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Field Trial Report

Central Connecticut Bird Dog Club

By Tom Gates | Oct 11, 2019
Brae Val Bearcat Laddie Second in the Amateur Shooting Dog Stake

East Windsor, Conn. — The Central Connecticut Bird Dog Club ran its annual fall trial September 7-8 at the popular Dr. John Flaherty Field Trial Area, East Windsor, Conn. The three-stake event attracted 72 top dogs from across the eastern United States. This trial was run as a prelude to the Elwin and Inez Smith Shooting Dog Classics.

Flaherty Field Trial Association President Dick Frawley was in attendance both days. His perseverance and dedicated work were vividly evident with the great grounds conditions. The close bonding with State of Connecticut DEEP staff has produced a fantastic revitalization of this venue.

Mowing had just been completed; a four-week project done to perfection. We thank Dick and the entire DEEP staff for their support.

Gene Casale and family again did an absolutely perfect job of conducting the trial. Aided by wife Pam, daughters Heather and Anna (with boyfriend Mike), Gene ran a perfect event, attending to every detail. The Casale family hosted a fried chicken dinner with all the fixings on Saturday night. Over 20 people enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and jovial conversation.

The club would like to acknowledge and thank Matt Basilone, Mike Martino, Dave O’Brien, Kevin Stuart, Tom Tracy and Alene Levasseur for their fine judging of the trial. Their decisions were well received and applauded by all attending.


The Amateur Shooting Dog started things off Saturday morning with perfect weather conditions and a temperature of about 70°.

It Ain’t My Fault bested a field of fourteen to take the blue for Aidan Malone. Callname Ben, this pointer male is the definition of consistency, placing just about every time he is put down. He was a pleasure to watch. Ben tallied three picture perfect quail finds and a race that pushed the limits of the course — very nice dog.

Brae Val Bearcat Laddie, a red setter, was second for Gregor McCluskey. Laddie was powerful and hard driving. His three quail finds noted perfect manners and a nice high tail. Our friend from New Jersey, Joe Lordi, took a very close third with Great River MacKenzie which was awesome on the ground. He took the edges in fine form — way to the front with a high snappy tail. His two quail finds were in fine form. He finished driving hard, way to the front at time. Great job.

East Windsor, Conn., September 7 — One Course

Judges: Matt Basilone and Michael Martino


1st—IT AIN’T MY FAULT, 1672101, pointer male, by Erin’s War Creek—Richfield Almond Joy. John & Aidan Malone, owners; Aidan Malone, handler.

2d—BRAE VAL BEARCAT LADDIE, 1652401, Irish setter male, by Justified—Redstone. Gregor McCluskey, owner and handler.

3d—GREAT RIVER MACKENZIE, 1650684, pointer male, by Great River Ice—Richfield Silver Belle. Joe Lordi, owner and handler.

Open Stakes

The Open Derby boasted an entry of 28 young hopefuls. I was very impressed by the overall quality and maturity of the dogs in this stake. It isn’t often that you see so many finished classy performances in an early fall Derby stake.

George Tracy won this highly competitive stake with Calico’s Guns N Roses. George is a master at showing a dog and Roses was exciting to watch. She ran the limits, but flowed with handler; very aggressive. The high, cracking tail traded ends twice on singles with perfect manners. She was found standing a covey on her third find, again like a statue. Roses has a great future. Hillhavyn’s Drug Runner carded second with a show of speed, style and aggressive running for Mike Martino. Callname Jack, this pointer male is one to bet your money on. He’s a sure thing with a very awesome race. Jack took in the whole course, digging into the cover a few times. He was rewarded twice with picture perfect broke finds. He finished hard, way to the front. Mike Tracy logged third with Bull Finch, pointer female that was braced with Drug Runner. Not much separated second and third place. “Stella” ran the limits of the field trial area. This Primm/Saniga pointer is one to watch. She can win anywhere. Her two picture-perfect quail finds noted an exceptionally high stance and a statue-like pose. At time she wanted to go another 30 minutes, finishing way to the front on a distant edge. Wow!

The Open Shooting Dog was the premier stake of the  trial with an entry of thirty top quality dogs.

First place Grand River Dan was a powerhouse of style and running for Matt Basilone. This exceptional pointer male, owned by Robert Bergen, put on a show for the judges and gallery. His animated ground application was rewarded on three occasions with picture perfect quail finds. Dan’s third find recorded a covey that was hard to get into the air. Dan remained frozen for an extended period of time, not moving a bit. He ran the limits but was in perfect harmony with handler. Dan finished far to the front, driving hard. Very nice race, very nice dog. Great River Grace scored second for Mike Tracy. The Sanchez owned pointer female is something to watch. Grace is snappy on the ground, always aggressively attacking the course. She logged two stylish singles with a high tight pointing style. She was found standing on her third find with a covey running all around her. She was perfect as birds finally took to the air. This is a good dog to ride at a trial; she’ll make you stand up in the saddle with her exciting race.

Jeanette Tracy has one that you would like to own in Land Cruiser Benny. The setter male carded third in this very competitive stake. Benny did a fantastic job this day, driving hard on the ground with a high snapping tail. The dog looked excited and made you keep your eyes on his movement. He swapped ends for a covey with perfect manners exhibiting an abundance of style on point. Benny’s second find was behind fox hill on a single, again a perfect classy stance. Finishing hard, Benny is the kind of dog that can win anywhere, anytime showing great consistency and desire.

Judges: David O’Brien and Kevin Stuart

OPEN DERBY — 28 Pointers

1st—CALICO’S GUNS N ROSES, 1682136, female, by Dominator’s Rebel Heir—Calico’s Touch of Class. Calico Kennels, owner; George Tracy, handler.

2d—HILLHAVYN’S DRUG RUNNER, 1680845, male, by Touch’s Game Point—Jamback’s Amazing Grace. Brad Brown, owner; Michael Martino, handler.

3d—BULL FINCH, 1686091, female, by Dominator’s Rebel Heir—Bullerina. Ernie & Karen Saniga & Bill & Muriel Primm, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

Judges: Alene LeVasseur and Tom Tracy


1st—GRAND RIVER DAN, 1680538, pointer male, by Sinbad’s Bear—Hodges Dialing Dolly. Robert Bergen, owner; Matt Basilone, handler.

2d—GREAT RIVER GRACE, 1674641, pointer female, by Fastforward’s B H Gunner—Littlewing B K Tia. Great River Kennels, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

3d—LAND CRUISER BENNY, 1662065, setter male, by Land Cruiser Scout—Sukara’s Come Home Jessie. Gwynne McDevitt, owner; Jeanette Tracy, handler.

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