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Florida Open All-Age Championship

By Tom Word | Jan 09, 2020

Lake City, Fla. — The Florida Open Championship is scheduled to begin Sunday morning, January 12, at Chinquapin Farm, Lake City, Fla,

Judges for the 2020 renewal are Chip Pendergrass of Dayton, Tenn., and Andy Crowell of Oriental, N. C.

Qualifying braces will run 40 minutes. The number of dogs called back for the one-hour finals will be at the discretion of the judges.

Forty-six dogs have been entered, as follows:


1. Touch’s Malcom Story, PM; Mark McLean. With

Erin’s Prometheus, PM; Luke Eisenhart/Davis.


2. Touch’s Folsom Blue, PM; McLean. With

Stash the Cash, PM; Gary Lester.


3. Touch’s White Knight, PM; McLean. With

Standing Ovation, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


4. Hoos Boss, PM; Rick Furney. With

Dominator’s Rebel Patch; PM; Jamie Daniels.


5. True Confidence, PM; Eisenhart/Davis. With

Chinquapin Reward, PM; Sikes.


6. Wild Desire, PM; Furney. With

Erin’s Battle Cry, PM; Daniels.


7 Hilltopper Debutante, PF-IS; John Russell. With

Greenfield’s Queen, ESF; Furney.


8. Dominator’s Rebel Squire, PM; Daniel. With

Erin’s Wild Justice, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


9. Aces Are Wild, PM; McLean. With

Miller’s Speed Dial, PM; Lester.


10. Wild Hawk, PM; Judd Carlton. With

Chinquapin Legacy, PM; Slade Sikes.


11. Miller’s Blindsider, PM: Daniels. With

Touch’s Red Rider, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


12. Whitewater, PM; McLean. With

Dunn’s Tried’n True, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


13. Lester’s Storm Surge, PM; Lester. With

Touch’s Gallatin Fire, PM; McLean.


14. Game Wardon, PM; Eisenhart/Davis. With

Chief’s Rising Son, ESM; JohnMathys.


15. Chinquapin Roy Hobb, PM; Sikes. With

Touch’s Mega Mike, PM; McLean.


16. Touch’s Blue Moon, PM; McLean. With

Erin’s Longmire, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


17. Dogwood Bill, PM; Daniels. With

Shadow’s Next Exit, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


18. Touch’s Blue Knight, PM; Woody Watson. With

T’s Wild Man, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


19. Dominator’s Rebel Heir, PM; Daniels. With

Chinquapin Dynasty, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


20. Lester’s Private Charter, PM; McLean. With

Strut Nation, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


21. Shadow’s Lord Magic, PM; Eisenhart/Davis. With

Lester’s Shock Wave, PM; Lester.


22. Lester’s Georgia Time, PM; McLean. With

Chinquapin Bill, PM;  Sikes.


23. Erin’s Copper River, PM; Daniel. With

Erin’s Cold Justice, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.

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