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Sixty Dogs Drawn for the 2018 Running

Florida Open All-Age Championship

By Tom Word | Jan 04, 2018

Lake City, Fla. — The 2018 renewal of the Florida Open All-Age Championship will see sixty dogs competing at Chinquapin Farm near Lake City, Fla.

The running will commence Sunday, morning, January 7, at 8:00 a. m.

Judges are Rich Robertson of Payette, Ida., and Andy Crowell of Key West, Fla.

Reporter is Tom Word of Richmond, Va.


Dog/Breed & Sex/Handler


1. Elhew G Force, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Erin’s Muddy River, PM; Robin Gates.


2. Touch’s Blue Moon, PM; Mark McLean. With

Penny Free, PF; Lee Phillips.


3. Miller’s Dialing In, PM; Gary Lester. With

Game Princes, PF; Mark Henley.


4. Lester’s Shutout, PM; Robin Gates. With

Chinquapin Legacy, PM; Slade Sikes.


5. Erin’s Wild Justice, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Greenfield’s Queen, PF; John Milton.


6. Run N the Shadow, PM; Robin Gates. With

Touch’s White Knight, PM; Mark McLean.


7. Secret Agent, PM; Rick Furney. With

Lester’s Pete Rose, PM; Gary Lester.


8. Touch’s Red Rider, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Touch’s Game Point, PM: Mark McLean.


9. Erin’s Longmire, PM; Robin Gates. With

Webb’s Twisted Knot, PM; Mark Henley.


10. Just Watch, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Neely’s Power Play, PM; Robin Gates.


11. Smooth Operator, PM; Rick Furney. With

Chinquapin Reward, PM; Slade Sikes.


12. Shadow’s Full Throttle, PM; Robin Gates. With

Awsum In Motion, ESM; Luke Eisenhart.


13. House Buckwheat Hawk, PM; Mark McLean. With

Chinquapin Bear, PM; Slade Sikes.


14. Miller’s Bushwacker, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Dunn’s Tried’n True, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


15. Awsum Country Justice, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Sandhill Trigg, PM; Fred Rayl.


16. Shadow’s White Warrior, PM; Robin Gates. With

Seminole Boss, PM; Rick Furney.


17. Sinbad’s Rumor, PF; Jamie Daniels. With

Stash the Cash, PM; Gary Lester.


18. Spencer’s Rambling Lawman, PM; Fred Rayl. With

True Confidence, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


19. Big Sky Pete, PM: Robin Gates. With

Lester’s Private Charter, PM; Mark McLean.


20. Funseek’n Hit Man, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Miller’s Speed Dial, PM; Gary Lester.


21. Phillips Stormline, PM; Rick Furney. With

Erin’s Rebel Rum PM; Luke Eisenhart.


22. Dominator’s Dotted Line, PF; Jamie Daniels. With

Rocky Knoll Annie, ESF; Fred Rayl.


23. Chinquapin Hot Shot, PM; Robin Gates. With

B M B’s Free Ride, GSPM; Brandon Blum.


24. McRee’s Roxanne, PF; Luke Eisenhart. With

Fly in the Sky, PF; Gary Lester.


25. Lester’s Georgia Time, PM; Robin Gates. With

Touch’s Mega Mike, PM; Mark McLean.


26. Shearjoy’s Unforgiven, ESM; Jamie Daniels. With

Pinestraw Country Sunshine, ESF; Lee Phillips.


27. Strut Nation, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Coldwater Hammer, PM; Mark McLean.


28. Dominator’s Rebel Heir, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Mayhaw King ofthe Hill, PM; Lee Phillips.


29. Shadow’s Next Exit, PM; Robin Gates. With

Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo, PM; Gary Lester.


30. Wild Desire, PM; Rick Furney. With

Cross City Hank, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


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