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Fifty-Eight Dogs Drawn for 2019 Running

Florida Open Championship

By Tom Word | Jan 10, 2019

Lake City, Fla. — The 2019 edition of the Florida Open Championship is to begin Sunday morning, January 13, at Ted Baker’s Chinquapin Farm near Lake City, Fla.

Judges Chip Pendergrass of Dayton, Tenn., and Andy Crowell of Key West, Fla., will evaluate the performances of the 58 competitors drawn to compete in this renewal.

The stake features 40-minute qualifying heats and one-hour championship finals.


Brace/Dog/Breed & Sex/Handler:


1. Chinquapin Bear, PM; Slade Sikes. With

Ace’s R Wild, PM; Mark McLean.


2. Miller’s Speed Dial, PM; Gary Lester. With

Game Throne, PM; Robin Gates.


3. True Confidence, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Lester’s Pete Rose, PM; Gary Lester.


4. Chinquapin Bill, PM; Slade Sikes. With

Lester’s Private Charter, PM; Mark McLean.


5. Erin’s Muddy River, PM; Robin Gates. With

Touch’s Secret Agent, PM; Rick Furney.


6. Hilltopper Topdog, PM; John Russell. With

Touch’s Red Rider, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


7. Miller’s Hennessy, PM; Fred Rayl. With

Shadow’s Next Exit, PM; Robin Gates.


8. Touch’s Mega Mike, PM; Mark McLean. With

Touch’s Smooth Operator, PM; Rick Furney.


9. Funseek’n Hit Man, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Lester’s Shut Out, PM; Robin Gates.


10. Tee’s Wild Man, PM; Robin Gates. With

Just Watch, PM; Jamie Daniels.


11. Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo, PM; Gary Lester. With

Game Warden, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


12. Chinquapin Legacy, PM; Slade Sikes. With

Touch’s Game Point, PM; Mark McLean.


13. Miller’s Bushwacker, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Erin’s Longmire, PM; Robin Gates.


14. Miller’s Dialing In, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Sandhill Trig, PM; Fred Rayl.


15. Shadow’s Full Throttle, PM; Robin Gates. With

Stash The Cash, PM; Gary Lester.


16. Touch’s Wild Desire, PM; Rick Furney. With

Dunn’s True Redemption, PM; Judd Carlton.


17. Touch’s Gallatin Fire, PM; Mark McLean. With

Dunn’s Tried’N True, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


18. Lester’s Georgia Time, PM; Robin Gates. With

Dominator’s Rebel Heir, PM; Jamie Daniels.


19. Seminole Boss, PM; Rick Furney. With

Erin’s Rebel Run, PM; Judd Carlton.


20. Touch’s Malcom Story, PM; Mark McLean. With

Chinquapin Roy Hobb, PM; Slade Sikes.


21. Neely’s Power Play, PM; Robin Gates. With

Strut Nation, PM; Bush.


22. Miller’s Blindsider, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Awsum Country Justice, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


23. Chinquapin Dynasty, PM; Robin Gates. With

Spenser’s Lawman, PM; Fred Rayl.


24. Touch’s White Knight, PM; Mark McLean. With

Dakota Nation, PM; Scott Jordan.


25. Ascension, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Beeler’s Quick Step, PM; Scott Beeler.


26. House’s Buckwheat Hawk, PM; Mark McLean. With

Chinquapin Reward, PM; Slade Sikes.


27. Shadow’s Lord Magic, PM; