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Dixieland Brittany Championship

By Rob Donahue | Feb 07, 2019
Championship Winners. From left: Piney Run Jake with Kent Patterson and Waypoint Big White with Kyle Merrill.

LaVergne, Tenn. — After a two-year hiatus due to standing crops, the Dixieland Brittany Championship returned to the Percy Priest venue southeast of Nashville, Tenn. Professional trainers Ben Lorenson and Kyle Merrill, along with amateurs Joe Williams, Stan Williamson and Kent Patterson, brought a strong group of dogs to showcase.

We were pleased to have Jamie Fountain of Dublin, Ga., and Buddy Morrison of McMinnville, Tenn., to look over the field. Jamie is a professional trainer with summer grounds in the sandhills of Nebraska working primarily Vizslas along with several other pointing breeds. Buddy has a number of strong pointers and starts many young dogs for Allen Linder. He heads north to the prairies to expose the youngsters to wild birds and pattern work.

The grounds were in magnificent shape and the weather cooperated for an excellent event. We would like to thank Purina for their support of this event.


Champion Piney Run Jake’s hour started with a far-flung cast that had him out of sight over the early portions of the course then seen crossing Martin Road at 14 where he picked up a long line of cover to the west. Shortly thereafter he was found on point on the backside of a hedgerow with excellent style, all manners in order. Upon release, he shot into the back loop being seen near Lake Road and disappearing through the hog pen.

The party rode through the lake field and turned toward the levee when point was called on a far line of cover. A group of hard flying birds was pushed south. He was sailing through the woods cut and over the knob at the halfway mark being seen on a long line toward the carp pond.

At 58 he pointed hard on an island of cover near the park road where birds were flushed north. He finished strong across the road toward the retriever pond.

Runner-up Waypoint Big White was sailing early in the hour showing at the old combine treeline where he picked up the cover along the inside of the field leading to Martin Road. He was flashy along the lines leading to Lake Road and out of pocket for a bit in the hog pen. He was recovered as the party turned toward the levee field and sprinted out the front meeting Kyle as we entered the woods cut.

Bif White hunted the cover across the knob toward the carp pond and disappeared toward the pipe line alley where he was found standing with excellent style on birds in broom sedge near the park road. Released toward the retriever ponds he finished nicely.

LaVergne,  Tenn., November 8

Judges: Jamie Fountain and Buddy Morrison


14 Brittanys

Winner—PINEY RUN JAKE, 1659010, male, by Piney Run Art—Piney Run Gypsy. Kent D. Patterson, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—WAYPOINT BIG WHITE, 1669434, male, by D B Cooper—Waypoint Chance’s Jesse. Vic Williams, owner; Kyle Merrill, handler.


Judges: Rob Donahue and Kent D. Patterson

OPEN PUPPY — 5 Brittanys

1st—PINEY RUN SAMANTHA OF HYBRITTIN, unreg., female, by I’m Your Man—Piney Run Sugar. Arthur & Judy Cohen, owners; Kyle Merrill, handler.

2d—WAYPOINT PRICELESS SERENDIPITY, unreg., female, by Waypoint Big White—Thunderpoints Waypoint Serendipity. Daci Merrill & Art Cohen, owners; Kyle Merrill, handler.

Judges: Joe Williams and Stan Williamson


1st—REDNECK MISS KITTY, 1668927, Vizsla female, by Kick Em Up Bullet—Redneck Mile Marker. Burnie Stokes, owner; Jamie Fountain, handler.

2d—WINDDANCE CHINA BULL, 1662984, Vizsla female, by Lundy’s Red Bull—Broadrun’s Tornado At Winddance. Carole & Phil Stout, owners; Jamie Fountain, handler.

3d—STONERIDGE CALLA, unreg., Brittany female, by Mr. Hires—Star’s Dixie Pearl. Ray Gorman, owner; Kyle Merrill, handler.

Judges: Ken Block and Jamie Fountain

AMATEUR ALL-AGE — 14 Entries

1st—WAYPOINT BIG WHITE, 1669434, male, by D B Cooper—Waypoint Chance’s Jesse. Vic Williams, owner; Kyle Merrill, handler.

2d—J B’S LEVI THE LIONHEART, 1666510, Brittany male, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Sam’s Sandbank Rose. Joe Williams, owner and handler.

3d—ALLEYCAT’S DROUGHT, 1648279, Brittany male, by Dakota Alleycat—T M’s Tennessee Twister. Stan Williamson, owner and handler.

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