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Field Trial Hall of Fame

Jun 19, 2020

Chicago, Ill. Since 1954, some 66 years, the summer months have been devoted to the Field Trial Hall of Fame — endorsements of candidates — Dogs and Persons — that members of the field trial community deemed deserving of Hall of Fame honors, then followed by the election process when two Dogs and two Persons have been accorded Hall of Fame recognition.

After serious deliberation and consulting with representative members of the Election Committee, the difficult decision has been made to cancel the Field Trial Hall of Fame elections for 2020.

The Hall of Fame endorsement and election time frame has traditionally spanned some eight weeks or more. The American Field, having been closed for some ten weeks, has not been able to address the Hall of Fame elections until now.

To abridge, to shorten and attempt to condense the endorsement period and election process was considered a disservice to the potential deserving nominees.

The Field Trial Hall of Fame elections, like virtually all activities in the various sports related areas, has been radically disrupted by the coronavirus.

There is no denying that this decision will cause deep disappointment, disappointment that potentially deserving Dogs and Persons will not be able to be recognized formally and deservedly in 2020.

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