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By Barbel Fetkoter | Jun 06, 2018
Amateur All-Age Winners. Front, from left: Gary Winall with Mohawk Mill Image and Gene Hogge with Arcanum’s Black Magic. Behind: Ellen Clements, Diana Haynes and Larry Cox, the judges, and Barbel Fetkoter.

Ahoskie, N. C. — TheCarolina Lean Breed held its first trial at Dr. Aubrey  Cutawhiskey Farm near Ahoskie, N. C.

Since the late Dr. W. H. McCall founded the trial in 1973, it has been run at the Hoffman grounds in North Carolina.

The trial has a different format than most trials at Hoffman. It was to be dedicated to the extreme running all-age dog with an abundance of endurance where time limits of being out of judgment did not matter. The only rules applied were steadiness around game and no interference with your bracemate.

The qualifying series was set for one hour and the callback, with at least six dogs, for two hours.

In the North Carolina field trial “hey days” we changed the format to ninety-minute callbacks in order to accommodate more dogs for the limited three days of running.

The participation in recent years has been going down and it has been very hard for trials to meet the expenses; therefore, it was decided to move the trial to the Cutawhiskey grounds.

We have a one-hour course which consists of big open fields connected with piney woods and broomstraw creek bottoms. We are making constant improvements on the grounds with feed plots, bicolor and warm season grasses. This year we are adding an additional fourteen acres in CRP on some of the field edges.

Birds are released in late summer and fed throughout the year. Even with a lot of snow this year we have found up to five coveys this spring. In addition to that we release birds during the trial.

Mowing gum trees throughout the open piney woods, disking, burning, and seeding is done every year. It is spearheaded by Parke Brinkley, club member of the Virginia Amateur and grandson of Hall-of-Famer Parke C. Brinkley. He is assisted by his brother Pierce Brinkley, Gene Hogge, Skip Brown, and other Virginia Amateur club members.

All in all we are trying to make as good a one course field trial as possible where trialers can come to compete, enjoy themselves, and bring their families. That was Aubrey’s dream.

Judges this year were Larry Cox and Diana Haynes. Aubrey’s and my friendship with Larry goes back a long time. I had the pleasure of judging the Chicken Championship at the Lower Brule Reservation in South Dakota with him years and years ago. Larry trains and trials his own dogs and loves a big going dog. Diana comes from Virginia and runs her own dogs in Virginia and North Carolina. They both were attentive and their decisions were well received.

We always try to have a good time and good food at our trials. This year was no exception. Gary Winall and Ellen Clements had a special birthday dinner for me with pork loin and all the fixings. It was delicious. Thank you both.

Unfortunately we could not bring Aubrey to see everybody. The weather was just not suitable, but he still loves to come and watch us work this spring and see the progress we are making.

The entry was short this year; nevertheless, we had some good performances.


The Puppy Stake was unusually small this year with just two entries. Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior, Gary Winall’s pointer male, had a far reaching race and beat Harley, Whitley Stephenson’s pointer.

The Derby was hotly contested with ten entries. Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior, still a puppy, ran a big forward race with two good finds. Mohawk Mill Captain Hook, another Winall entry, had a far- reaching race with one find. Puppy enthusiasm got the best of him when the birds got up. He finished strong and going away. Chief Red Cloud, Whitley Stephenson’s pointer male, had a big race but could not show on birds.

The Amateur All-Age had six entries. The winner was Mohawk Mill Image which had a divided find. His race was strong as he rimmed all the woodslines on the course. Arcanum’s Black Magic, Gene Hogge’s pretty moving pointer female, was runner-up. She was found pointing twice with excellent style and manners, but her race was not as extreme as the winner.

The star of the trial was Mohawk Mill Captain Hook. Just five weeks ago Gary and Ellen brought him to us after that devastating fire that destroyed their barn and kennels. He had severe burns all over his body. He was a trooper throughout his daily treatment and recovery. Within four weeks we sent him back to Gary. He worked him one week and entered him in the trial. He showed great guts and stamina and no ill effects from that terrible ordeal and he even took home a trophy.

Ahoskie, N. C., April 6 — One Course

Judges: Larry Cox and Diana Haynes

AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 4 Pointers and 1 Setter

Winner—MOHAWK MILL IMAGE, 1657438, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Pirate—Bevy’s Mean Girl. Gary Winall, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—ARCANUM’S BLACK MAGIC, 1653521, pointer female, by Mohawk Mill Lighthouse—Reedy Fork Katie. Gene Hogge, owner and handler.

AMATEUR PUPPY — 2 Pointers

[No placements awarded.]

AMATEUR DERBY — 9 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—MOHAWK MILL TRAIL WARRIOR, 1676193, pointer male, by Stoney Run’s Buddy—Miller’s Fancy Lady. G. S. Winall, owner and handler.

2d—MOHAWK MILL CAPTAIN HOOK, 1678793, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Pirate—Mohawk Mill Southern Belle. G. S. Winall, owner and handler.

3d—CHIEF RED CLOUD, 1678916, pointer male, by Wiggins War Trace—Wiggins Snow Princess. Whitley Stephenson, owner and handler.

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