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By Mert Jones | Nov 27, 2019
Amateur Shooting Dog Winners. Front (l-r): Chippoke’s Little Buddy with Lee Flanders, Shadow’s Carolina Molly with Verlene Stephenson and Chippoke’s Hoss Man with Double Flanders. Standing: Rick Edwards, Sharon Townley, Judges Grace Ann Lawson and Phil Rutter, and Mert Jones.

Caret, Va. — What does it take to have a good trial? It takes good dogs, good grounds, good judges, good birds, good handlers and good weather. We had all that and several other “goods” on Saturday, October 19, and we had a good trial!

Our good weather did not last until Sunday when we had to cancel our horseback stakes because of heavy rain.

We ran our trial this fall at Blanfield Plantation which is located along the banks of the Rappahannock River in Essex County, Virginia. The plantation’s quail hunting venue is managed by Dave Pomfret and the course that we ran on provided the handlers a first class place to show their entries. We thank Dave and the Wheat Family for their hospitality in allowing us to run our trial at Blanfield.

In addition to the things it takes to have a good trial, it also takes a dedicated field trial committee to tend to all the tasks that make trial good. We had that kind of committee.

Sharon Townley served as field trial chairperson and took care of seeing that all the necessary tasks were attended to. Sharon and Dave saw to it that we had good flying birds, Rick Edwards planted the birds for the trial, Dennis Kivikko drove the gallery wagon, Mert Jones tended to the paperwork, Judy Jones prepared and served the lunches and Mert and Judy hosted the drawing and several others helped in many ways.

Phil Rutter and Jameson Crandall judged the eight puppies. Phil Rutter was joined by Sharon Townley  for the Derby. Our host Dave Pomfret and Grace Ann Lawson judged the eight braces of the shooting dog.

Our scheduled judges for our horseback stakes were Jim Jones and Johnny Lewis. Jim came early and helped us with the trial on Saturday. Johnny, who lives not far from the grounds, loaded his horses Sunday morning and was on the way to the trial when he received our call about the cancellation. We thank these seven folks for their dedication to the sport, time in the saddle, using their own horses and for their decisions which were all well received.

The Puppy Stake drew eight entries, four of which were handled by four new handlers who came for the first time. We welcome Mike Moeller and his friend Diane Perdue, Stan Moore and Ben Dillard and thank them for coming and running with us. It was a pleasure to meet you and be with you, and hope you will come back. Diane handled Mike’s setter female named Cindy to first place. Mike handled Cindy’s sister Kylee to second. Kathy Shorter ran her pointer male Chop which was named to third. We are grateful to Judge Jameson for providing us with this description on the winners’ performances:

“Cindy, the first place puppy, ran with a lot of style and fluid gaits. She ranged out confidently hunting for her handler, seeking smart objectives throughout the course. She had range, style and handled. Kylee, the second place puppy, showed a lot of potential. She handled for her handler and was enthusiastic in the field and had desire to run and hunt. Third place Chop hunted the course like an older experienced dog. His range was not as wide and he was obedient to his handler.”

We had five entries in the Amateur Derby.  First was Jimmy Crandall with pointer female Mavis which had a forward race with three evenly spaced finds, showing shooting dog manners and finishing to the front. Lee Flanders took second and third place honors; his setter male Bo (second) and his pointer female Sugar rounded out the placements.

In the Shooting Dog Stake, Lee Flanders took first with his setter male Buddy and third with his other setter Hoss. Verlene Stephenson’s Molly was the second place dog.

The shooting dog judges, Dave and Grace Anne, graciously agreed to furnish the following description of the winners’ performances. We thank them for this:

“Our first place dog, Buddy, a setter male from the fourth brace, applied himself consistently with a forward driving pattern carding six finds in his half hour. He showed great style and staunchness on point. The second place dog, Molly, a setter female from the seventh brace, showed great teamwork with her handler navigating the 30-minute course with four finds. Third place was awarded to Hoss, a setter male from the eighth brace. Hoss was hard driving to the front and carded three stylish finds.”

At each trial the Chickahominy Field Trial Association awards its Dog of the Day rotating plaque which can be awarded to any dog in the trial by the judges. At this trial the plaque was awarded to the first place Shooting Dog Chippoke’s Little Buddy.

Our sincere thanks to our hosts, the Wheat Family and Dave Pomfret, our judges, our owners and handlers, our field trial committee and all the workers who worked so hard to make this trial successful.

Chickahominy Field Trial Association is a member club of the U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association whose national sponsor is Purina. Every placed dog in this trial received a discount coupon for Purina dog food. Thanks to Purina and U. S. Complete!

Caret, Va., October 19 — One Course

Judges: Jameson Crandall and Phil Rutter

AMATEUR PUPPY — 1 Pointer and 7 Setters

1st—MIKE’S WESTWIND CINDY, 1683911, setter female, by Sandy Hollow Zeke—Eleanor Royal Louise. Mike Moeller, owner; Diane Perdue, handler.

2d—MIKE’S WESTWIND KYLEE, 1683912, setter male, by Shady Hollow Zeke—Eleanor Royal Louise. Mike Moeller, owner and handler.

3d—CHOP,  unreg., pointer male, breeding not given. Kathy Shorter, owner and handler.

Judges: Phil Rutter and Sharon Townley

AMATEUR DERBY — 3 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st—SORROWS OF SATAN, 1681535, pointer female, by Mohawk Mill Pirate—Mohawk Mill Honey. Jameson Crandall, owner and handler.

2d—BO, unreg., setter male, breeding not given. Lee S. Flanders, owner and handler.

3d—SUGAR, unreg., pointer female, breeding not given. Lee S. Flanders, owner and handler.

Judges: Grace Anne Lawson and David Pomfret

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 7 Pointers and 9 Setters

1st—CHIPPOKE’S LITTLE BUDDY, 1675610, setter male, by Skyview New Edition—McKinney’s Harbor Magnolia. Lee S. Flanders, owner and handler.

2d—SHADOW’S CAROLINA MOLLY, 1647056, pointer male, by Verlene’s Ringo Star—Indian Creek Shadow. Verlene D. Stephenson, owner and handler.

3d—CHIPPOKE’S HOSS MAN, 1675609, setter male, by Skyview New Edition—McKinney’s Harbor Magnolia. Lee S. Flanders, owner and handler.

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