American Field

Canadian Prairie Trials

Jul 02, 2020

Chicago, Ill. — The dominoes began to fall as early as May 26, when information came to The American Field that the major stakes at Broomhill, Manitoba — the Manitoba Open Championship, Broomhill Open All-Age and John S. Gates Memorial Open Derby — would not be held in September.

Subsequently, the other dominoes began to tip when Dawn Feist and Sheldon Rogers apprised that “the difficult decision has been made to suspend the running of the Saskatchewan and Dominion Championships at Mortlach in August.”

While no word has been received regarding the fourth of the major circuit Canadian stakes — the Border International Championship — that stake was not held in 2019 and like its Canadian counterparts likely will not be held in 2020.

The toll of the coronavirus outbreak on trials in the latter part (March, April and early May) of the spring field trial season was significant. The early major circuit stakes of the fall season are already feeling the impact.

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