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Coronavirus Protocols

Dr. John Flaherty Field Trial Association

Sep 16, 2020

EAST WINDSOR, CONN — The Dr. John Flaherty Field Trial Area is currently available for field trials, but with a broad range of rules and guidelines to ensure that safety and wellbeing of participants.

ON July 30, 2020, Jenny Dickson, Director, Wildlife Division. Connecticut DEEP issued the “Operational Plan” for all field trials held at the John Flaherty Field Trial Area based on Phase 2 COVID-19 guidelines.

The Director wrote:

Please find the protocols that members clubs are to follow during the COVID-10 pandemic.

Clubs, officials participants and spectators will follow all guidelines established within the Governor’s Emergency Orders and the Sector Rules relevant to holding outdoor events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These include:

• All participants, judges, workers, volunteers, spectators and dog handlers will be in compliance with the Governor’s Emergency Orders relating to mandatory self-quarantines for travelers from states with high COVID-19 infection levels.

• Social distancing consistent with current guidelines; congregating of participants will be minimized and closely controlled.

• Masks will be worn when participants are in close proximity to one another.

• Disposable or washable gloves will be worn when using shared equipment.

• Hand sanitizers will be placed at all entrances to the grounds, in the building and near portable toilets for people to use.

• Paper towels will be accessible in all hand washing areas in the clubhouse and at sanitizer stations.

• All individuals entering the bathrooms will wear a mask and will wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. Disinfecting spray will be available at the bathroom facilities for people to spray door handles (or anything else they touch).

• If a portable toilet is used, hand sanitizer will be checked and filled throughout the day; the bathroom will be cleaned multiple times a day and each cleaning will be recorded in a logbook indicating time of day and who completed the task.

• Common surfaces often touched (tables, chairs, doorknobs, etc.) will be disinfected every two hours or more and each cleaning will be record in a logbook indicating time of day and who completed the task.

• Shaking hands or hugging is prohibited.

• Participants are to bring their own pencils/pens.

• Meals will not be prepared on site. Participants are to bring their own lunch/drinks and will eat outside.

• All parking areas will allow for sufficient distances between vehicles.

• All attendees and spectators will have their temperature taken on arrival each day they are present.

• Anyone with a temperature or showing symptoms will be separated from those on the grounds and asked to leave and go to a medical facility for testing. Local medical facility locations and phone numbers are to be made available.

• PPE, including masks and disposable gloves, are to be available for individuals who have been negligent in bringing their own.

IN concert with Director Dickson, Richard J. Frawley, president of the Flaherty Field Trial Association has added some specifics pertinent to field trial participation.

1. Scheduling: After the drawing, entrants will be advised of the approximate time of their brace so they only arrive when needed. The Running Order will be emailed to entrants or posted on the internet. At the trial, the running order will also be posted in places that allow participants to view the running order without having to find/contact a club official.

2. Clubs are to have someone available to help with parking and forced social distancing.

3. Trials will avoid the use of the dog wagon. If a dog wagon is necessary, common surfaces will be sanitized after each use.

4. Participants who arrive early will wait by their vehicles or in a socially distanced waiting area until the running time. Participants will provide their cell phone numbers or will be called using a public address system such as a bullhorn to call the dogs to the line. Waiting areas will be clearly marked and signs will direct participants to the socially distanced waiting locations.

5. All clubs will practice safe handling of paperwork and payments.

• Entries will be accepted on line or email.

• Payments will be received, as far as possible, using PayPal, Google Pay or eWallet.

• If cash payments are received, participants are to have the exact amount owed so that there is no exchange of money. Those paying will wear gloves.

• Those handling paperwork/entry fees will wear gloves.

6. Judges are to bring their own pens/pencils for notes.

7. Galleries will practice social distancing consistent with local guidelines.

8. All individuals will practice social distancing when around horse water tanks. Participants shall bring their own drinking water.

9. At water areas, disinfecting spray will be available to wipe down commonly handled valves and hoses.

10. Gloves will be worn when handling birds or bird crates.

11. The trial secretary will wear gloves to handle paperwork, ribbons, awards and any “community” used items. Clubs will frequently wipe down the secretary table and high traffic areas.

12. Clubs will use signs to answer common questions in order to avoid congregating around the secretary’s table.

13. The Awards presentations will be held outside. Ribbons will be placed on a table or tailgate and winning owners/handlers will be invited to come up and obtain their award one at a time when they are called. No congratulatory handshaking.

14. If the building (clubhouse) is used, individuals will wear masks and the floor will be taped with markings at six-foot increments. No more than five persons shall be allowed in the building at the same time.


Richard J. Frawley, Pres.,

Flaherty FTA

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