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Ch. Just Irresistible for Field trial Hall of Fame

By Joel Norman | Jun 08, 2021

On behalf of Senah kennels, I would like to formally endorse CH Just Irresistible for Field Trial Hall of Fame.

"Stud's" contribution to bird dogs and field trials will be seen for many years to come. He did not live long enough to amass as many wins as a lot of the other dogs, but his production records speak for itself. Not only was he a great sire, his good traits continue to be passed down through his progeny.  Intelligence, athleticism, class, front running, bird sense, superb nose, personality, trainability, willingness and ability to please are the traits I refer too.

I have trained and handled bird dogs for well over 40 years and I can tell you that it is rare to find the whole package in a dog, much less see it passed on for generations. His offspring has made my job easy and enjoyable. I ask you before you cast your vote to consider CH Just Irresistibles accomplishments and the legacy he  continues to build in the field trial arena.  Respectfully, Joel Norman/Senah Kennels

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