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Florida Open All-Age Championship

By Kathy Griffin | Jan 07, 2021

Lake City, Fla. — The 2020 renewal the Florida Open Championship is scheduled to begin Sunday morning, January 10, at Chinquapin Farm, Lake City, Fla.

Judges are Cecil Rester of Angie, La., and Woody Watson of Leesburg, Ga. Tom Word of Richmond, Va., will report.

Fifty-four dogs have been drawn as follows:

Brace/Dog/Breed & Sex/ Handler

1. True Confidence, PM; Luke Eisenhart/Davis. With

Miller’s Bushwacker, PM; Jamie Daniels.


2. Hilltopper Debutante, PF/IS; John Russell. With

Touch’s Dancing Nancies, PF/IS; Dr. Kent Cantrell.


3. Lester’s Storm Surge, PM; Gary Lester. With

Wild Hawk, PM; Judd Carlton.


4. Dunn’s True Reign, PM; Eisenhart/Davis. With

Chinquapin Bear, PM; Slade Sikes.


5. Chinquapin Bill, PM; Sikes. With

Dominator’s Bull Market, PM; Daniels.


6. Touch’s Breakaway Fred, PM; Mark McLean. With

Southern Sparkle Jule, PF; Cantrell.


7. Lester’s Stem Winder, PM; Lester. With

Shadow’s Lord Magic, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


8. Dominator’s Rebel Heir, PM; Daniels. With

Touch’s Joy Ride, PM; McLean.


9. Touch’s Fulsome Blues, PM; McLean. With

Confident Nation, PM; Tommy Davis.


10. Erin’s Prometheus, ESM; Eisenhart/Davis. With

Rebel Cause, PM; Daniels.


11. Chinquapin Boss, PM; Sikes. With

Lester’s Georgia Time, PM; McLean.


12. Dogwood Bill, PM; Daniels. With

Woodville’s Yukon Cornelius, ESM; McLean.


13. Miller’s Stray Bullet, PM; Daniel. With

Knight Moon, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


14. Touch’s Gallatin Fire, PM; McLean. With

Strut Nation, PM; Scott Jordan.


15. Miller’s Unfinished Business, PM; Daniels. With

Chinquapin Legacy, PM; Sikes.


16. Lester’s Shock Wave, PM; Lester. With

Touch’s Red Rider, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


17. Touch’s Mega Mike, PM; McLean. With

Johnny Paycheck, PM; Tommy Rice.


18. Dunn’s Tried’n True, PM; Eisenhart/Davis. With

Dominator’s Rebel Rogue, PM;  Daniels.


19. Northwood’s Sir Gordon, ESM; Rice. With

Connor’s Trigger Man, PM; Fred Rayl.


20. Miller’s Heat Advisory, PM; Daniels. With

Awsum Country Justice, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


21. Charitable Deed, PF; Rice. With

Aces R Wild, PM; McLean.


22. Miller’s Blindsider, PM; Daniels. With

Frontline Rebel Obsession, PM; Rice.


23. Touch’s Malcom Story, PM; McLean. With

Lester’s Speed Dial, PM; Lester.


24. Dominator’s Rebel Squire, PM; Daniels. With

Osceola’s Rebel Chief, PM; Eisenhart/Davis.


25. Touch’s White Water, PM; McLean. With

Just Thrillin’, PM; Rice.


26. Senah’s Back in Business, PM; Daniels. With

Sandhill Little Juney, PF; Rayl.


27. Chinquapin Dynasty, PM; Sikes. With

Grand Prairie Thrill, PF; Rice.

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