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Robert V. (Bob) Bayis Memorial

Dallas Pointer and Setter Club

By Conrad Plevnic | May 17, 2018
Open Shooting Dog Winners. From left front: Lynne Barnett with M V R C H K  Matilda MacFarlane, Trena Cardwell with Milomix Dr. Do Right and Sara Job with M V R MacFarlane Tough Hombre. Standing: Laura Reilly joins Judges Jack Schinnerer and Dr. Alex Jacocks.

Wortham, Tex. — The desire to have a memorable trial in honor of our friend Bob Baylis was certainly achieved. The folks attending gave 100% of their time and personalities to make it a wonderful event in honor of an outstanding individual.

Judges are the main ingredient in the success and memories of trials as their persona, experience, knowledge of rules, and ability to look at breeds without bias is essential.

Longtime friends Jack Schinnerer and Dr. Alex Jacocks of Edmond, Okla., possess these traits.. Of the 48 entries, fourteen were handled by ladies. The dogs were a melting pot of breeds with Brittany (3), setter (9), pointer (26), Gordon setter (7) and Irish setter (3). These certainly made the judges pay attention as only nine dogs went birdless.

The grounds are the Four Corners Lease near Mexia in central Texas. A month before the trial, Texas was drying up with heat and an extended drought, but early April brought rain, floods, cold weather, and strong wind. Fortunately, the latest incoming storm went around each side of the grounds, allowing the trial to start on schedule.

All placed dogs had bird work beginning with the 14-dog Open Shooting Dog. The occasional spitting rain and very strong winds greeted the first brace continuing throughout the stake.

When it was over and placements announced, happy bedlam set in for veteran owner-handler Lynne Barnett as the three places went to her outstanding Gordon setters. She handled M V R C H K Matilda MacFarlane (female) to first and Milomix Dr. Do Right (male) to second. Handler Trena Cardwell handled M V R MacFarlane Tough Hombre (male), owned by Lynne, to third place. Everyone was supportive of Lynne and her dogs showing love and respect for a wonderful lady.

The remaining stakes were dominated by veteran amateur owner-handlers Dr. Buck Neil and Mike Sandifer. They did allow veteran Charlie Collier and personable newcomer Randall Turner to slip in for a placement apiece.

The Open (Shooting Dog) Derby showcased several youngsters with potential. Sandifer’s Big Blaze had four eye-appealing finds to earn an undisputed first for Mike. Gunna Be A Rockstar had clean bird work and Buck guided him to a strong ground effort to earn second. Running in our area for the first time, Randall Turner had a good time with Erin’s Smooth Shammy (ESF) placing third with a clean limb find.

Charlie Collier set the bar in the first brace of the Amateur Shooting Dog. His pointer male Rock Slide rendered a forward, edge-running effort with stylish bird work to be awarded first. Buck was stuck in second. He placed three different dogs to second in three stakes as Sinbad Hottie gave a hard driving performance with clean bird work to earn second. Mike returned to take third with Stormin Red Diesel for owner Fred Davis.

The winners of the Amateur (Shooting Dog) Derby all had good ground efforts and clean bird work. Mike took first place with Erin’s Texas Rum and third place with Sandifer’s Big John. Buck wiggled between them to earn second with Train Wreck Allie.

How does one thank the many people who did not hesitate to support the trial any way possible, and not insult those not recognized? You must start with trial co-chair Mike Parnell who handled so many details. He even sacrificed his time to go fishing and catch the catfish he later cooked.

The judges drove 700 miles round trip through heavy traffic and construction for a weekend trial.

Royce Gustafson furnished and drove the dog pickup vehicle saving considerable time between braces. Charlie Collier planted birds, replaced birds as required, and marshalled; Jim Baker filled in for Royce and Charlie when necessary.

The Baylis family gathered trophies Bob had won during the years and donated them. Rather than update them with new nameplates, Trial Co-Chairmen Mike Parnell and the author made the decision to award them with date, stake, and placement won by Bob. This decision was well received as winners appreciated the fact it was meant as a tribute to Bob.

