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Nomination Ballot Update

Field Trial Hall of Fame

Jul 24, 2021

Chicago, Ill. — About a week ago a feature reviewed the voting process for candidates for the Field Trial Hall of Fame — the endorsement period, the nomination voting ballot for candidates, and the final step, names of the leading candidates (Dogs and Persons) sent to members of the Election Committee for their vote, which will determine the electees for 2021.

Since 1954, a nomination ballot appeared in two weekly editions of the printed issue of The American Field, and in the early days that voting period spanned fourteen days. That was a time when subscribers could count on their weekly issues arriving on the date of issue, possibly a day or so before or soon after. No need dwelling on what readers experienced later, and the extended voting period to accommodate postal delays so that all who wished to vote could do so.

Currently, every effort has been made to provide ample opportunity for endorsements of deserving candidates, so that their contributions to the field trial pastime, and their worthiness for the honor are well known to the voting public.

Online Ballot availability will start during the week of July 26. The ballot's availability will be at least ten (10) days after it is posted and made available on this website.


Comments (3)
Posted by: Ronald G Bader | Jul 27, 2021 16:05

Ok, it is the 27th and still nothing.


Posted by: Nell Mobley | Jul 28, 2021 16:43

When will allots appear.

Posted by: Scott Dennis | Jul 29, 2021 12:28

Still no ballots?

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