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The Field Dog Stud Book is the oldest purebred dog registry in the United States. Its records date back to 1874 and comprise several million dogs of all breeds.

As publisher of the Field Dog Stud Book, the American Field Publishing Company helps thousands of purebred dog owners each year with authentic documentation, registration, and certified pedigree information services.

Call (312) 663-9797 to order your handsome, certified pedigree on the handsome Osthaus Memorial Certificate.

The Field Dog Stud Book provides certified lists of wins of field trial winners, registers kennel names and publishes quarterly booklets containing current registrations.

Single Dog: $25.00
3 generation pedigree: $18.00
Single Dog (over 1 year old): $50.00
3 generation pedigree with wins: $22.00
Litter Enrollment: $25.00 + $2.00 per pup
4 generation pedigree $26.00
Transfer of Ownership: $25.00
4 generation pedigree with wins: $30.00
Duplicate Registration Certificate: $25.00
5 generation pedigree $35.00
**Change of Registered Name: $25.00
5 generation pedigree with wins: $40.00

**Within 1 year after registration.


For all dogs registered with AKC, an additional $10 will be charged for registering with The American Field.

For enrollment of litters, all Champion and Runner-Up Champions MUST be DNA tested, as well as all Llewellin Setters.

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DNA Does its Job

Soon after the 2004 National Championship was concluded, a rumor surfaced that the breeding of the winner, Miller’s On Line, was incorrect, misrepresented.

This soon flashed across the field trial world by word of mouth, e-mails and as a topic of computer chat room gossip.

Only one way to quell the rumor — DNA.

The rumor can now be put to rest. The sire — Miller’s White Powder — was verified by DNA. The dam — Wiggins Dash — in the test laboratory paarlence “is excluded.”

The dam’s owner directed the Field Dog Stud Book to look at another female; DNA determined that Wiggins Miss Sammie is the dam.

While there is some satisfaction that the proper breeding of this dog and his brother, Miller’s Southern Pride, has been found, there is still serious fallout from this misrepresentation.

The misrepresentation in effect rendered the dogs unregistered, and as such unable to earn placements or to be bred. The discovery, through DNA of the true breeding (correct sire and dam), now makes them eligible for registration and to be used for breeding.

The “Rules Governing Registration” of pure-bred dogs appearing on the Field Dog Stud Book application for registration spell out the causes for “striking dogs from the record.” These are reiterated and expanded below.

Owners, handlers and breeders who suspect a misrepresentation should determine what can be done today to “make it right,” thereby averting more serious damage tomorrow.

Field Dog Stud Book Policy, Procedure and Penalty
when DNA Testing Shows a Dog to be of Misrepresented Breeding

The registration of pure-bred dogs — for more than 100 years — has been based on the veracity of the breeders (owners of the sire and the dam) and the accuracy of the information submitted on the breeding certificates attesting to the breeding.

Modern technology — DNA — has now provided an affordable, reliable and easy method for owners and prospective owners to verify the authenticity of the breeding of pure-bred dogs.

When the results of DNA show that a dog is not by a specific sire (or from specific dam), that misrepresentation of the dog’s breeding — intentional or unintentional — in effect renders that dog’s registration in the records of the Field Dog Stud Book null and void. The dog, in effect, because of the misrepresentation in its breeding, is unregistered and, as unregistered, unable to earn credit for placements or to be used at stud or to produce registrable litters.

When a dog, by DNA testing, is found to be of misrepresented breeding — either the sire, or dam of both — that dog’s Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) records (the individual registration of the dog, the litter from which that dog emanated, and the win record of the tested dog) shall be suspended.

The records of all dogs shown as being littermates to the tested dog, and their win records, shall also be suspended. All litters possibly produced by the tested dog or his or her littermates shall also be suspended. This suspension shall remain in effect until such time as DNA (both sire and dam) shall verify the correct breeding.

The owner(s) of the tested dog shall immediately be notified of the misrepresentation, and the handler, if he or she is the person who submitted the DNA sample, shall also be notified of the misrepresentation.

The owner(s) of the dam and the owner(s) of the stud dog shown on the litter enrollment application shall immediately be notified of the misrepresentation.

When and if the breeding is rectified (through DNA), the litter then becomes eligible for enrollment and individual dogs from the litter for registration.

Those individuals who signed breeders certificates (stud and dam) certifying the breeding of a specific sire to a specific bitch, or any other individual party to a misrepresentation of a registration, are the responsible parties and they shall share equally the costs incurred by the FDSB related to the work of placing a “hold” on the respective FDSB records.

Costs shall be determined at the time.

Failure of the responsible parties — owner(s) of the stud dog and owner(s) or lessee of the dam, or any other individual(s) found to be party to the misrepresentation — to pay in full the fees charged by the FDSB shall forfeit their right to avail themselves of FDSB services (litter enrollment, registration of individual dogs, transfer of ownership, and the recording of recognized field trial placements) and any other related services offered by the American Field Publishing Company. Non payment of fees shall also affect the eligibility of dogs from misrepresented litters to be registered when DNA has confirmed their correct breeding.

Responsible parties — owner(s) of the stud dog or owner(s) of the bitch, or any other persons submitting false registration applications — found by DNA testing to have misrepresented the breeding of a second litter or an individual dog shall be denied Field Dog Stud Book services permanently.

The Field Dog Stud Book requires all pointing dogs that win championship placements (winner and runner-up), open and amateur, to submit DNA to the FDSB for testing within 30 days of the win. Failure to comply with this requirement shall result in those dogs’ records being suspended until this requirement is met.

DNA "KITS" can be obtained from the Field Dog Stud Book. Please contact our office at (312) 663-9797 ext. 29.

Queries & Answers

In this section of the site we are reviving the popular series that appeared in The American Field for many decades. Members are able to submit questions concerning breeds, animal genealogy, and related topics to the Field Dog Stud Book electronically using this function, and will receive replies within three business days.

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