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Continental Championships

By Randy Floyd | Jan 22, 2020

Greenville, Fla. — The  2020 renewal of the Continental Championships — Derby and All-Age — began Monday morning, January 20, at time-honored Dixie Plantation near Greenville, Fla.

The Continental Derby Championship drew 35 dogs for Judges Bill Mason of  Moundville, Ala., and Jason Williams of Blakely, Ga.

The All-Age Championship has a field of 65 dogs for Judges Brian Peterson of Cecil, Ala., and Harold Ray of Waynesboro, Ga.


Derby Championship Running




1. Erin’s Outlawed, PM; Sean Patrick/Derrig/Carlton. With

Westfall’s Mandalay, PM; Bill Westfall/Daugherty/Vincent.


2. Whitewater, PM; Marcos Puiggari/McLean/Carlton. With

Nonami’s Hank Aaron, PM; Ted Turner/Pearce.


3. Just Say When, PM; Jack & Tracy Haines/Daniels/McLean. With

Dubose’s What A Dog, PM; Bobby Dubose/Dubose/Phillips.


4. Lester’s Stemwinder, PM; Gary Lester/Lester/Haynes. With

S S S Stormy, PF; Rick Snipes/Vincent/Daugherty.


5. Melrose Ramblin Man, PM; Melrose Plantation/Terry Chastain, Jr. With

Notorious Dominator’s Heir, PM; John Mathys/Mathys/Haynes.


6. Erin’s Irish Rebel, PM; Sean Patrick Derrig/Carlton. With

Westfall’s Tulsa Time, PM; Ryan Westfall/Daugherty/Vincent.


7. Westfall’s Wheels Up, PM; Bill Westfall/Daugherty/Vincent. With

Rebel Cause, PM; David & Angie Williams/Daniels/McLean.


8. Dogwood Cash, PM; Dogwood Kennels/Carlton/Daniels. With

Confidence Nation, PM; Scott Jordan/Davis/Eisenhart.


9. Bonner’s Bulletproof, PM; Derek Bonner/Haynes/Carlton. With

Dubose’s Wonder Dog, PM; Bobby Dubose/Dubose/Phillips.


10. Erin’s Wild Atlantic Way, ESM; Sean Derrig/Derrig/Carlton. With

Chickasaw Hurricane, PM; Dr. Davey Deal/Davis/Eisenhart.


11. Texas Wild Rex, PM; Mr. Smith/Vincent/Daugherty. With

Dominator’s Bull Market, PM; Jim & Bill Hamilton, David Raines & Field Norris/McLean.


12. Redeemed, PM; Harvey Pedergrast/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Mayhaw’s Smooth Criminal, PM;  Terry Graunke/Carlton/Daniels.


13. Lester’s High Dollar, PM; Tommy Loid & David Thompson/Lester/Haynes. With

Shearjoy’s Rebellion, ESF; Betty Shearouse/Davis/Eisenhart.


14. Spencer’s Ramblin Justice, PM; Jim & Nicky Spencer/Rayl/Conners. With

Dominator’s Rogue Rebel, PM; Jack & Sarah Schwarz/Daniels/McLean.


15. Cheyenne Nation, PF; Scott Jordan/Davis/Eisenhart. With

Touch’s Breakaway Fred, PM; Eddie Sholar & Ted Dennard/ McLean/Daniels/Carlton.


16. Carlton’s True Grit, PM; Sue Graunke/Carlton/Daniels. With

Rester’s Cajun Charlie, PM; Cecil Rester/Eisenhart/Davis.


17. Miller’s Heat Advisory, PM; Nick Berrong/Daniels/McLean.With

Rester’s Cowboy Bill, PM; Cecil Rester/Eisenhart/Davis.


18. Nilo’s Feathered Indian Pot, PF/IS; Nilo Plantation/McLean/Daniels/Carlton.




All-Age Championship Running


1. Shadow’s Lord Magic, PM; Carl Bowman/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Erin’s Copper River, PM; Auddie Brown/Daniels/McLean.


2. Westfall’s Redman, PM; Ryan Westfall/Daugherty/Vincent. With

Chinquapin Legacy, PM; Ted Baker/Slade Sikes.


3. Lester’s Shockwave, PM; Gary Lester/Lester/Haynes. With

Touch’s Folsom Blues, PM; Bruce & Karen Norton & Eddie & Carole Sholar/ McLean/Daniels.


4. Game Wardon, PM; Dr. Fred Corder/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Erin’s Battle Cry, PM; Dennis Beauford/Daniels/McLean.


5. Nonami’s King’s Ransom, PM; Ted Turner/Pearce. With

Neely’s Power Play, PM; Tomlinson/Eisenhart/Davis.


6. Hoos Boss, PM; John Milton/Rick Furney. With

Touch’s Blue Knight, PM; Woody Watson/Watson.


