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Derby Draws 21; Bill Andrews Classic, 32

Central Carolina Field Trial Club

By John Ivester | Oct 17, 2017

Hoffman, N. C. — The Central Carolina trials will follow on the heels of the Tar Heel Open Championship at the Robert Gordon venue, Hoffman, N. C., starting on October 22 with the Open Derby.

Judges are Paul Falkowsky of Calgary, Saskatchewan and Brian Peterson of Cecil, Ala. Stake Manager is John Ivester of Huntersville, N. C.

The Open Derby, a Purina Award and points stake for the American Derby Invitational Championship, has drawn a gratifying entry of 21 hopefuls. The Bill Andrews Open All-Age Classic has 32 dogs, 30 pointers and 2 setters.

Open Derby

Name of Dog/Breed & Sex/ Handler

1. VIP, PM; Mike Hester. With

Heard Hills Polly, PF; Mark McLean.

2. Silver Belle, PF; Tommy Liesfeld. With

Private Passion Lane, PF; Peterson.


3. Mohawk Mill Pirate’s Legacy, PM; Gary Winall. With

Aces R Wild, PM; Mark McLean.

4. Dunn’s True Decision, PM; Will Dunn. With

High Gloss, PM; Mike Hester.

5. Southbound Mad Max, PM; Tommy Liesfeld. With

Lincoln County Chase, PM; Gary Whitworth.

6. Jackie O, PF; Mike Hester. With

Dunn’s True Passion, PF; Will Dunn.

7. Master Touch, PM; Tommy Liesfeld. With

Come Back Joe, ISM; John Outlaw.

8. Burning Ground, SM; Mike Hester. With

Max Of Piney Woods, SM; Jimmy Edmundson.

9. Arcanum’s Lady Pirate, PF; Gary Winall. With

Samantha, PF; Tommy Liesfeld.

10. Stoney Run Dan, SM; Dennis Snyder. With

Blue Moon Money, SM; Mike Hester.


11. Bucky, PM; Mack Hilliard, as a bye.


Bill Andrews Open All-Age Classic

Name of Dog/Breed & Sex/ Handler

1. Masters Touch, PM; Tommy Liesfeld. With

Chinquapin Legacy, PM; Slade Sikes.

2. Touch’s White Knight, PM; Mark McLean. With

Chinquapin Reward, PM; Slade Sikes.

3. Cap N Jack, PM; Mack Hilliard. With

Quick Marksman Tom Tekoa PM; Mike Hester.

4. Mohawk Mill Legacy, PM; Gary Winall. With

Cock’N’Fire Maggie, PF; Jerry Raynor.

5. Lumen, PM; Morton. With

Lone Tree's Rod Iron, SM; Mike Hester.

6. House’s Buckwheat Hawk, PM; Mark McLean. With

Swampfox Davey Crockett, PM; Mack Hilliard.

7. Touch’s Blue Moon, PM; Mark McLean. With

Southbound Mad Max, PM; Tommy Liesfeld.

8. Erin’s Full Throttle, PM; Lefty Henry. With

Chinquapin Bear, PM; Slade Sikes.

9. Erin’s Elite Justice, PM; Jerry Raynor. With

O’Donna, PF; Mike Hester.

10. Cold Water Hammer, PM; Mark McLean. With

Walnut Tree Fred, PM; Steve Mills.

11. Home Big Boy, PM; Mack Hilliard. With

Marques Peaches N Cream, PF; Lefty Henry.

12. Quick Marksman Dan, PM; Mike Hester. With

Georgia Boy Rock, PM; Mark McLean.

13. I’m Carolina Wild, PM; John Outlaw. With

Mohawk Mill Jacob, SM; Gary Winall.


14. Marques Lucky Starr, PF; Lefty Henry. With

Lester’s Private Charter, PM; Mark McLean.


15. Marques Armed Robber, PM; Lefty Henry. With

Touch’s Mega Mike, PM; Mark McLean.


16. Touch’s Game Point, PM; Mark McLean. With

Mohawk Mill Pirate, PM; Gary Winall.

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