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Early Returns in Nomination Balloting

Field Trial Hall of Fame

Jul 13, 2017

The first of two official Field Trial Hall of Fame nomination ballots appeared in the issue of June 24; the second ballot was carried in the printed issue of July 1-8. Remarkably, some readers must have received their issues promptly, because ballots came in quickly with the names of nominees for the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

As was noted in the two issues that carried the official ballots, readers were given the opportunity to vote for two Dogs and two Persons for Hall of Fame recognition. It was also noted that two official ballots are made available under the assumption that there is more than one person in a household involved in the field trial sport and who is desirous of voting.

When all ballots have been received and counted by the deadline date of July 17, the names of the leading nominees (top ten) will be sent to the members of the Election Committee who are entrusted with the responsibility of voting for two Dogs and two Persons for Hall of Fame honors. Candidates must receive majority support from Election Committee members for election.

Included here are the early returns in the nomination voting for nominees with three or more votes.


Lester’s Snowatch, Pointer 445

Hard Driving Bev, Pointer 383

Chasehill Little Bud, Pointer 271

Ninnescah Nicole, Pointer 30

Erin’s Tin Soldier, Pointer 21

Shalimar, Pointer 17

Beaver Meadow Benjamin, Pointer 13

Ban Dee, Brittany 12

Bearcat, Irish Setter 11

House’s Rain Cloud, Pointer 11

White Powder Pete, Pointer 10

Redemption’s Reward, Pointer 9

Elhew Strike, Pointer 8

Hamilton’s Blue Diamond, Setter 7

Kelly’s Rebel Maggie, Pointer 7

Pennstar, Setter 7

Abra, Irish Setter 6

Amos Mosley, Setter 6

Ghost Train, Setter 6

Jetsetter, Setter 6

Long Gone Agnes, Setter 6

Long Gone Madison, Setter 6

Man’s Sailin Anne, Pointer 6

Rimarda’s Trademark, Brittany 6

Sam L’s Skyhigh, Setter 6

Great Notion, Pointer 5

Rail Dancer, Pointer 5

Stillmeadow’s Jim, Setter 5

Westfall’s Black Ice, Pointer 5

Crossmatch, Pointer 4

Endurance, Pointer 4

Grouse Ridge John, Setter 4

Grouse Ridge Reroy, Setter 4

Mohawk Mill Sportster, Pointer 4

Peacemaker, Pointer 4

Taz, Setter 4

Wiggins Miss Sammie, Pointer 4

Yastrzemski, Pointer 4

Barker’s Blue Horizon, Setter 3

Beaver Meadow Bette, Pointer 3

Black Crude, Pointer 3

Bly Spy Master, Pointer 3

Brannigan, Setter 3

Builder’s Free Boy, Pointer 3

Buzzsaw’s Stormy Bud, Pointer 3

Elhew Fibber McGee, Pointer 3

Great River Magnum, Pointer 3

Grid Iron, Setter 3

Honky Tonk Attitude, Pointer 3

I’m Oscar, Setter 3

North Star Judy, Pointer 3

Pioneer Train Jake, Setter 3

Red Water Jupiter, Pointer 3

Rocky River Buck, Pointer 3

Ronco Traveler, Pointer 3

Sam L’s Rebel, Setter 3

Satilla Virginia Lady, Pointer 3

Shady Hills Billy, Setter 3

Solid Reward, Pointer 3

Violet, Pointer 3

Wine List, Pointer 3


Davis, Tommy 358

Houston, N. G. “Butch” 292

Ivester, John 197

Seawright, John D. 154

Hansen, Torben 114

Brenneman, Richard 39

Hazlewood, Gordon 27

Tuttle, Richard 20

Fruchey, Wayne 14

Ebert, Sherry Ray 11

Eisenhart, Mervin 10

Phillips, Bobby 10

Severin, Keith 10

Barksdale, Joe 9

Boser, Dr. Roger W. 6

Evans, John 6

Johnson, David 6

Kelley, Peck 6

Robertson, Richard 6

Russell, John P. 6

Hjerpe, Dr. Charles A. 5

Hopson, D. F. “Hoppy” 5

Meyer, Dr. Harold 5

O’Neall, Pat 5

Shear, Richard C. 5

Trabue, Bill 5

Bader, Ron 4

Holman, Jim 4

Ihrke, Dr. George D. 4

Keel, Gary 4

Milton, John D. 4

Mullins, Dewey 4

Twer, Sheldon 4

Winall, Gary S. 4

Anderson, Rick 3

Berryhill, R. O. 3

Bush, Joe 3

Carter, Jack 3

Dileo, Fred 3

Fitch, W. O. 3

Frigo, Don 3

Henderson, Frank 3

Lippard, Carl 3

Lord, Dean 3

Mobley, Nell 3

Payne, Jack Truett 3

Pinalto, Gary 3

Richards, Bill 3

Richardson, Russ 3

Sanchez, Jack 3

Shiver, Leon C. 3

Weaver, Luke P. 3

Westfall, Bill 3

Wiese, Glen 3

Wimmer, Bert M. 3

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