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Desmere Marie Anderson — September 24, 1942—October 24, 2019

By Dr. R. J. Carlisle | Nov 01, 2019
Desmere M. Anderson

Grand Junction, Tenn. — Desmere Marie Anderson, 77, wife of former Ames Plantation Superintendent Dr. James M. Anderson, Sr., passed away Thursday morning, October 24.

She and her husband arrived on Ames Plantation in 1976 where he had just taken the job as Associate Superintendent.  He served in that capacity until he became Superintendent upon Mr. Jimmy Bryan’s retirement in 1979.

Mrs. Anderson and her husband raised four sons on the Plantation.  She enjoyed long walks on different parts of the Plantation and could be found riding with her husband while he was checking on crops and the field trial courses late in the afternoons.

She helped to design the flower beds around Lake Dodge as well as the Recreational Building on Ames by the lake.  She specifically loved wild flowers and planted those in all of the gardens.

Mrs. Anderson enjoyed horseback riding and rode many times on different parts of Ames.

She was from Alcoa, Tenn., and wanted to move back to that area when Dr. Anderson retired in December, 2002.

They built a beautiful home on the side of a mountain overlooking Gatlinburg, Tenn., with Mount Le Conte in the distance, which is the third highest peak in the Great Smoky Mountains.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Wayne and Pearl Clark; brother, Delmer Clark.

Desmere is survived by her husband, James M. Anderson, Sr.; sons, James Jr. (Cindy), Robert (Sherrie), Edwin and Tim; grandchildren, Tucker, Connor, McKenzie, Seth, Lainee, Hannah, Jesse, Gracie, Peyton; sisters, Donna and Faye; brothers, Edsol and Ansol.

She was buried at Ames Plantation Cemetery.

May she rest in peace.



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