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Field Trial Hall of Fame Endorsement

Ch. Erin’s War Creek — March 10, 2008–December 9, 2019
By Peter and Christine Del Collo | Jun 01, 2021
Erin's War Creek

Pamplin, Va. — Erin’s War Creek is a Hall of Fame caliber dog that we nominate and ask your support for his ultimate induction into the Field Trial Hall of Fame. War Creek’s competitive record and winning progeny satisfy the requirements for this highest honor in our sport.

Erin’s War Creek, so aptly named, was a true “Warrior” for his remarkable strength, stamina, class and consistency. War Creek’s competitive success was all but pre-determined by his pedigree which goes back to Sean Derrig’s Hall of Fame great, Erin’s Southern Justice and Joe McCarl’s multiple Grouse and Woodcock champion, Hard Driving Bev. Sean bred the litter and is credited with War Creek’s early development up until his Derby season when Tom Downs of Pennsylvania acquired War Creek and placed him with Luke Eisenhart for his Derby campaign.

With the transfer of ownership, Sean declared that War Creek was “ready to win”, and War Creek did not disappoint. Under Luke’s whistle, War Creek had a stellar Derby campaign, the most notable of which included the United State Quail Futurity, Georgia Derby Classic and Michigan Open Derby Classic. War Creek graduated to the shooting dog ranks with Luke until Luke decided to transition to the al-age circuit. Allen Linder then acquired War Creek in April 2011.

War Creek showed that he was a force to be reckoned with by winning the Ontario Open Shooting Dog Championship; then shortly after,  the first of his five "National" titles with the National Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship.

Over War Creek’s seven year career, he amassed 51 wins in top tier shooting dog competition from Canada to Alabama. War Creek’s Championship record, in both Open and Amateur competition, is as a 14-yime champion and 9-time runner-up champion in the following stakes:

Wr - Ontario Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2012

Wr - National Pheasant Shooting Dog Chmp - 2012

R-U – Alabama Open Shooting Dog Chmp - 2013

R-U – Georgia Open Shooting Dog Chmp - 2014

Wr – Region 1 Amateur All-Age Chmp - 2014

Wr – Region 2 Amateur Shooting Dog Chmp - 2014

R-U – Southeastern Open Shooting Dog Chmp - 2015

Wr – National Open Shooting Dog Chmp - 2015

Wr – Canadian Open Shooting Dog Chmp - 2015

R-U – Middle Atlantic Open Shooting Dog Chmp - 2015

Wr – New England Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2015

Wr – Ontario Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2015

Wr – Georgia Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2016

Wr – Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2016

Wr – National Pheasant Shooting Dog Chmp – 2016

R-U – Kentucky Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2016

Wr – Keystone Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2016

R-U – Alabama Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2017

R-U – Canadian Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2017

Wr – Region 1 Amateur Shooting Dog Champ - 2017

Wr – National Pheasant Shooting Dog Chmp – 2017

R-U – Canadian Open Shooting Dog Chmp – 2018

R-U – National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Chmp – 2018

Hallmarks of, and additions to, the record noted above are:

Winner of the prestigious National Open Shooting Dog Championship; five-time invitee  United States Shooting Dog Invitational Championship; two-time invitee National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Championship; three-time winner of the National Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship; ability to win in both Open and Amateur Championship competition with multiple handlers (owner Allen Linder, Brian Sanchez, George Tracy). Winner of 51 recognized placements.

That War Creek truly was the ultimate “Warrior” is borne out by the remarkable physical challenges he endured and overcame during his career. In 2013, he ruptured his esophagus resulting in food and bacteria entering his chest cavity which required emergency surgery. The surgeon indicated that he had little hope War Creek would live through the night. Not believing that War Creek would survive, he was left by the staff unrestrained and hooked up to IVs. When the staff returned in the morning War Creek had pulled out his IVs and was running around the hospital. Three months of recovery and he was back in the harness.

Shortly after winning the National Open Shooting Dog Championship in 2015, an alarming amount of swelling in War Creek’s face occurred. Back in surgery again, this time with Dr. Joe Maddox in Alabama, who removed a two-inch stick that rammed up through the roof of War Creek’s mouth causing an abscess behind the left eye. The swelling of War Creek’s head was beyond description; yet War Creek went on to place in two Classics and two Championships that Spring.

Isn’t this the grit .  . . determination  . . . and fortitude that we search for in the genetics when making breeding determinations? Couple that strength with class, stamina, bird-finding ability and proper development/training and you have a pre-eminent competitor such as Erin’s War Creek.

War Creek’s production has been equally impressive, with his first generation of offspring earning titles in horseback and walking competition before even reaching their prime competitive years, among them: Chris Catanzarite’s Ch. Backcountry Bruiser; littermate Backcountry Missy,  Backcountry SH Sassy, and Erin Stolgitis’ Chasehill Little Izzy. Sire of 29 winner with 179 placements. As War Creek’s offspring continue to mature and reach their prime his legacy will continue to grow.

Erin’s War Creek passed away peacefully on December 9, 2019 at Summerhill Kennels. War Creek lived the life of a champion and he died the death of a champion  . . . on his own terms. His progeny now write the next chapter in his great legacy. For these reasons we ask for your vote on behalf of Erin’s War Creek for the Field Trial Hall of Fame.


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Posted by: Matthew Huston | Jun 01, 2021 17:30

Interesting that this endorsement mentions certain lineage. American Field being the one true arbiter of pedigrees, as well as this site, hopefully they can settle the matter. But Erin Kennel's website, the said breeder of said dog, reads differently than the lineage posted. I'm not here to call out Mr and Mrs Del Collo's endorsement, as it is well written. But their is obvious confusion. Since there is no American Field internet database for pedigrees, false records some time run rampant.

*  *  *

The Hall of Fame endorsement states that the breeding goes back to Erin's Southern Justice and Hard Driving Bev, both of which appear in War Creek's pedigree. Erin's Southern Justice appears on the dam's side and Hard Driving Bev on the sire's.

Posted by: Chris Mathan | Jun 02, 2021 17:00

War Creek was by Ch. Erin’s Special Force, he by Ch. Erin’s Tin Soldier (by Erin’s Southern Justice) x Ch. Hard Driving Bev.

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