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By Mert Jones | Mar 06, 2018
Amateur Derby Winners. From left: J. R. Hasty with Hasty’s Rocky Boy, Verlene Stephenson with Eagle Eye Annie Oakley and Sharon Townley with Black Water Hattie.

Bumpass, Va. — The Chickahominy Field Trial Association accepted an invitation from the Cocke Family of Bumpass, Va., to run our spring trial on their Whitetail Ridge Farm.

Whitetail is the home of Jimmy and Barbra Cocke and their three sons, Wendell, Gregory and Dean, and their families. After several visits, club members Sharon and Phil Townley, Phil Rutter, Rick Edwards, Waverly Coleman and Judy and Meredith Jones, with the help of Braden Cocke, laid out a course that provided a place for a dog to show his handling as well as ability to find birds. That course provided a long breakaway and areas of heavy cover followed by woodsedges and cut hay fields for a long finish.

Our bird planters, Jameson Crandall and Phil Rutter, saw to it that there were ample birds on the course for the contenders to hunt.

Braden, Wendell’s son, pulled the gallery wagon with his pickup so that the many spectators we had were able to see the trial. Waverly Coleman drove the dog wagon and saw to it that the dogs were to the line on time.

Whitetail Ridge Farm, as its name implies, is home to a deer hunting organization and their headquarters served as our headquarters for the trial. The headquarters includes a lounge area with a kitchen where a fantastic lunch was served by Judy Jones and Evelyn Coleman. This trial drew what one longtime trialer described as the largest spectator crowd he had seen at a trial in a long time.

The U. S. Complete Association is sponsored by Purina Pro Plan dog food. They furnished complimentary discount certificates for the purchase of their products. The Chickahominy organization appreciates the support that Purina provides for the U. S. Complete national organization as well as to the weekend trials and encourages everyone to purchase their fine products.

Our judges were both longtime trialers who have been around trials and handling dogs for a long time. Jim Jones, who began many years ago running dogs in fun trials, moved on to National Bird Hunters, then to horseback and eventually to all-age where he currently campaigns his setters. Jim judges on the U. S. Complete circuit, the AFTCA and open horseback and all-age circuits.

Jim was joined by Phyllis Jones who also campaigned dogs on the fun trial circuit, AFTCA walking stakes, and the U. S. Complete circuit. Phyllis served as the president of this organization for many years. She has chaired many trials as well as championships. These two folks know bird dogs and what they are supposed to do.

We were honored to have them judge and we thank them very much.


The Puppy Stake drew six entries. Finishing first was “Dante”, setter male under the whistle of his owner Forrest Gray. Dante placed first on his forward race. Samuel Colt, handled by Sharon Townley, was a close second with good forward race. She’s A Pistol, another of Sharon’s dogs, hunted every step of the way to place third. She was not as wide as those placed ahead of her.

Six dogs were also put down for the Amateur Derby. Up from North Carolina to run with us, J. R. Hasty put down pointer male Hasty’s Rocky Boy which had an aggressive forward race and finished manners on his game and was awarded first place honors. Another North Carolinian, Verlene Stephenson, took second with pointer female Eagle Eye Annie Oakley which also displayed finished manners coupled with a forward race. Placed third was Black Water Hattie, setter female handled by Sharon Townley. Hattie had a forward race, one broke find and several game contacts.

The Shooting Dog Stake had 16 entries. Awarded first was pointer female Shadow’s Carolina Molly, from Verlene Stephenson’s string. Molly had a natural forward race with two finds and handled easily. On one of her finds she was found on point by her scout Sharon. After a long walk back the bird was produced and Molly finished going to the front. Lancaster’s Rolling Rex, pointer male handled by James Crandall, had three finds and a strong race to take second. Ashby Morgan’s setter female Pinekone Splash was third with one find and a forward race.

This was a good trial with all the elements that make field trialing enjoyable — good dogs, good judges, good people, good grounds, good weather and good food. We hope to see everyone at Phelps WMA for our fall trial in October. Watch for particulars  in The American Field in the fall.

Bumpass, Va., January 20 — One Course

Judges: James B. Jones and Phyllis J. Jones


1st—GRAY’S FIRE DOWN BELOW, 1673074, male, by Mohawk Mill Jacob—Haynes Dixie Star. Forrest Gray, owner and handler.

2d—BEECHWOOD’S SAMUEL COLT, 1675018, male, by Rutter’s Dusty Socks—Pinekone Whistling Dixie. Sharon & Phil Townley, owners; Sharon Townley, handler.

3d—BEECHWOOD’S SHE’S A PISTOL, 1675035, female, by Rutter’s Dusty Socks—Pinekone Whistling Dixie. Sharon & Phil Townley, owners; Sharon Townley, handler.


1st—HASTY’S ROCKY BOY, 1669961, pointer male, by Stoney Run’s Buddy—Sinbad’s Little Bit. J. R. Hasty, owner and handler.

2d—EAGLE EYE ANNIE OAKLEY, 1668673, pointer female, by Southbound Ben—Shadow’s Carolina Molly. Verlene Stephenson, owner and handler.

3d—BLACK WATER HATTIE, 1671112, setter female, by Merritt’s Zackery—Merritt’s Hope. Sharon & Phil Townley, owners; Sharon Townley, handler.


1st—SHADOW’S CAROLINA MOLLY, 1647056, pointer female, by Verlene’s Ringo Star—Indian Creek Shadow. Verlene Stephenson, owner and handler.

2d—LANCASTER’S ROLLING REX, 1628783, pointer male, by Calico’s Catch And Release—New Salem Dottie. James Crandall, owner and handler.

3d—PINEKONE SPLASH, 1652733, setter female, by Merritt’s Zackery—Pinekone Black Rose. Pikekone Kennels, owner; Ashby Morgan, handler.

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