A long ago Red River Circuit tradition (1970) was Tony Terrell starting, with help from John Hernsberger, of frying fish for one of the trial lunches. This has been missed through the years and Mike revised it for the trial. He enlisted help from John’s son Jay and they cooked the fish to perfection.

Mary Ann Gustafson pitched in by baking her trademark cornbread and other trimmings. A few of us were there when Tony started the tradition, and we agreed this meal was just a little bit better. Mary Ann took over the kitchen the next day preparing hamburgers and side dishes that would be the envy of many commercial restaurants. These will take top billing in next year’s trial ad; may not have an entry increase but odds are the lunch headcount will be up.

This was the first trial since the untimely death of Travis Goodner on February 15, 2018 at age 71; his absence was felt by all. He was a class person from the same mold of Bob Baylis, and their memories will be cherished.

It was good to see many familiar faces that came to visit old friends. Lease members E. J. Hall and Jim Crawford were here to provide support along with landowner Robert Boyd.

Red River Circuit alumni Tony Crow, Frank Ford and Jay Hernsberger shared stories (or lies). Lynne Barnett’s daughter Laura Reilly shared chores and driving with mom. Sara Job made the trip from Washington State with Trena Cardwell to help with their neverending work.

Bobbi Collier and Lisa Sandifer were on hand providing charm and adult supervision for their husbands. Longtime favorites Angie and Shawn Rowan visited with their youngest son, now a high school senior, and without their two older kids who are now in college.

All of the above are important to a trial; however, nothing would be possible without the amateur and professional handlers. A sincere thank you goes to every one of them. Amateur handlers were: Jim Baker, Lynne Barnett, Dan Bridgewater, Charlie Collier, Mary Ann Gustafson, Sam Jones, Tim Kelly, Buck Neil, Mike Sandifer, and Randall Turner. Professional handlers were Trena Cardwell, Justin Crook and Brent Murphy.

Wortham, Tex., April 7

Judges: Dr. Alex Jacocks and Jack Shinnerer


1st—M V R C H K MATILDA MACFARLANE, 1646447, Gordon setter female,by Chukarhill Buck Nekkid—Black Brook Bonny MacFarlane. Lynn Barnett, owner and handler.

2d—MILOMIX DR. DO RIGHT, 1628212, Gordon setter male, by Milomix Earl—Milomix Barbaro. Lynn Barnett, owner and handler.

3d—M V R MACFARLANE TOUGH HOMEBRE, 1648040, Gordon setter male, by Milomix Earl—Black Brook Bonny MacFarlane. Lynne Barnett, owner; Trena Cardwell, handler.

OPEN DERBY — 14 Entries

1st—SANDIFER’S BIG BLAZE, 1674261, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Little Fibber. Mike Sandifer, owner and handler.

2d—GUNNA BE A ROCKSTAR, 1677172, pointer male, by Rock Star Andy—Good Times Girl. Dr. Buck Neil, owner and handler.

3d—ERIN’S SMOOTH SHAMMY, 1668877, setter female, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Jojo’s Sky Jett Iron Blue. Randall & Edna Turner & Betty Shearouse, owners; Randall Turner, handler.


1st—ROCK SLIDE, 1665688, pointer male, by Hard Rock Super Natural—Hard Rock Sugar. Charlie Collier, owner and handler.

2d—SINBAD HOTTIE, 1659671, pointer female, by Elhew Sinbad—Senator’s Ragweed Vendor. Dr. Buck Neil, owner and handler.

3d—STORMIN RED DIESEL, 1670605, pointer male, by Yellow Sky—Stormin Super Bee. Fred Davis, owner; Mike Sandifer, handler.

AMATEUR DERBY — 5 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—ERIN’S TEXAS RUM, 1669859, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Wild Adventure. Mike Sandifer, owner and handler.

2d—TRAIN WRECK ALLIE, 1678721, pointer female, by Rock Star Andy—Sinbad Hottie. Dr. Buck Neil, owner and handler.

3d—SANDIFER’S BIG JOHN, 1674262, pointer male, by Yellow Sky—Hard Rock White Eye. Mike Sandifer, owner and handler.

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