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Considering Worthy Candidates

Field Trial Hall of Fame

Jul 16, 2021

Chicago, Ill. — During the past several weeks, a number of endorsements have appeared for candidates members of the field trial community deem deserving of election to the Field Trial Hall of Fame. This has been the practice for the past 66 years preceding the annual election process.

Established protocols have prevailed since the first elections held in 1954.

Two categories of candidates — Dogs and Persons.

A two-stage election process — Nomination voting by the members of the field trial community followed the names of the leading nominees sent to members of a select Election Committee who will determine the Hall of Fame inductees of a given season.

The number of eligible electees in a given year — Two Dogs and two Persons.

And the criteria for Dogs and Persons to be considered for Hall of Honors.

For Dogs, they must be deceased. Not only the Dog's record as performer is to be considered by also the record as a producer, contributing not only to the sport by the quality of their achievements but also their contributions to the pointing dog breeds by the quality of their offspring.

Yes, it has happened on rare occasions during the past 66 years a dog was elected based on one of these facets — the overall quality of their competitive career, or the significant contributions to the sport by their winning offspring.

But performance and production should be first and foremost when considering a canine candidate.

For Persons, in a word, the criteria is contributions. As a club official, judge, owner, breeder, handler, reporter, patron, and usually a combination of these facets of the sport, and over a goodly term of time.

As has been noted in the past, a deserving Person is one about whom it can be said, "The sport is better for having this individual involved."

There is one an added factor  — having reached 64 years of age.

On the forthcoming ballot, placing the name of the same candidate on the ballot twice does not accord that Dog or Person additional votes.

Also, election to the Field Trial Hall of Fame is a permanent so voters should be aware of which Dogs and Persons have been elected in previous years. If there is a question go to the nav bar on the home page to "Hall of Fame." Click and the entire roster of Dogs and Persons already elected  to the Hall of Fame is shown.



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Posted by: William Hamilton | Jul 16, 2021 15:27

It was previous announced after the 4th of July the AmField would set a date for the first stage of the election process to begin. Subscribers to the publication would have an online voting ballot. Has the date of voting been announced and has a voting portal been established?

Thanks Bill Hamilton

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