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Canadian Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Mathew Haggis | Jul 13, 2018
Canadian Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. Front (l-r): Mathew Haggis with Waybetter Rocky and Kelsey Hajek with Erin’s War Creek. Back: Mike Tracy, Roger Shelswell, Judge Ray Wheeler, Bob Showers, Judge Bill Branham and George Tracy.

Clinton, Ont. — The 38th renewal of the Canadian Open Shooting Dog Championship ran April 24-26 at the Hullett Wildlife Area. Thirty-two dogs were drawn to compete, with 31 making it to the line.

Chairman Jeff Haggis is responsible for the success of this trial. Yearly he makes sure this trial is run, keeping the tradition of the Ontario trials alive.

Roger Shelswell was on hand for the entire event, doing the always important job of highway patrol making sure dogs and road crossings were all safe. Bob Showers was also in attendance and planted birds for the Open and Amateur Championships.

Entries were handled by Mike Tracy, George Tracy and Shawn Kinkelaar and the OBDCA appreciates the support from them and their owners.

Judges were Ray Wheeler of Shelby, Ohio and Bill Branham of Carlton, Mich. Both men have been big support- ers of the OBDCA over the years, having competed in and judged many trials in Canada.

Named champion was Waybetter Rocky, white and orange pointer male owned by Bill and Muriel Primm and Carl, Joyce and Collin Bishop and handled by Mike Tracy. Rocky ran in the 9th brace with Miller’s Handsome Ransom (George Tracy). Rocky broke away in the second brace Wednesday morning and scored his first find after the first road crossing on the east side of the parking lot. Rocky crossed the front by the rifle range and was later found standing for his second find at 18. Rocky tallied his third find at 26 at the west end of the pheasant field and was backed by Handsome Ransom. Just past the hydro station Rocky scored his final find on the right side of the ag fields. He was the only dog to point birds here the entire trial.

Runner-up was Erin’s War Creek, white and liver pointer male owned by Allen Linder of Livingston, Tenn., and handled by George Tracy. War Creek ran in the 10th brace with Shag Time Bobo (Shawn Kinkelaar). Both dogs started out fast and going to the front. This brace was a pleasure to watch as Bobo and War Creek traded finds. War Creek had finds at 13, 19 and 47. Bobo had finds at 9, 14, 31 and 41. Bobo had backs at 13 and 47. Both dogs had beautiful bird work, but War Creek’s race was what separated these two for the runner- up spot.


The first day of running proved to be tough for dogs and scenting.

Bail Me Out (M. Tracy) finished the hour with two finds and an unproduc- tive. Southern Star (Kinkelaar) was picked up at 30. Miller’s Lock and Loaded (G. Tracy) was picked up at 52. Hale’s Southern Touch (Kinkelaar) put down an exciting 50 minutes with four finds. She was out of pocket at 50 and the retrieval unit was required. Bulltaeo (M. Tracy) finished the hour. Miller’s Unbridled Forever (G. Tracy) had a nice find at 50.

Palara (M. Tracy) and R J’s Deicer (Kinkelaar) were both picked up. Jubullee (M. Tracy) was up at 16 after a breach of manners. High Drive Ranger (G. Tracy) was up later in the hour. Sug- arknoll War Paint (G. Tracy) was lost, the retrieval unit requested. The Slight Edge (M. Tracy) was picked up. North Country Girl (M. Tracy) was picked up early. Kickstarter (Kinkelaar) finished the hour with finds at 26, 41 and 50.

The second day of running saw cool and rainy conditions making for a great day for dogs and scenting.

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride (M. Tracy) was the heartbreak dog of the stake. After six perfect finds he was in the harness after a mishap on his seventh find with minutes to go. Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt (Kinkelaar) had two finds but today wasn’t his day.

Miller’s Handsome Ransom (G. Tracy) completed the hour. Waybetter Rocky (M. Tracy) was covered earlier.

Erin’s War Creek (G. Tracy) and Shag Time Bobo (Kinkelaar) were previously reported. Bully Bragg wasn’t pleasing Mike Tracy and was picked up. True Choice completed the hour.

Touch’s Mae Mobley (G. Tracy) com- pleted the hour birdless. Swami’s Shadow (Kinkelaar) was up early. Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane (G. Tracy) was picked up. Fast and Furious (M. Tracy) was out of pocket and the retrieval unit was required.

Adjusted Attitude (M. Tracy) had a find at 8, an unproductive at 26 but was picked up when he wasn’t changing things. Zorra (Kinkelaar) had an early find at 8 but was up after a mishap at 14.

Miller’s Honor Code (G. Tracy) com- pleted the hour. Sand Mountain Icy (M. Tracy) had nice finds at 6, 16 and 25.

Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancer (M. Tracy) was birdless after 30 minutes and picked up. Shadow Oak Doc (G. Tracy) was scratched due to sickness.

Clinton, Ont., April 24 — One Course

Judges: Bill Branham and Ray Wheeler

CANADIAN OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 29 Pointers and 3 Setters

Winner— WAYBETTER ROCKY, 1652783, pointer male, by Brown’s Tom Tom— Waybetter Reba. Carl, Joyce & Collin Bishop & Muriel & Bill Primm, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up—ERIN’S WAR CREEK, 1608208, pointer male, by Erin’s Special Force—Price- less. Allen R. Linder, owner; George Tracy, handler.


Judges Bill Branham and Ray Wheeler placed Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy first in the Canadian Open Derby. The pointer male is owned by Allen Linder and handled by George Tracy. Second place went to Miller’s Braveheart, pointer male also handled by George Tracy, and owned by Tommy and Bonnie Hamilton. Third was Cheyenne Jack, pointer male owned by Sal Morelli and handled by Mike Tracy.

OPEN DERBY — 9 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st— MILLER’S JUST PL A IN ROW DY, 1674985, pointer male, by Just Irresistible— Miller’s Bring The Heat. Allen R. Linder, owner; George Tracy, handler.

2 d — MILLER ’ S BRAVEHEART, 1 6 7 4 9 8 4 , pointer male, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton, owner; George Tracy, handler.

3d—CHEYENNE JACK, 1668503, pointer male, by Great River Ice— Blaze’s Isis. Saverio Morelli, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

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