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By Mert Jones | Nov 29, 2017
Beechwoods Madison [With Sharon Townley] First in the Amateur Shooting Dog Stake

Summerduck, Va. — The Chickahominy Field Trial Association ran their fall trial on October 28 at their home grounds, the Chester Phelps Wildlife Management Area at Summerduck, Va. Chickahominy is a member of the U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association and this trial was run under the sanction of U. S. Complete.

Nestlé Purina is and has been the primary sponsor of U. S. Complete for several years and once again they provided discount product coupons to all the placed dogs in this trial. We say a big thanks to Purina for their support of the U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association as well as the Chickahominy Organization.

This year’s renewal had a record draw with 10 puppies, 4 Derbies and 20 shooting dogs, making for a full day. Dennis Kivikko, Mary Durham and Jameson Crandall evaluated the young dogs in the Puppy and Derby Stakes. Veteran judges and field trialers Dave Pomfret and Bruce Conover rode the 10 braces of shooting dogs to finish out a long day. We thank these folks for their dedication to the sport and for their decisions which were well received.

The success of any field trial is the result of the efforts and hard work by the individuals who make up the field trial committee. This trial was no exception. Our field trial chairperson, Sharon Townley, becomes a busy person once we schedule a field trial. She begins securing judges, birds, and gifts as thanks to the many folks who work so hard to make a trial happen, and happen with success. Sharon has been doing this for some time now and this organization is grateful to her for all she does for us!

At Sharon’s right hand are her husband Phil and their close friend Phil Rutter. Phil Townley is our bird chairman. Supplying his own horses, Phil sees to it that all the birds are planted for both the Derby and Shooting Dog Stakes at the right time and in the right place and in a timely manner. Phil Rutter serves as our grounds chairman and during the trial as our marshal. As the grounds chairman Phil puts in many hours with his own equipment mowing and seeing that the grounds are in top shape for us to run our trial. As our marshal Phil sees to it that the trial moves along smoothly and when the trial is over he sees to it that we leave the grounds as we found them. Waverly Coleman, our gallery wagon driver, has been following the dogs with the wagon for many years and knows the course “like the back of his hand”. He has a keen eye and keeps his wagon passengers where they can see all the action of the trial. We have a new member, Rickey Edwards, who helped with many of the tasks at this trial, especially at day’s end. We are looking forward to his help again at our next trial.

Our trial has a reputation of being an event where at lunchtime you can discuss the morning’s running while you enjoy lunch. Well, enjoy lunch you will! Evelyn Coleman and Judy Jones are busy in the kitchen during the morning and when lunch break is called there is a long line ready to enjoy the day’s fixings. These two ladies servings are known throughout the Virginia field trial circuit. We thank these ladies once again for all they do!

The Puppy Stake was the first stake of the day and was judged by Dennis Kivikko and Mary Durham.

With 10 entries this was one of the largest puppy stakes we have had in recent years. The course included open areas as well as areas with considerable cover allowing a pup to show what potential he had for his future. The judges described winner Bob’s Elhew Sage’s performance as a strong breakaway coupled with showing to the front and finishing as strong as she started, all with class. Second place Beechwood’s Samuel Colt was described as having a nice consistent run to the front and hunting all the way. Third place Gray’s Fire Down Below made some big casts but would check in before finishing the casts.

Jameson Crandall joined Mary to judge the Derby which only drew four dogs so only two placements were awarded. The judges placed Chippoke’s Little Buddy first and Wilson second. The judges were impressed with Buddy’s striking ground race that had good range and style with a natural mannerly check in. Buddy had two “broke” finds with high head and tail. Second place Wilson had a reasonable foot hunting race with one find where he pointed with style. At flush he broke and chased with enthusiasm like a young dog will after shot.

Dave Pomfret and Bruce Conover judged the Shooting Dog Stake. Dave is a well known professional trainer on the AKC circuit and manager of a private shooting preserve. Bruce is an amateur trainer and handler with a long history of campaigning Brittanys on the AKC and American Field circuits. Both gentlemen have had extensive experience judging both weekend trials and championships. We are honored to have had them judge our dogs.

The judges named Sharon Townley’s setter female Beechwoods Madison to first place. Madison ran what the judges described as an animated race with four finds. Her last find was near the end of her time and was a bit off course. All of her finds were with high head and straight tail. Second was Bobby Phillips’ Bob’s Elhew Kate which put down a very mature forward race and had two exceptional finds far to the front. Kate demonstrated experience and dependability. Third was Bob’s Elhew Holly, another dog from Bobby Phillips’ string. Holly had four picture perfect finds, demonstrating confidence and consistency. Holly was the stand-out youngster of the stake and had it not been for a short period of confusion, her reward would have been much greater.

At the conclusion of the day’s running the judges for all the stakes decided that Bobby Phillips’ dog Bob’s Elhew Sage was deserving of the Dog of the Day plaque and it was awarded to her.

Your reporter thanks all the judges for their help in describing the winners’ performances.

Once again the Chickahominy Field Trial Association thanks our sponsor, Purina, our judges for looking at our dogs, our field trial committee for all the hard work, and especially the owners and handlers for all the support of this trial! Please join us for our next trial at Whitetail Ridge Farm in January.

Summerduck, Va., October 28

Judges: Mary Durham and Dennis Kivikko

AMATEUR PUPPY — 3 Pointers and 7 Setters

1st—BOB’S ELHEW SAGE, 1673975, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker—Bob’s Elhew Julie. Bobby Phillips, owner and handler.

2d—BEECHWOOD’S SAMUEL COLT, 1675018, setter male, by Rutter’s Dusty Socks—Pinekone Whistling Dixie. Sharon & Phil Townley, owners; Sharon Townley, handler.

3d—GRAY’S FIRE DOWN BELOW, 1673074, setter male, by Mohawk Mill Jacob—Haynes Dixie Star. Forrest Gray, owner and handler.

Judges: Jameson Crandall and Mary Durham

AMATEUR DERBY — 1 Pointer and 3 Setters

1st—CHIPPOKE’S LITTLE BUDDY, 1675610, setter male, by Skyview New Edition—McKinney’s Harbor Magnolia. L. S. Flanders, owner and handler.

2d—WILSON, 1667411, setter male, by Mo’s Willie—Avenging Angel. Art Mourino, owner and handler.

Judges: Bruce Conover and Dave Pomfret


1st—BEECHWOODS MADISON, 1652844, setter female, by Mohawk Mill Jacob—Blue’s Tomoka Belle. Sharon & Phil Townley, owners; Sharon Townley, handler.

2d—BOB’S ELHEW KATE, 1647040, pointer female, by A Tarheel Tapout—Bob’s Elhew Nell. Bobby Phillips, owner and handler.

3d—BOB’S ELHEW HOLLY, 1653300, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker—Bob’s Miller’s Daisy. Bobby Phillips, owner and handler.

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