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Central Carolina Trials

By Ruthann Epp | Oct 15, 2019

Hoffman, N. C. — The Central Carolina Open All-Age and Open Derby are scheduled for the Robert Gordon grounds near Hoffman, N. C.

The Derby has an entry of 16 dogs, and the Bill Andrews Open All-Age has drawn 39 contenders.

The judges are Bill Mason of Moundville, Ala., and Dr. Hunter Wilcox of Medford, N. J.



Name of Dog/Breed/Handler


1. Touch’s High Hopes, PF; Luke Eisenhart. With

Rebel Rain, PF; Tom Liesfeld.

2. Magic Man, PM; Eisenhart. With

Roxie, SF; Mike Hester.

3. Whitewater, PM; Mark McLean. With

Dunlookin’s Ronin, PM; Eisenhart.

4. Shearjoy’s Rebellion, ESF; Eisenhart. With

Nilo’s Feathered Indian Dot, PF; McLean.

4. Sam the Brave, PM; Eisenhart. With

Trudy, PF; Hester.

5. Dominator’s Diva, PF; Liesfield. With

Sandhill Diamond Gem, SF; Eisenhart.

6. Chickasaw Hurricane, PM; Eisenhart. With

Touch’s Silver Ring, PM; McLean.

7. Rod, PM; Hester. With

Dunn’s Hell’n Highwater, PM; Eisenhart.

8. Joe, PM; Hester. With

Tripp Nation, PM; Eisenhart.




1. K H Game Weapon, PM; Scott Griffin. With

Shearjoy’s Unforgiven, SM; Luke Eisenhart.


2. Touch’s Blue Moon, PM; Mark McLean. With

L F Samantha, PF; Tom Liesfeld.

3. Miller’s Dialing In, PM; Eisenhart. With

Touch’s Folsom Blue, PM; McLean.

4. Game Wardon, PM; Eisenhart. With

Quickmarksman’s Dan, PM; Hester.

5. Touch’s Gallatin Fire, PM; McLean. With

Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa, SM; Hester.

6. Erin’s Cold Justice, PM; Eisenhart. With

Greenfield’s Queen, SF; Rick Furney.

7. Marques Armed Robber, PM; Lefty Henry. With

Touch’s Wild Desire, PM; Furney.

8. Master’s Touch, PM; Leisfeld. With

White Smoke, PM; Eisenhart.

9. Touch’s Smooth Operator, PM; Furney. With

Touch’s Red Rider, PM; Eisenhart.

10. Hendrix Deacon Blue, PM; Eisenhart. With

Lester’s Private Charter, PM; McLean.

11. Summerlin’s Harvest Time, PM; McLean. With

Erin’s Full Throttle, PM; Henry.

12. Shearjoy’s Unforsaken, SM; Eisenhart. With

L C Smith, PM; Miller.

13. Dunn’s True Issue, PM; Eisenhart. With

K H Game Train, PM; Griffin.

14. Hoos Boss, PM; Furney. With

Lone Tree’s Rod Iron, SM; Hester.

15. True Confidence, PM; Eisenhart. With

Touch’s White Knight, PM; McLean.

16. Touch’s Malcolm Story, PM; McLean. With

Erin’s Three Leaf Shamrock, SM; Eisenhart.

17. Miller’s Creative Cause, PM; Liesfeld. With

Game Bo, PM; Eisenhart.

18. Ace’s R Wild, PM; McLean. With

Dunn’s Tried’n True, PM; Eisenhart.

19. Erin’s Wild Justice, PM; Eisenhart. With

Dominator’s Kid Rock, PM; Liesfeld.

20. Elhew Canadian Jack, PM; McLean, as a bye.

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