7. Westfall’s Castaway, PM; Jack Kirkland/Daugherty/Vincent. With

Touch’s White Knight, PM; Eddie & Carole Sholar/McLean/Daniels.


8. Miller’s Speed Dial, PM; Gary Lester/Lester/Haynes. With

Showtime Sam Houston, PM; Larron & Laura Copeland/Copeland/Carlton.


9. Strut Nation, PM; Scott Jordan/Jordan/Davis. With

Dominator’s Rebel Patch, PM; Nick Berrong/Daniels/McLean.


10. Shadow’s Next Exit, PM; Butch Houston/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Dogwood Bill, PM; George & Cindy Watkins/Daniels/McLean.


11. Sandhill’s Little Junie, PF; Robbie Thomas/Rayl/Conners. With

Touch’s Gallatin Fire, PM; Alex Rickert/McLean/Daniels.


12. Lowrider Frank, PM; Dr. Jim Mills/Vincent/Daugherty. With

Erin’s Longmire, PM; Brad Calkins/Eisenhart/Davis.


13. Shearjoy’s Unforsaken, ESM; Betty Shearouse/Davis/Eisenhart. With

Westfall’s River Ice, PM; Brad Calkins/Daugherty/Vincent.


14. Tee’s Wild Man, PM; Brad Woody/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Erin’s Hidden Shamrock, ESM; Maeve Derrig/Derrig/Carlton.


15. Neely’s Standing Ovation, PM; Butch Houston/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Miller’s Blindsider, PM; Nick Berrong/Daniels/McLean.


16. Chief’s Rising Sun, ESM; John Mathys/Mathys/Haynes. With

Dunn’s True Issue, PM; Claudia McNamee/Eisenhart/Davis.


17. Miss Stylin Sue, PF; Dr. Jim Mills/Vincent/Daugherty. With

Wild Hawk, PM; Mike Moses/Carlton/Daniels.


18. Notorious King’s Ransom, PM;  John Mathys/Mathys/Haynes. With

Touch’s Malcolm Story, PM; Alex Richert/McLean/Daniels.


19. Erin’s Prometheus, ESM; John Mathys/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Lester’s Storm Surge, PM; Gary Lester/Lester/Haynes.


20. Rocky Knoll’s Annie, PF/IS; Pat & Marilyn Lockhart/Rayl/Conners.


21. Showtime Mocking Jay, PF/IS; Larron & Laura Copeland/Copeland/Carlton. With

Chinquapin Bill, PM; Ted Baker/Slade Sikes.


22. Awsum’s Country Justice, PM; Bill & Margie Ricci & Dr. Bruchey/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Lester’s Georgia Time, PM; Baker Hubbard & Jim Clark/McLean/Daniels.


23. Erin’s Three Leaf Shamrock, ESM; Tucker Johnson/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Dream Chaser, PM; Brad Calkins/Daugherty/Vincent.


24. Erin’s Lone Star Law, PM; Maeve Derrig/Derrig/Carlton. With

Sioux Showboat, PM; J. L. Lundstrom/J. L. Lundstrom.


25. Touch’s Red Rider, PM; Tucker Johnson/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Dominator’s Rebel Heir, PM; Jim Hamilton/Daniels/McLean.


26. Erin’s Wild Atlantic Way, ESM; Sean Derrig/Derrig/Carlton. With

Touch’s Blue Moon, PM; Frank Foley Mclean/Daniels.


27. Touch’s Smooth Operator, PM;  Dallas Davison/Rick Furney. With

True Confidence, PM; Frank LaNasa/Eisenhart/Davis.


28. Stash the Cash, PM; Dave Thompson & Tommy Loid/Lester/Haynes. With

Westfall’s Black Thunder, PM; Bill Westfall/Daugherty/Vincent.


29. Dominator’s Rebel Squire, PM;  Jim Hamilton & Field Norris/ Daniels/McLean. With

Dunn’s Tried’n True, PM; Will Dunn/ Eisenhart/Davis.


30. Erin’s Redrum, PM; Maeve Derrig/Derrig/Carlton. With

S F Mapleleaf, PF; Dr. Robert Rankin/Vincent/Daugherty.


31. Touch’s Mega Mike, PM; Eddie & Carole Sholar & Ted Dennard/ McLean/Daniels. With

Lester’s Private Charter, PM; Dr. Reuben Richardson & Bruce & Karen Norton/McLean/Daniels.


32. Erin’s Wild Justice, PM; Allen Linder/Eisenhart/Davis. With

Touch’s Wild Desire, PM; Ginger Bippus/Rick Furney.


33. Westfall’s True Grit, PM; Ryan Westfall/Daugherty/Vincent. With

Ace’s R Wild, PM; Dr. Reuben Richardson & Tony Gibson/ McLean/Daniels.


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