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By Cindy Klenner | Jun 04, 2019
Hale's Southern Touch Second in the DeLuca Open Shooting Dog Classic

Ionia, Mich. — Our 2019 spring event was held  April 12-14 over the courses at Ionia, Mich. The DeLuca Classic is the main event, followed by companion Amateur stakes.

We began with an hour rain delay followed by two days of temperatures in upper 40s with gusty winds and occasional showers. Sunday brought a heavy snow/slush mix for the final two braces of the classic and remaining events.

We ran 30 classic contestants, and 13 amateur dogs.

Purina and SportDog have generously sponsored our spring renewal for many years. We sincerely thank them for the Purina product and collars as enhancement to our trials.

Ohioan Tom Davis, fresh from induction to the German Shorthaired Pointer Field Trial Hall of Fame, and Ed Hart, former Michigan pro, diligently sorted the classic entries. Ron Sposita, Bill Klenner, Kelsey Hajek and Sandy McLean braved the very nasty snow/ slush precipitation on Sunday to adjudicate the companion Amateur stakes.

Bill Branham and Bill Klenner do the lion’s share of the work from dog food delivery, all bird related duties, to marshalling, planting, etc. My jobs are dog wagon, food and secretarial.

We were very glad to enlist the service of Richard Lipski and his four-wheeler for a safer way of planting birds in the snow. Chris Ritter supplied us with

mature and hardy quail.

We had lunch and dinner in the clubhouse both days with an impromptu birthday party for Tom Davis and Travis Gellhaus from Sandy McLean and Kelsey Hajek on Saturday night.


All three placements in the DeLuca Classic were handled by Shawn Kinkelaar. Following are judges’ comments.

First was In Swami’s Shadow for owners Bill and Mary Sand. In the first brace on Saturday morning,  he had six well-spaced and class finds coupled with the best overall ground effort of the stake.

Hale’s Southern Touch earned second in the first brace on Friday. Dr. Jeffrey Hale of Russellville, Ark., is his owner. He too scored  six finds. He ran into and made intelligent use of the strong wind. He hung the lines well.

Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt, owned by Dr. Tom Jackson of Columbus, Ind., and George Hickox of Carson, N. D., had three class finds coupled with a consistent flowing ground effort.

The judges noted others. Pointer male Deerfield Game scored five finds for handler Matt Basilone, and Lone Tree’s Showbiz for handler Travis Gellhaus.

Amateur Joe Guzman won both Shooting Dog and Derby with pointer male Windfall Big Hurt and pointer female Windfall Three Deep, respectively. Chris Cagle, Sr. was second in theAmateur Shooting Dog with Shagtime Beau and Chris Cagle, Jr. was third with Shagtime Scout. Shagtime Max was

second in the Derby followed closely by Erin’s Redly for Dan Battistella. They were all iced at the end.

Ionia, Mich., April 12

Judges: Tom Davis and Ed Hart


23 Pointers and 7 Setters

1st—IN SWAMI’S SHADOW, 1647249, pointer male, by In The Shadow—Swami’s Sequel. Bill & Mary Sand, owners; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

2d—HALE’S SOUTHERN TOUCH, 1644260, pointer male, by Whippoorwill War Dance—Whippoorwill War Dance—Whippoorwill G M A. Jeffrey A. Hale, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

3d—CHELSEA’S THUNDER BOLT, 1649213, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Butler’s Jill. Tom Jackson & George Hickox, owners; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

Judges: Bill Klenner and Ron Sposita

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 3 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st—WINDFALL BIG HURT, 1671678, pointer male, by Wiggins Elhew River—Wiggins Elhew C. Joseph Guzman, owner and handler.

2d—SHAGTIME BEAU, unreg., particulars not given. Chris Cagle, Sr., owner and handler.

3d—SHAGTIME SCOUT, 1649458, setter male, by Ridge Creek Cody—Erin’s Skydancer. Chris Cagle, Jr., owner and handler.

Judges: Kelsey Hajek and Sandy McLean

AMATEUR DERBY — 3 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—WINDFALL THREE DEEP, 1675264, pointer female, by Wiggins Elhew Damascus—Wiggins Sammie’s Image. Joseph Guzman, owner and handler.

2d—SHAGTIME MAX, 1672832, setter male, by Shag Time Bobo—Black Cloud’s Angel. Chris Cagle, owner and handler.

3d—ERIN’S REDLY, 1681318, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Daisy Bad River. Dan Battistella, owner and handler.

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