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Dixie Classics Field Trial Club

By Morgan Brewer | Feb 02, 2018
Amateur Shooting Dog Winners. From front left: Mary McPherson with McRee’s Glory B, Todd Montgomery with Panther Creek Snow Queen and Brandy Gilmore with Dragonfly. Behind: Brad Brown, Susan Wells, Mike Norris, Pat McPherson, Ronald Thrasher and Joe Hughes, the judges; Frank Rutland, Kirsten Givhan and Sly Rutherford.

Greensboro, Ala. — The Dixie Classics Field Trial Club held its annual trial November 16-19 at the celebrated State Cattle Ranch in Greensboro, Ala.

This was the second year the club held its trial on these grounds and needless to say they did not disappoint. The grounds were beautiful and immaculate to say the least.

The club is fortunate to have Sportsman’s Pride, Covey Rise Magazine, Outdoor Hands Skin Therapy, and Biolyte: The Drinkable IV, as sponsors. Sportsman’s Pride donated all dog food and Covey Rise Magazine donated a one year’s subscription to all amateur winners.

A big thanks to Sly Rutherford, Mike Norris, Bill Mason and Brad Brown. All chipped in to marshal, drive the dog wagon or man the roads and it was all very much appreciated.

Last but not least many thanks go to the judges. Joe Hughes and Ronald Thrasher judged the Amateur All-Age and Amateur Shooting Dog. Royce Lowery and Justin Howard judged the Open Derby. All the judges rode hard and were very attentive to the dogs.

In the Amateur All-Age, Rester’s Super Chief, owned and handled by Cecil Rester, was awarded first. He ran a scalding all-age front-running race and had one picture perfect find at 6. Mary McPherson donated a custom portrait as a prize for the winner. McRee’s Glory B, owned and handled by Pat McPherson, had a strong front running race and had a classy find at 57. Greensboro’s Big Wheel, owned and handled by Bill Mason, placed third. The stylish pointer male had a nice front running race and one classy find.

Pride’s Smoking Gambler, owned and handled by Mike Norris, won the 30-minute Open Derby. The white and liver pointer male handled like a dream and ran a front-running race. Second placed One More Penny, owned by Jack Arlington and handled by Michael Martino, ran a strong race and pointed a big covey of birds at 9. Cherokee War Paint, owned and handled by Hunter McDuffie, ran a classy front running race and handled like a dream to  earn tird place.

In the Amateur Shooting Dog, McRee’s Glory B was awarded first place. The white and liver pointer female had a stylish front running race with two perfect finds. Panther Creek Snow Queen, owned and handled by Frank Rutland,  had a back at 8 and two classy finds at 36 and 48. Third was Dragonfly, owned and handled by Jim Hughes. Fly had a find at 14 and a back at 35 and handled like a dream.

Greensboro, Ala., November 16 — One Course

Judges: Joe Hughes and Ronald Thrasher

AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 12 Pointers

1st—RESTER’S SUPER CHIEF, 1643080, male, by Rester’s Pro Line—Indian Creek Dot. Cecil Rester, owner and handler.

2d—MCREE’S GLORY B, 1655372, female, by Ransom—McRee’s Scarlet. Pat McPherson, owner and handler.

3d—GREENSBORO’S BIG WHEEL, 1668034, female, by Game Strut—Panther Creek E Z. Bill Mason, owner and handler.

Judges: Justin Howard and Royce Lowery

OPEN DERBY —  20 Pointers

1st—PRIDE’S SMOKING GAMBLER, 1671671, female, by Erin’s Kentucky Gambler—Burning Edge Julie. Mike & Jackie Norris, owners; Mike Norris, handler.

2d—ONE MORE PENNY, 1674414, female, by Jolly’s Little Bud—She’s A Peach. J. B. Arlington, owner; Michael Martino, handler.

3d—CHEROKEE WAR PAINT, 1672087, male, by Sugarknoll War Paint—Nehawka Amazin Sue. Hunter McDuffie & Lance Servais,

owners; Hunter McDuffie, handler.

Judges: Joe Hughes and Ronald Thrasher

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 15 Pointers and

1 Setter

1st—MCREE’S GLORY B, 1655372, pointer female, by Ransom—McRee’s Scarlet. Pat McPherson, owner and handler.

2d—PANTHER CREEK SNOW QUEEN, 1662903, pointer female, by Game Strut—Panther Creek Delta Dawn. Frank Rutland, owner and handler.

3d—DRAGONFLY, 1669453, pointer female, by The Crowd Pleaser—Miller’s Calamity Jane Lady. Jim Hughes, owner and handler.

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