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Field Trial Hall of Fame

May 08, 2019

The major circuit stakes — all-age and shooting dog — have been completed, the current 2018-2019 field trial season winding down, signalling what might be termed the “summer phase” for the field trial community, in short, Field Trial Hall of Fame nominations and elections.

The Field Trial Hall of Fame is entering its 65th year, having been announced in 1953, with the first elections held in the summer of 1954.

As is well known, there are two categories of honorees — Dogs and Persons.

The hallmark of a candidate for Hall of Fame recognition is contributions to the sport.

For Dogs, the win record of a canine candidate should be impressive, not just the number of wins, but the significance of the wins. Performances by a deserving nominee should be such that they elevated the quality of a stake in which he or she competed.

Likewise, emphasis is also placed on production — i.e., the number of winners produced and the quality of the wins these dogs earned.

In some rare instances, a Dog may be elected to the Hall of Fame on the merits of one of these criteria alone, based on the overall excellence of a win record or as the sire or dam of an array of outstanding field trial performers.

Insofar as Persons to be considered for Hall of Fame honors, contributions to the sport is paramount — club official, breeder, owner, handler, correspondent, patron of the sport, and usually a combination of these facets and over a goodly span of time.

In short, the question: Is the field trial pastime better for having this Person involved?

As in past years, a six-week period in late May and the month of June is earmarked for readers to submit endorsements for Dogs and Persons they deem deserving of election to the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Official nomination ballots will appear at the end of June, early July.

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