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2019 Winter Meeting

Field Trial Clubs of Illinois

By Neveta Salmons, Secy-Treas. FTCI | Feb 01, 2019
The FTCI Winter Meeting was well attended.

The Field Trial Clubs of Illinois (FTCI) held their general membership and Board of Directors’ Winter Meeting on January 6 at the Ramada LTD North in Springfield, Ill.

The FTCI is a 55+ year-old organization representing some 35 dog clubs dedicated to promoting the sport of field trials throughout Illinois. FTCI  holds two general membership and two BOD meetings each year.

The general membership meeting began at 9:00 a. m. and was well attended with approximately 25 people traveling from as far away as southern Wisconsin, southern Illinois, and eastern Missouri representing pointer, setter, German Shorthaired Pointer, German Drahthaar, Irish setter, and Vizsla breeds.

Also attending the meeting was Nestlé Purina representative Terry Trzcinski, an FTCI past president and past BOD member.

Purina has long supported FTCI and the sport of field trials and their continued sponsorship is much appreciated.

We were pleased to have Brad Hargis, Quail and Upland Game Alliance representative and FTCI BOD member, attend our meeting as well. QUGA is a major supporter and sponsor of the FTCI.  SportDog, through representative Jim Morehouse, provided two training collars for the meeting. A decision was made to utilize one collar to sponsor a youth program event and the remaining collar will be used to help raise funds at our Dog of the Year banquet in July.

The meeting was called to order followed by a moment of silence for fallen members of the field trial community. The minutes were approved and the treasurer’s report noted and filed. The president reported the Jim Edgar Panter Creek building committee had been busy working with IDNR management on an agreement to construct a shelter at the JEPC field trial grounds. FTCI hopes to complete construction of this building in 2019, provided funding can be obtained through the member club and individual member donations.

The president also reviewed state field trial rules and field trial protocol to be followed by member clubs at IDNR public grounds.

Mary Jo Trimble provided a legislative and IFOR report. Mary Jo updated us on current legislative bills affecting dog ownership and/or the sport of field trialing. She also updated us on likely IDNR management changes due to the recent election in November. We received a field trial grounds and championships’ event reports and learned that field trial events were especially well attended at the JEPC, Middlefork, and Pyramid grounds. The Des Plaines grounds report also showed active participation at field trials and hunt test events.

The nominating committee provided a slate of candidates for the terms expiring on December 31, 2018. There were no floor nominations and the membership approved the slate as presented for a three-year term: Chad Chadwell,  president, and BOD members Brian Sheehan, Gene Salmons, and Sean Patrick Derrig.

The membership noted a new site manager at the Middlefork grounds and the recent retirement of the site manager at the Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA site. An in depth discussion ensued about personnel changes at these and potentially other public sites due to retirements. All agreed the membership needs to collectively work with new site managers concerning the sport of field trials, course layout, and mowing techniques conducive to running dogs at field trials and in accordance with Illinois rules and the law.

The general membership meeting ended at approximately 11:30 a. m.

The FTCI has successfully invested time and monies toward the betterment of the sport of field trialing in Illinois.  Our efforts have resulted in many benefits over the history of this organization, including added sites to conduct field trials, three horse barns, parking lot improvements, electric hookups, water availability, shelters, grounds improvements, and more. Please feel free to reach out to any of the FTCI board members and officers with your questions and comments.

We appreciate your feedback!

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