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Dr. Terry Terlep

By Frank and Mercy Fonseca | Jul 23, 2021

Miami, Fla. — As previously noted by the American Field, the yardstick of merit for the Hall of Fame is: "Is this sport better for having this person involved with it?"

Contributions to  the sport can take several forms:

Club Official. Complied several positions including Board of Directors of National Championship

Judge. Complied.

Owner. Complied, including two National Champions and Hall of Fame.

Breeder. Complied.

Handler. Complied

Patron of the sport: Complied, also donated a yearly trophy for the breeder of the winner of the National Championship.

. . . and a combination of these over a goodly length of time. Complied. Over forty years.

The above almost everyone knows by now but here are some facts not known.

In 1990 when we started as amateurs in Punta Gorda, Fla.,  Terry loaned us his horse Star to handle and ride: we did not own a horse. After a few weeks he mentioned he might want to sell him for $1,000. We told Terry that we had no money to buy it. He replied, "Take the horse. It's yours and pay me whenever and however you can." Which we did. This highly contributed to our family to continue as amateur field trialers leading to open competitions with the late Fred Dileo, culminating in winning the National Championship, the Invitational and many other stakes,  and Funseeker’s Rebel's induction into the Hall of Fame

A few years later we lost a pup at the field trial grounds. Terry offered to get us a helicopter landing at his veterinary practice thirty miles south so we could locate the dog, which was unsuccessful, but was found weeks later by a hunter.

When our dog The Enroller developed problems with a rear leg back in 1986, Dr. Terlep took a biopsy and sent it to a specialized cancer veterinary lab in California. It proved to have spread too far to even consider amputation. All of these at no cost.

Many years later our dog Funseeker’s Rebel won the 2007 National Championship and his dog was in very close contention and standing by. When the winner was announced, Terry was as happy as if it was his own dog,  a mark of a true sportsman and friend. At this time we also received the annual trophy donated for the first time by Terry Terlep for the breeder of the National Champion.

Upon this championship win, Terry advised us to collect and have frozen semen in storage for the future and was done under his advice and supervision. This has proven a major consideration when Funseeker’s Rebel was elected to the Hall of Fame almost ten years after his death, that many of his offspring are winning field trials and championships. All of the above is a short version of the help that Terry has provided to us for over forty years at no monetary compensation.

Terry Terlep has not only two dogs in the Hall of Fame but was also instrumental in the induction of Funseeker’s Rebel in 2017.

Thank you,Terry and Marilyn, for your friendship!


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