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Cascade Open All-Age Championship

By Kim Sampson | Dec 07, 2018
Knight's White Lady Winner of the Cascade Open All-Age Championship

Condon, Ore. — The year 2018 marked the fifth running of the Cascade Open All- Age Championship. In prior years, until 2011, it was run as a Shooting Dog Championship. After petitioning the American Field and two years probation, it was granted Open All-Age Championship (and National Championship qualifying) status.

Twenty-two strong entries were garnered this year.

Judges for this year’s running were Ray Larrondo of Nampa, Ida., and Jeremy Skousen of Ontario, Ore. Their time and attention were appreciated.

Purina and SportDog, both reliable sponsors, helped us again this year. We literally couldn’t do it without them!

Chuck and Kara Kunde are most generous hosts, making their land as well as ranch house available to field trialers from many different organizations during the year. Set against an awe-inspiring backdrop, the breaks of the John Day River, this country is both exhilarating and unforgiving.

Although birds were released before the morning and afternoon braces, wild birds, Huns and/or chukar, were seen each day. Every year we feel privileged to run on these most picturesque grounds. Thank you, Chuck and Kara!

The Open All-Age Championship was scheduled to start on Monday, October 8, but that day was spent inside, watching the fog and debating if in fact it was “getting better”; it never did. The fog and rain rolled in Sunday night and stayed until Tuesday morning. Visibility was cut to 50-100 yards at best, making it unsafe to turn dogs loose.


The champion came from the 7th brace, Knight’s White Lady, pointer  emale owned by William Owen of Santa Barbara, Cal., and handled by Travis Gellhaus. She broke away in the morning’s first brace, running in cool and moist conditions, perfect dog running weather, and she took complete advantage of it.

Several minutes into her brace, Lady was seen going west, taking a sage line that extended out of sight. The scout rode hard and called point at 9. A covey of wild chukar was produced in front of the intense and stylish dog, all in order at flush and shot. Turned loose, Lady shot to the front, eating up real estate as she went with impressive ground speed and style. Soon she disappeared and wasn’t seen again until 28 when Gellhaus called point along the road. No birds were produced from this stand.

Point was once again called at 39. This time Huns were flushed in front of the mannerly dog. Lady used the last 15 minutes scouring the country in search of birds, finishing far to the front at time. The bar had been set and no other dog would surpass her effort.

Runner-up Zumbro Stinky Pete (Gellhaus) ran in the 6th brace. Pete ran a medium race overall but at times had some extended casts during his hour. He looked powerful and stylish covering the ground and was beautiful on point.

Pete had two stands on “feathers” before having a nice find at 40. He finished to the front at moderate range.

And Others

Seahawk Percy (Smedley) had finds at 16 and 22 but shortened up. He finished the hour out of view. Daniels Creek Whitehawk (Gellhaus) was gone at 20 and the retrieval device requested for at 40, ending his bid.

Lone Tree Showbiz (Gellhaus) was absent within 10 minutes after the breakaway and the retrieval unit requested at 30. Booneville Bullet (Twer) ran a restricted race and had a find at 22, all in order. He came from behind at time.

Sleepless in Sacramento (Twer) had a big race and a forward find at 44, finishing to the front at time. Born on Fourth July (Gellhaus) had finds at 9 and 17 but disappeared shortly after and the retrieval device was requested.

Highground Tonka (Steinshouer) had a somewhat erratic race and moved at the flush on the first find at 17. Subsequent finds at 40, 47 and 52 were all in order.  T’s Nickleback (Smedley) had a back at 17, a consistent race but no birds.

B M B’s Louie (Blum) took a wrong turn shortly after the breakaway and wasn’t seen again under judgment. Highground Chalk (Steinshouer) was short and erratic, picked up at 40.

Idaho’s Lucky Duramax (Heaton) was gone until 16, then was seen coming across the front at 24. Gone again from 25 to 40, he came into sight and stayed to the front and in contact with the handler. At 52 a questionable piece of bird work ended his run. Zumbro Stinky Pete was reported previously.

Knight’s White Lady was reported previously. Touch’s J Class (Twer) was lost soon after the breakaway.

Tian’s White Speck (Schillereff) ran a moderate race and had finds at 10 and 23. High Tailin Jasmine (Twer) was seen periodically until disappearing for good at 38.

Russell’s Shot Fire (House) ran a big race and had two well-handled stylish finds. Unfortunately he took a wrong turn at 29 and wasn’t seen again. Luke’s Fly By wasn’t pleasing Smedley and was picked up at 35.

Painted Mad Max (Ledington) had a find at 30 but was picked up shortly after. T’s Plain White (Smedley) had a mostly moderate race that was often lateral. A find at 21, all in order.

T’s Quad Runner (Smedley) had two finds and a race that was often erratic and inconsistent. Ricky’s Rapid Rev wasn’t pleasing Twer and was picked up at 40.

Condon, Ore., October 9

Judges: Ray Larrondo and Jeremy Skousen


12 Pointers, 9 Setters and 1 German Shorthair

Winner—KNIGHT’S WHITE LADY, 1653758, pointer female, by Touch’s Knight Rider—Henson’s Snow White. William Owen, owner; Travis Gellhaus, handler.

Runner-Up—ZUMBRO STINKY PETE, 1657915, pointer male, by Go Johnny Go—Beaver Creek Lucy. Terry Reinke, owner; Travis Gellhaus, handler.

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