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Central Alabama Shooting Dog Association

By Justin Howard | Jul 13, 2017
Amateur Shooting Dog Winners. From front left: Frank Rutland with Panther Creek E Z, Jim Hughes with Ransom’s Bug Out and Pat McPherson with McRee’s Glory B. Standing are members of the Hinton Family and guests.

Alberta, Ala. — February 27 the Hinton family of Tuscaloosa opened the doors of their plantation home on historic Sedgefields Plantation for the drawing of the Jimmy Hinton Memorial Shooting Dog Classic, Central Alabama Shooting Dog Association gun dog trial, and youth trial drawings.

The Hinton family is, and has been for years, most generous and welcoming to the CASDA in hosting its gun dog trial annually on their legendary grounds.

The Open Derby drew seven dogs with Jim Hughes taking home first place with his promising young dog Dragonfly, a large, forward running pointer male bred by Mike Moses. The young white and liver dog ran a good forward race, handling well for Hughes. No bird work was recorded by any of the placed dogs forcing judges Perry Hicks and Bo Brewer to make their call on ground race alone.

Second was awarded to Hughes’ bracemate, Justin Howard’s dog Native Leaf, a Lester’s Snowatch dog bred by Bill Harkins of Auburn, Ala. Third was awarded to veteran Bobby Dubose and his home raised dog Dubose’s Big Hope. Each placement at the trial received a bag of Sportsman’s Pride dog food provided graciously by Brad Kennedy. Their support was pivotal and most appreciated in this stake.

The Amateur Shooting Dog drew 16 pointers and fared better for birds with Frank Rutland and his pointer female Panther Creek E Z taking home top honors running a nice race with a nice covey find. Jim Hughes earned second with Ransom’s Bug Out, followed by Pat McPherson and McRee’s Glory B. Once again Perry Hicks and Bo Brewer contributed their time and effort to watch these dogs. Their efforts were most appreciated in watching each brace and riding for three days.

The historic gun dog stake, running for the 77th consecutive year on Sedgefields where it originated, drew 16 dogs and was judged by Bobby Dubose and Walker Davidson. This unique stake is based on meat dog standards on what dog handles, seeks cover, finds birds and stays with the hunting party. Judgment stops at flush with many locals contributing dogs over the years.

Jim Hughes’ Ransom’s Bug Out pulled double duty and took home top honors and a shotgun. Jimmy Hinton, Jr. and a big pointer male named Bob took home second, followed by young William Roberts and his dog Ben.

The club and its members put forth a great effort each year in not only selecting judges but in going to great effort to make sure they are well accommodated, horses stalled, fed well and appreciated.

Teresa Justice serves as secretary and does a great job of getting the programs out and placements in. Year in and year out Donna Rives oversees the kitchen as well as husband Rodney and brother-in-law Charlie Rives, perennials at this trial. Each meal guests are afforded ample and quality food in the historic clubhouse. Without this luxury the trial would take on a much less hospitable air. Club president Will Roberts devotes considerable time each year to marshal each brace for five straight days year in and year out.

Saturday afternoon the gun dog was briefly halted to run the youth stake. The Hintons were once again most accommodating and scattered the youth course with additional birds, with Jimmy Hinton, Jr. taking the time to marshal each brace to ensure ample bird work for each participant.

Ella Grace Montgomery was named winner. Addison McDuffie placed second, followed by Evan Montgomery in third place. Each participant was sent home with not only a bag of Sportsman’s Pride but additional prizes.

We look forward to hosting the 78th running of the gun dog stake this coming season and invite participants to come to Sedgefields to enjoy the grounds and hospitality.

Alberta, Ala., March 3

Judges: Bo Brewer and Perry Hicks


[One-Hour Heats] — 16 Pointers

1st—PANTHER CREEK E Z, 1630451, female, by Conner’s E Z Button—Wish List. Frank Rutland, owner and handler.

2d—RANSOM’S BUG OUT, 1655371, female, by Ransom—McRee’s Scarlet. Jim Hughes, owner and handler.

3d—MCREE’S GLORY B, 1655372, female, by Ransom—McRee’s Scarlet. Pat McPherson, owner and handler.

OPEN DERBY — 7 Pointers

1st—DRAGONFLY, 1669453, male, by The Crowd Pleaser—Miller’s Calamity Jane Lady. Jim Hughes, owner and handler.

2d—NATIVE LEAF, 1664583, male, by Lester’s Snowatch—High Point Jesse. Justin Howard, owner and handler.

3d—DUBOSE’S BIG HOPE, 1669856, male, by Dubose’s Snake—Dubose’s Susy. Bobby Dubose, owner and handler.

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