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Field Trial Report

Central Connecticut Bird Dog Club

By Tom Gates | Oct 10, 2017

East Windsor, Conn. — The Central Connecticut Bird Dog Club staged its annual fall event September 16 at the popular Dr. John Flaherty Field Trial Area in East Windsor, Conn.

Established in 1961, the Central Connecticut Club has run class bird dog field trials for 56 consecutive years. The event this fall was again chaired by Hall-of-Famer Eugene Casale and run by his son Gene Casale, Jr.

Conflicting dates with a major championship trial some 300 miles to the south accounted for a much smaller than normal entry. Three stakes tallied an entry of 29 dogs coming from hundreds of miles away. The club wishes to extend a huge “Thank You” to these loyal supporters.

As usual Gene Casale, Jr. managed the trial with perfection. Every detail was meticulously executed in true professional “Casale” style. I guarantee that everyone has a great time at a trial run by Gene! He will host the Northeastern Championship in October on these grounds.

The morning started off with Dick Frawley, president of the Flaherty Field Trial Association, cooking a complimentary breakfast for everyone attending which was provided by the Central Connecticut Club. Club members offered a super lunch for all. Pam Casale, Gene Jr.’s wife, again put on the club’s famous Saturday night handlers’ dinner. A good time was had by all attending.

Great judges always make a great trial and we had some of the best! The club sincerely thanks Kevin Stuart, Dave O’Brien, John Malone and Aidan Malone for their fine judicial work. Their decisions were applauded by all attending.

John Olfson was a true warrior planting birds all day in the 90°+ heat! Thank you,  John!


The Open Derby had ten seasoned youngsters. Kevin Stuart took the blue with Erin’s Murder Suspect. This pointer male was outstanding, ran the limits of the course, finding quail at three locations. Suspect runs with an animated happy gait. His high cracking tail and fast attack on the ground were unbeatable. An intense stance was rewarded with multiple birds lifting over the motionless dog at each find. Suspect finished hard and driving way out on the power line and ready to run another 30 minutes. I’ll bet money that Kevin makes this dog a champion as a first year shooting dog! Thomas Adirondack Griff scored second for Jim Thomas. This is another Jim Thomas pointer male that you would like to take home with you. He is fast and gone in an instant. Griff scored three times on quail with impeccable manners. When the judges called “time” he was a distant dot on the power line edge. Hightailing Maggie was a close third for Kevin Joyce. Maggie is another dog destined for top shooting dog honors on the major circuit. She is one of the classiest and stylish Derby dogs that I have ever seen. Maggie was found standing twice with birds well located and a statue at shot. Very pretty to watch on the ground; she also ate up the course finishing far to the front.

In the Amateur Shooting Dog, Jim Thomas was back to take first with Thomas Adirondack Willie. It was getting hot! Well into to the 90° area, but these shooting dogs ran like it was November. Willie is the epitome of class on the ground. The pointer male is exciting to watch and a handful at times for Jim. Willie carded three evenly spaced finds in this awful heat. His style pointing can only be described as intense. Perfect at flush, Willie was untouchable. My buddy Eli Richardson took second with Talladega. I think that this was about the 80th consecutive Central Connecticut BDC trial where Eli placed a dog. Talladega is named for a speedway for a good reason. He is by far the fastest dog on the course! Don’t take your eyes off this one or you’ll never see him again. Today the pointer just did it all; taking the edges, finding birds four times and finishing as a dot in the distance. His quail finds were perfect, with birds lifting right over his motionless stance on one occasion. What a great job. John Malone had Moonshine Magic third. I love this dog! I think John has placed him just about every time that he has put him down. Magic is just that — magic on the ground, magic on birds. Two great single quail finds in the heat of the day coupled with a race that got bigger and bigger in the midday heat made him a sure bet.

The Amateur Derby had Eli Richardson back to take the blue with Little White Lies. Aptly named, the little pointer female was a fireball. She can run, looking good doing it. The flowing race was augmented with two picture perfect finds, one of which was off course and “dug up”. This female has all the pointing style that you could ask for and was frozen solid at flush. Very nice dog. Surely a champion in the making.

Jim Thomas pulled “the hat trick” with Thomas Adirondack Tripp. Three placements in three stakes. A very good day for Jim! Tripp has a future as a shooting dog. He has all the attributes of a dog destined to become a champion. His spectacular running style, stamina in the heat, rapport with handler and intense bird-finding ability are incredible. His two quail finds saw birds well located and a high head and tail motionless at shot. Special Addition was third for Eli Richardson. Addition put on a show of style and ambition in the 95° heat that just stopped other dogs. He ran the limits of the course and was found standing twice with birds well located.

East Windsor, Conn., September 16 — One Course

Judges: John Malone and Dave O’Brien

OPEN DERBY — 10 Pointers

1st—ERIN’S MURDER SUSPECT, 1673943, male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Lullaby. Alex Stuart, owner; Kevin Stuart, handler.

2d—THOMAS ADIRONDACK GRIFF, 1675098, male, by Bail Me Out—Calico’s Redhot Ember Annie. James Thomas, owner and handler.

3d—HIGHTAILING MAGGIE, 1674283, female, by Bail Me Out—Walden’s Ridge Liz. Kevin Joyce, owner and handler.

Judges: Dave O’Brien and Kevin Stuart

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 6 Pointers, 1 Setter and

1 German Shorthair

1st—THOMAS ADIRONDACK WILLIE, 1663329, pointer male, by Jayhawk—Nella Wrap It Up. James Thomas, owner and handler.

2d—TALLADEGA, 1657299, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Sparkles. Elias Richardson III, owner and handler.

3d—MOONSHINE MAGIC, 1653405, pointer male, by Great River Magnum—Miss Strut. John Malone, owner and handler.

Judges: Aidan Malone and John Malone

AMATEUR DERBY — 10 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—LITTLE WHITE LIES, 1673994, pointer female, by Wiggins War Trace—Wiggins Snow Princess. Elias Richardson III, owner and handler.

2d—THOMAS ADIRONDACK TRIPP, 1675100, pointer male, by Bail Me Out—Walden’s Ridge Liz. James Thomas, owner and handler.

3d—SPECIAL ADDITION, 1668530, pointer male, by Bar P Big John—Lil Miss Sunshine. Elias Richardson III, owner and handler.

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