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Delbert Trogdon — In Memoriam

By Gerry MacKenzie | Jun 09, 2017
Delbert Trogdon

McLeansboro, Ill. — Delbert  Floyd Trogdon, 86, was born on December 23, 1930 in Strafford, Mo. He passed away on Friday, May 12, at his home near Oconee, Ill. Delbert’s passing was both peaceful and merciful, as he had dealt with a myriad of serious medical issues for the past several years.

I spoke to Delbert by phone several times in past months, and he shared with me the dire prognosis he had been given by his doctors. In spite of the bad hand he had been dealt, Delbert was both stoic and in good spirits right to the end. Conversations with him were always upbeat, as he was grateful for the full life he was allowed to live for most of his years. Most often we reminisced about old friends and amusing anecdotes we had shared with them.

The word “friend” could be the best I could use to describe the kind of person Delbert Trogdon was. I first met him in 1964 — introduced to him by another dear friend, Don Cincebox, who left us far too soon. The two of them were an integral part of the group of bird dog enthusiasts who lived in the Divernon, Ill., area. Delbert was one of the very early members of the Pointer and Setter Club of Sangamon County, and probably one of its longest surviving members. The friendships Delbert made back in those days endured throughout his lifetime, as once you were his friend, you would always be his friend. Testament to that was the long drive his hunting companion for decades, Dr. Jim Davis, made to attend his visitation, as Dr. Jim is a resident of Texas, and but two years younger than Delbert. I was not surprised that Dr. Davis made the trip, as this was the kind of loyalty that Delbert extended to his friends.

Delbert was an artist in his own right; he was a masterful ceramic tile setter whose services were in demand throughout llinois and Missouri.

He was equally adept at developing young bird dogs into valued hunting companions, and had a good bit of success in the field trial arena as well.

Additionally, he generously offered his services as a judge or as a working club member. Most of those who knew him throughout his long tenure in the bird dog world are gone, but you can rest assured that those of us who survive will miss him dearly.

May he rest in peace.

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