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2017-2018 Summer Meeting

Field Trial Clubs of Illinois

By Brian Sheehan | Oct 04, 2018
FTCI President Chad Chadwell (left), Jerry Johnson and Brad Hargis of the QUGA which donated $2500 to the FTCI Dog of the Year awards program.

The Field Trial Clubs of Illinois (FTCI) held its annual summer General Membership meeting at Hamilton’s Catering and Banquet Hall in Jacksonville, Ill. The meeting was called to order by FTCI President Chad Chadwell who began the meeting by asking for a moment of silence for field trial patrons who passed away during the field trial season.

Chadwell then introduced some special guests in attendance at the meeting including Mr. Terry Trzcinski representing Nestlé Purina, Mr. Dick Moss from the Petersburg Merchants Fund, Mr. Jerry Johnson and Mr. Brad Hargis representing the Quail and Upland Game Alliance (QUGA), and Illinois Department of Natural Resource representative Mr. Terry Musser.

Chadwell then gave his president’s report highlighting the relationship between Nestlé Purina and the FTCI. Purina is a major sponsor of the FTCI’s DOTY Awards program, Junior Handler program, and our Winners’ Classics. Chadwell thanked Purina and Terry for their longtime support of the FTCI.

Chadwell then informed membership of a significant development in water and electricity at the Jim Edgar Panther Creek Field Trial Site (JEPC). The state is working on plans to have a well dug on site by the horse barn and the possibility of running electricity to the barn. Chadwell also discussed a request for an additional structure or mobile trailer at the JEPC site.

Business was then conducted as usual with the approval of the winter meeting minutes and discussion of the treasurer’s report. Neveta Salmons, secretary-treasurer, gave an overview of the club’s income and expenses year-to-date. After a brief discussion, the report was filed.

Next, Mary Jo Trimble presented her Legislation and Illinois Federation for Outdoor Resources (IFOR) report. Mary Jo indicated that legislation concerning dogs and horses has been quiet in the past year, the only bill being discussed in the General Assembly is aimed at dogs left in cars and the possibility of damage to the car owner’s property and giving state and local officials the right to confiscate dogs and hold the owners accountable for boarding fees. This bill did not pass.

Mary Jo also noted that the IFOR is working to purchase land in the northern part of Illinois to make a hunting area and youth outdoor training camp. Mary Jo always stresses the importance of each FTCI member staying abreast of current proposed legislation that affects our sport and contacting your local representative or senator expressing your favor or concern with proposed legislation.

One of our special guests, Mr. Dick Moss, spoke next on the Petersburg Merchants Fund. The Petersburg, Ill., Chamber of Commerce works in conjunction with the FTCI to promote tourism in the JEPC area. A recent study was conducted by Western Illinois University on the impact that field trials have on the local Petersburg economy and results were discussed in an article published in The American Field by Mr. Ed Liermann. Mr. Moss discussed the Merchants Fund Program with FTCI membership and highlighted that more businesses were being contacted to join the program. The Petersburg Merchants Fund donates a percentage of money spent by field trialers at Petersburg businesses during the field trial season. Mr. Moss presented a check for $350 to the FTCI for the 2017-2018 season. Chadwell thanked Mr. Moss for the donation and encourages field trialers at JEPC to participate in the program.

The next agenda item was old business. Since there was nothing to discuss Chadwell moved on to the grounds report.

President Chadwell introduced Mr. Jerry Johnson and Mr. Brad Hargis of the Quail and Upland Game Alliance (QUGA). Mr. Johnson is a regional director of the QUGA and discussed the benefits of quality habitat on upland game. Jerry and Brad also detailed the makeup of the organization and the progress of their many quail habitat and other projects. The QUGA is quite active and seeks to establish county chapters throughout the state of Illinois. QUGA is very supportive of the FTCI and contributed a much appreciated $2,500 to the FTCI

DOTY Awards Banquet.

Many Illinois counties already have a chapter established and QUGA welcomes partnerships with individuals and other organizations to establish quail and upland game bird habitat where the public may enjoy quail hunting and possibly dog training areas.

