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Field Trial Clubs of Illinois Dedicates New Barn at Middlefork Fish and Game Area

Aug 14, 2017
Ribbon Cutting at Barn. From left: Chris Musser, Bill Finton, Doug Reisner, Representative Bill Black, Terry Trzcinski, Terry Musser, behind Terry Musser is Representatve Chad Hays; Mike Mason, Illinois Department of Natural Resources Land Management; Bill Sanderson, John Shure, John Hott, Bob Thompson, Jeff Marshall, Mark Johnson, Charlie Montgomery, acting Site Superintendent for MFSFWA; Rita Shure, Peggy Ramert and Dale Ramert.

On Saturday, July 22, a contingent of area field trialers, leaders from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and State Legislators, met at the Middlefork State Fish and Wildlife grounds to officially open and dedicate the newly constructed 36-stall horse barn. This facility was funded and constructed under a Donation Agreement between the IDNR and the Field Trial Clubs of Illinois.

As a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony the barn was dedicated to Lewis R. Hott, a past president of the FTCI and an important player in the development of the Middlefork site as a walking and horseback field trial venue.

Lewis is 98 and currently resides in Texas. While he was unable to attend personally he was well represented by his son John and daughter-in-law Christy. John and Christy also hosted a tasty fish fry luncheon for all who attended this nice day in middle Illinois.

In the last seven years, the FTCI has pursued an aggressive building program that includes construction of barns at Jim Edgar SFWA near Ashland, Ill., and a second at Pyramid SFWA near Pinckneyville, Ill., while also making significant facility donations at other sites in the state. These facilities now afford the area field trial community and visitors from out of state a place to shelter their horses and a place to gather before, during, and after the day’s running.

Funding of these major projects (exceeding $100,000 in total value) have come from the FTCI grounds fund in fulfillment of the FTCI’s mission to enhance and promote the sport of field trialing in Illinois. The good news is that local and visiting field trialers have improved amenities for their use when running dogs in Illinois. Now, the residual challenge is that the FTCI has effectively burned through its grounds fund account and is in need of rebuilding. Any persons or clubs who would see fit to make a donation to our grounds fund are encouraged to do so. We will continue to put these funds to good use for the benefit of all.

Individual or organizational donations can be made to The Field Trial Clubs of Illinois, c/o Ms. Neveta Salmons, Secy/Treas., 529 E. 2200th St., Liberty, IL 62347.

Mark Johnson, Winnebago, Ill.

[The Field Trial Clubs of Illinois is a 50+ year-old 501 C-7 not for profit organization chartered in the State of Illinois. Currently the FTCI represents 35 clubs and championship associations, holds bi-annual membership meetings, manages a significant Dog of the Year (DOTY) and individual awards banquet program, and works closely with the IDNR and the State’s field trial program, always with a priority of good stewardship, sportsmanship and high quality field trial venues throughout the state. The FTCI includes clubs and championships representing many field trial breeds. We welcome any Illinois-based dog club to apply for membership.]

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