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Field Dog Stud Book

Oct 10, 2020

CHICAGO, ILL. — The Field Dog Stud Book was established in 1900, 120 years ago, in response to pure bred dog fanciers — particularly sporting dog owners — who desired an agency that they could rely on to vouch for the veracity of a dog’s breeding and where they could turn to trace accurate pedigree information.

Modern technology —  specifically DNA certification — has assisted the FDSB greatly in fulfilling that mandate.

In light of this, the Field Dog Stud Book has enacted some requirements to ensure that owners can be assured of accurate and authoritative breeding when acquiring a dog.

Anyone engaged in a breeding program, no matter its size, is well advised to have DNA certification for any and all sires and dams being used in their programs. It is simple, low cost “insurance” that the paperwork accompanying dogs leaving their kennel accurately and unequivocally reflect the correct breeding.

Owners, breeders and handlers are reminded of the following:

• All dogs (pointers, setters, Brittanys, German shorthaired pointers, et al.) earning a championship placement — winner or runner-up — are to have DNA on file with the FDSB. (Failure to comply with this requirement places that dog’s titular  win in jeopardy of being stricken from the record.)

• All male dogs which have frozen semen on record are to have a DNA profile on record.

• All dogs in a litter produced from frozen semen are to have DNA certification.

• Male dogs which have sired five (5) litters are to have DNA on record.

• Dams that have whelped  four (4) litters are to have DNA on file.

The veracity of the breeder is the foundation of the Field Dog Stud Book records, and he or she has the added indisputable documentation of DNA in firm support.

The Field Dog Stud Book is pleased to send DNA kits upon request.



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