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Field Trial Report

Columbia County (Fla.) Field Trial Club

By Joe Hicks | Jun 25, 2020
Frontline Rebel Obsession First in the Open All-Age Stake

Lake City, Fla. — Saturday, March 14, dawned clear and warm, then the temperature went to unbearably hot and stayed there.

Undeterred, the inaugural running of the Columbia County Field Trial Club kicked off and from what I could tell all participants enjoyed the last trial of the season immensely.

Thanks in no small part to the outstanding grounds. Chester Stokes made his personal bird hunting plantation available and the place is beautiful. Adequate to show field trial shooting dogs and all-age dogs as well. Field trialers in this area should celebrate Mr. Stokes’ interest in the sport and hope that we are able to enjoy many more renewals.

Some thirty years ago Mr. Stokes procured almost 1,200 acres of mature planted pines from a timber company. As most bird hunters would do if given the chance, Mr. Stokes cut all but seventy trees per acre. Disaster then struck in the form of pine beetles and the land had to be clear cut.

In an effort to return these lands to typical north Florida piney woods of 100 years ago, Chester replanted the entire property in long leafs. The result today is stunning. Over the years adjoining land has been acquired and today the place encompasses nearly 4,000 acres.

Plantation staff, headed by Leroy Griffis, kept everything running smoothly. Meals, dog wagons, birds, judges’ horses, etc. were all managed seemlessly. Another highlight was the return of Joe Hicks to field trials. Longtime manager of famed Chinquapin Farms and outstanding bird dog trainer, Joe, now retired, enjoys starting young dogs for Mr. Stokes.

Judges for the Open Shooting Dog were Darrell Summers and Kevin Kirby. Darrell has probably seen more good bird dogs through his position at Chinquapin than most.

Kevin brings a wealth of experience as a lifetime bird hunter. They made a good team that called the Shooting Dog accurately. Tevon “Pooh Bear” Jones filled in for Darrell on Sunday to judge the All-Age and Derby Stakes.


In the Open Shooting, Johnny Paycheck ran to the front and looked good doing it. He took advantage of familiar country, chalking up three perfect finds. He was awarded first for his effort and was handled by Joe Hicks and owned by Chester Stokes.

Rick’s Sugar Land, under same ownership as the first place dog, was second. His good race was rewarded with two finds. The unforgiving heat had become a factor, but Greypointe Nubarron persevered and was placed third. He was handled by Calvin Curnutte and owned by P. D. Brooks. Calvin traveled all the way from North Carolina for the trial and was probably looking forward to getting back to cooler weather.

In the Open All-Age, Joe Hicks guided Frontline Rebel Obsession to first. The dog had a big all-age race with three clean finds. Time Flies garnered second for Mike Moses. “Rip” toured the course, having one find and one unproductive, and finished far ahead at the barn along with Mike’s riderless horse. (I told Mike I wouldn’t mention that incident, but I couldn’t resist.) Woodhill Maximum, John Moses’ fine setter, ran big to the front with two perfect finds. The judges awarded him third.

By now,  for the Open Derby,  the sun was blasting down.

Mike Moses’ True Center had a good race and one bird contact displaying Derby manners. Second was Jim and Mary Ann Womack’s classy young setter Drew’s Iron Will which also had a bird contact. C’s Tuff Liz of the Hicks/Stokes team braved the heat to gain third.

As all the field trialers packed up to leave and as the sun set thankfully on another trial season here in North Florida, we all felt gratitude to Mr. Chester Stokes for his generosity and hospitality. Here’s hoping that we can do it again next year.

Lake City, Fla., March 14

Judges: Kevin Kirby and Darrell Summers

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 16 Pointers, 7 Setters and 1 German Shorthair

1st—JOHNNY PAYCHECK, 1681404, pointer male, by Quicksilver Cowboy Tuff—Rick’s Sugar Land. Chester & Linda Stokes, owners; Joe Hicks, handler.

2d—RICK’S SUGAR LAND, 1664859, pointer female, by Connor’s E Z Button—Holy Water. Chester & Linda Stokes, owners; Joe Hicks, handler.

3d—GREYPOINTE NUBARRON, 1674499, pointer male, by S F Bandwagon—Greypointe Gloriosa. P. D. Brooks III, owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler.

Judges: Tevon Jones and Kevin Kirby

OPEN ALL-AGE — 12 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—FRONTLINE REBEL OBSESSION, 1668637, pointer male, by Frontline Rebelator—Funseeker’s Rebel Dream. Chester Stokes, owner; Joe Hicks, handler.

2d—TIME FLIES, 1668663, pointer male, by The Crowd Pleaser—Miller’s Calamity Jane Lady. Mike Moses, owner and handler.

3d—WOODHILL MAXIMUM, 1676126, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Fast and Loud. Nadra Moses, owner and handler.


1st—TRUE CENTER, 1684456, pointer male, by True Confidence—Red Sunshine. Mike Moses, owner and handler.

2d—DREW’S IRON WILL, 1684311, setter male, by Attitude’s Iron Will—Attitude’s Bo Time. Jim Womack, owner and handler.

3d—C’S TUFF LIZ, 1687120, pointer female, by Quicksilver Cowboy Tuff—Chinquapin Dixie Chick. Chester Stokes, owner; Joe Hicks, handler.

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