The next order of business was the discussion of the grounds report for each of the seven Class A field trial sites in the State of Illinois along with a championship report for the Continental breeds, Brittany, and Pointer-Setter groups who are FTCI members. Grounds reports and following discussion focused on ways to maintain our state’s field trial grounds. Several of the heavily used field trial sites in our state benefit from non-for-profit organizations made of user groups of the site. These groups work together to make improvements in coordination with IDNR personnel to ensure grounds and facilities are maintained.

IDNR representative Terry Musser was on hand to provide updates, give seasonal reminders, and to take questions from FTCI members. Mr. Musser retired with 44 years of service to the IDNR; however, he agreed to a six- month contract with the IDNR to continue his position as the head of the Controlled Pheasant Hunting Program in Illinois and continues as a wing shooting instructor. Mr. Musser is also responsible for the scheduling and issuing permits for field trials in Illinois. Musser informed membership that the IDNR is in the process of hiring a new program manager. He discussed the likelihood that he will stay with the IDNR until the end of the year to assist in training his replacement.

Musser encourages FTCI clubs to be as involved as possible with planning and development meeting with the state at their local sites. Musser informed the FTCI that course maps for JEPC and Des Plaines Fish and Wildlife Area will be sent out to local clubs that utilize these sites. Musser also informed of changes at some hunting sites of the restriction of lead shot. He discussed this upcoming season being a transition from lead shot to steel shot.

Musser also reviewed that dog training can be done on state sites year round from sunup to sundown with a hunting license and upland game stamp. Please check your local site manager for specifics at each site. Musser emphasized the importance of hunter recruitment and retention is necessary to keep the sport of field trialing alive. He encourages field trialers to mentor younger prospective hunters and discussed that habitat needs to be reestablished to allow quail to reproduce and wild quail numbers to grow. Musser stated that 44 years ago there were 150,000 quail hunters in the State of Illinois; today there are approximately 5,000.

The agenda turned to new business. Due to the winter general membership meeting being cancelled because of hazardous road conditions in January, the election of officers and board of directors whose terms expired was held at this meeting. Nominating committee chairman Brian Sheehan presented the slate as follows: Secretary-Treasurer Neveta Salmons; Directors Mark Johnson, Mary Jo Trimble, and Lori Rezzardi all agreed to represent members for another term. Sheehan called for any nominations from the floor and in the absence of any, a motion from the floor was made to move to accept the slate as presented. The slate was elected.

Next order of new business was the discussion of the Continental Breeds Winners’ Classic. Chadwell pointed out that a chairperson was needed to help run the event tentatively scheduled for September 15-16 at Middle Fork State Fish and Wildlife Area. No action was taken and will be further discussed at the board of directors meeting.

The final item on this year’s general meeting agenda was the membership winter meeting format. The FTCI winter meeting is set for January 6, 2019. The question was poised should there be a teleconference call for all those interested and follow up with board member teleconference. No decision was made and the matter will be discussed at the board of directors meeting. There was no other new business from the floor, and upon motion to adjourn and seconded, the meeting adjourned at 3:53 p. m.


THE FTCI Board of Directors

meeting was held the day after the FTCI DOTY Awards Banquet. FTCI president Chad Chadwell called the meeting to order at 9:01 a. m. Present were board members Mark Johnson, Mary Jo Trimble, Jeff Wagoner, Brian Sheehan, Brad Hargis, Gene Salmons, Sean Patrick and Maeve Derrig, along with FTCI officers Neveta Salmons (secretary/treasurer), Pat Sheehan (vice-president), and Chad Chadwell (president).

The first order of business was the approval of the January, 2018 winter meeting teleconference call minutes. The motion to approve the meeting minutes was made by Mark Johnson, and seconded by Brian Sheehan. A vote was taken and all approved.

Neveta Salmons provided board members with the treasurer’s report followed by a review and the report was put on file.

