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Field Trial Hall of Fame

May 03, 2018

The establishment of a Field Trial Hall of Fame was announced in December, 1953, and the initial nominations and election of deserving candidates were held the following year, in mid-1954, some 64 years ago. Elections for the sport’s highest honor have been held annually ever since.

Those who are actively involved in the field trial pastime know that there are two classifications of honorees — Dogs and Persons. And the yardstick for consideration for  Field Trial Hall of Fame recognition is a bit different than other halls of fame. In a word, it is contributions to the sport.

For Dogs, the win record of a canine nominee should be such that his or her performances elevated the quality of the stakes which they won. Further, while a Dog’s performance in the field is important, equal emphasis is placed on a Dog’s production record, i.e., the number of winners produced and the quality of the wins which these winners have earned.

In some very rare instances, a Dog may be elected on one of these criteria alone, based on the overwhelming excellence of a win record or as the sire or dam of outstanding performers.

Insofar as Persons to be considered for Hall of Fame recognition, as noted, contributions to the field trial pastime are paramount — as club official, judge, field trial correspondent, owner, breeder, handler, patron of the sport, and usually a combination of these important facets, and over a goodly length of time. In short: Is the sport better for having this Person involved?

In the past, a six-week period in May and June has been earmarked for readers to submit endorsements for Dogs and deserving Persons they deem as worthy candidates to be considered for the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Such time frame will be available again in 2018 before the formal nomination voting period.

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