guidance of Mike Tracy and owned by Lori Winters. Lori made the trip from Michigan to watch her “charge” and had to have liked what she saw. He ran a strong hour and was credited with three finds and showed a promising future. Also making a case for himself was A Tarheel Addition (R. Maguire/J. Raynor). North Carolina pro Jerry Raynor made his first trip to Canada with his string of dogs and showed that they looked just as comfortable north of the border as in the Deep South.

Addition is a handsome setter and made the most of his time with a divided find and five more finds to finish strong to the front.

Making the trip to Canada this year from New York to support their Adirondack dogs were Dr. Jim and Nadine Thomas. Jim was put into service all week, riding to help Mike Tracy. They are a colorful and charming pair, Jim being the colorful one and Nadine the charming one. They made for an enjoyable cocktail hour. Also making the trip over to run her dogs and help out was Kelsey Hajek.

Clinton, Ont., April 24 — One Course

Judges: Regis Linn and Sandy Maclean


[One-Hour Heats] — 19 Pointers and 4 Setters

Winner—SUGARKNOLL WAR PAINT, 1621818, pointer male, by Sugarknoll Buckshot—Fibber’s Elhew Grace. Pete & Chris Del Collo & Allen R. Linder, owners; George Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up—ERIN’S WAR CREEK, 1608708, pointer male, by Erin’s Special Force—Priceless. Allen R. Linder, owner; George Tracy, handler.


The companion Derby placements were Moehill’s Carolina Dial In, handled by Jerry Raynor; Miller’s Honor Code and Miller’s Handsome Ransom, both with George Tracy.

OPEN DERBY — 8 Pointers

1st—MOEHILL’S CAROLINA DIAL IN, 1664230, female, by Miller’s Dialing In—Lester’s Freda. Moehill Kennels & John Everett, owners; Jerry Raynor, handler.

2d—MILLER’S HONOR CODE, 1669230, male, by Ransom—Miller’s Starwatch. William & Muriel Primm, owners; George Tracy, handler.

3d—MILLER’S HANDSOME RANSOM, 1669229, male, by Ransom—Miller’s Starwatch. Allen R. Linder, owner; George Tracy, handler.

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