The next order of business was the discussion of having the board of directors meeting time changed from 9:00 a. m. to 8:00 a. m. Discussion of this change took place and a motion was made by Lori Rezzardi and seconded by Mary Jo Trimble to change the start of the board of directors meeting to 8:00 a. m. on the Sunday following the DOTY Awards banquet.

Board discussion turned to the building at Jim Edgar Panther Creek (JEPC). Background information on what has been done to date at JEPC was explained. It was discussed that with the expectation of electricity and water perhaps a more permanent structure would be in order instead of the use of a mobile trailer for a field trial staging area. After much discussion, a motion was made by Mark Johnson and seconded by Sean Patrick Derrig to proceed with engaging the builder of the current barn to provide the FTCI with recommendations for an extension of the current building for the field trial staging area. All members voted yes; motion carried.

The next order of business was a discussion of old business. After considerable discussion, a motion was made by Brian Sheehan and seconded by Gene Salmons to remove the section “it is the responsibility of the individual member clubs to notify the secretary of the FTCI of which trials count to DOTY points based on forms received by member clubs”. Forms are provided for each club secretary to do. A vote ensued and all voted yes. The motion carried.

Board discussion turned to the DOTY awards. A motion was made by Pat Sheehan and seconded by Brian Sheehan to change the restricted breeds competing in all breed competition. The points toward DOTY awards will follow the dogs’ breed category. A vote was taken. The motion passed.

The next order of business was to set up a nominating committee for board and officer positions expiring at the end of 2018. Lori Rezzardi and Brad Hargis will serve on this committee. Positions expiring at the end of 2018 are President Chad Chadwell, and Directors Brian Sheehan, Gene Salmons, and Sean Patrick Derrig.

Discussions turned to the Continental Breeds’ Winners’ Classic (CBWC) and how participation is struggling. It was suggested that we have one Winners’ Classic for all breeds. A motion was made to table the CBWC for one year and hold the dates to discuss options for this trial. All voted yes. The motion passed.

Other board discussions centered on the dates for the upcoming winter meeting to be held on January 6, 2019 at the Ramada Inn in Springfield. All agreed and the meeting will proceed as scheduled, weather permitting.

The date for the 2020 DOTY banquet will be set by Pat Sheehan with the Hamilton in Jacksonville and will be announced at a later date.

The topic of the DOTY Catalog was presented to the board. Gene Salmons has produced the catalog for the last ten years and  it is a large undertaking. The catalog is a vital part of our organization and is used as a source of information and helps to secure funds with various projects and of course in the political arena. The current catalog is 123 pages highlighting winners and runners-up in the DOTY program, information on member clubs, and advertisements. A motion was made by Sean Patrick Derrig and seconded by Mark Johnson to compensate the catalog chairman for work on this important piece of communication.

A vote was taken. Neveta Salmons abstained. All voted yes; the motion carried. It was also suggested that Gene Salmons mentor Brian Sheehan in working with the catalog and Brian Sheehan was named ad chairman to collect advertisements and get them print-ready for the catalog.

The final board topic centered on youth participation. Sean Patrick Derrig suggested an education day or clinic, possibly partnering with other organizations that already conduct these kinds of events (IDNR, IFOR or QUGA) to promote interest in hunting and field trialing with younger participants. Along those lines, Chad and Nancy Chadwell donated a Garmin training collar to be used in a contest that will be posted on Facebook. The children participants are to make a video showing them training or participating in training of a dog; no still photos will be accepted. Details are to be worked out by the committee of board members consisting of Sean Patrick and Maeve Derrig, Brad Hargis, and Brian Sheehan. The committee will determine the criteria for the video and rules for judging. Mark Johnson moved to accept/implement this contest, seconded by Pat Sheehan. All voted yes and the motion carried.

With no other business to discuss, FTCI President Chadwell called for a motion to adjourn. The meeting ended at 11:51 a. m.

Specials thanks to FTCI Secretary-Treasurer Neveta Salmons and President Chad Chadwell for their input of information used in the reporting of these two meetings. We look forward to seeing FTCI members at the winter meeting scheduled for January 6, 2019, at the Springfield Ramada Inn.

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