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Ch. Survivor’s Real Deal — February 10, 2006-April 17, 2017

By Mark M. McLean | Apr 20, 2017

Moultrie, Ga. — Survivor’s Real Deal passed away on April 17 at my kennels at eleven years old.

Dee, her call name, was purchased from Bill and Linda Hunt in the winter of 2007. Bill called me to tell me about this tough little bitch he had running around his farm. I had a gut feeling and knew that I needed to buy her.

Tough she was. She went on to win the Continental Derby Championship in 2008 and the Georgia Quail Championship in 2009. These two wins qualified her to compete in the Nationals.

That February my son Cody and I carried her to Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, Tenn., to compete in the Nationals. What a great job she did. She only had three finds, but a great race!

At two hours and thirty minutes I was going to pick her up. Cody was scouting for me and rode up to me and said, “What are you doing, daddy?” I said, “I am going to pick her up.” Cody looked at me and replied, “We didn’t come all this was to quit, did we?” I replied, “Well, do you want to run her on?” His reply was a very quick “Hell yea daddy!” So we continued to run her and finished the three hours.

She ran there three times in her career and finished the three hours twice. Dee was purchased by Mr. Howard Brooks of Dayton, Tenn. In 2010, when I decided to run dogs for the public, she won runner-up in the United States Open Championship in 2010 and the Southeastern Quail Championship in 2012 for Mr. Howard.

There were so many great times with Dee that is it just too many to write now. However, there are two I must mention. One, she won my first ever open championship for me. Second, my son Cody scouted for me in all her career wins. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to handle such a nice dog.

She was retired in 2013 for health reasons. After her retirement, she spent the remainder of her days running around our farm in Georgia.

RIP my ole’girl.

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