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Central Prairie Field Trial Club

By Dan Crunk | Apr 17, 2018
Hainline's Silver Star Second in the Jimmy Dale McNutt Amateur Shooting Dog Stake

Bluff City, Ill. — The pring trial for the Central Prairie Field Trial Club was held March 31 at the Sandy Run Hunt Club, Bluff City, Ill.  Bill Blythe is the owner of  Sandy Run and graciously allows Butch Spelbring to host his trials on the Hunt Club’s grounds. Butch is the only member left from the Central Prairie Club and he is insistent that the “show goes on”. Putting on a trial is a big job and Butch makes sure this trial continues. It came off without a hitch.

Bill Blythe prepared a wonderful lunch of brats and burgers with all the other “fixins”.

The weather held off raining until around 11:00 a. m. then it basically rained the rest of the day/trial. The saving grace was at least the temperature was warmer than the last two weekends.

Judges for the various stakes were: Rick Stanford and Brad Hargis; Rick Stanford, Dan Crunk and Butch Spelbring. The judges  worked diligently to select the winners.


The Jimmy Dale McNutt Amateur Shooting Dog was won by Butch Spelbring’s pointer Jim. Jim McNutt was a close friend of Butch. Jim and Butch worked dogs together for years. They were very close friends so winning the Jimmy Dale McNutt Stake took on special meaning for Butch. On a day when the scenting conditions were not favorable, Jim had two finds, one at 4 and the last at 17. Judges indicated that Jim ran a very good race and hunted the edges hard to find quail. Second was Star for Jeff Hainline. Star has really had an outstanding spring and the placement was based on race. Third went to our friend from Missouri, Joe Zimmer. His setter had one find in his thirty minutes.

Amateur Derby winner was Red (Brad Hargis) which had multiple finds, with one of his finds being a broke find. Red ran a very nice forward race. Red is very attractive running and pointing. Second went to Frank Christie’s Patch which had finds at 3 and 7. Patch is also stylish running and pointing. The difference in the first two dogs in the Derby was very small and the judges deliberated over the placements for awhile. Third place went to Dan (Bill Fitton). Dan had one find. His race was not always to the front which is what separated him from first or second.

The Amateur Shooting Dog was won by Juice (Frank Christie) with five finds and a huge race. Frank ran out of ammo on one of Juice’s finds and had to reload. Second place went to Ruby whose placement was based on ground race.

The Amateur Puppy was won by Rebel (Sherry Hargis). Sherry is now the puppy handler for Hargis Kennels.

Second went to Hambone for Brian Stockrahm. Brian comes to our trials from Indiana and brings a couple of dogs to each trial. We are very happy to have him participating with us.

A very big thank you to all participants who entered and ran dogs. The handlers are to be commended for getting dogs to the line to begin each brace. This keeps a trial moving. Thanks to Bill for allowing Butch to hold his trial at Sandy Run, and to Bill for preparing lunch. All in all it was a wonderful day with good dogs, good judging, and a good lunch. See you in the fall.

Bluff City, Ill., March 31 — One Course

Judges: Brad Hargis and Rick Stanford


5 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st—WOLF CREEK JIM, 1665695, pointer male, by Sir Eaton—Rocky Hollow Fire Cracker. E. L. Spelbring, owner and handler.

2d—HAINLINE’S SILVER STAR, 1655907, pointer female, by Silver’s Knight Rider—Fancy Fiddler Girl. Jeff Hainline, owner and handler.

3d—FOGGY BOTTOM DIAMOND JIM, 1650859, setter male, by Foggy Bottom Fritz—Hytest Horizon. Joe Zimmer, owner and handler.

Judges: Dan Crunk and Rick Stanford


1st—HARG’S SHOTGUN RIDER, 1667366, female, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Amy. Brad Hargis, owner and handler.

2d—CHRISTIE’S ILLINI PATCH, 1672088, male, by Christie’s Illini Juice—Macoupin Deb. Frank Christie, owner and handler.

3d—FITTON’S DAKOTA DAN, 1670313, male, by Fitton’s Elhew Bo—Homestead Jill. Bill Fitton, owner and handler.

Judges: Dan Crunk and Butch Spelbring


1st—CHRISTIE’S ILLINI JUICE, 1646754, male, by Sir Fred—Kaitlin’s Choice. Frank Christie, owner and handler.

2d—RUBY HECHT, 1653765, female, by Ninnescah Blue—Flirtacious Snow. Larry  Holman, owner and handler.


1st—REBEL, unreg., male, breeding not given. Brad Hargis, owner and handler.

2d—HAMBONE, unreg., male, breeding not given. Brian Stockrahm, owner and handler.

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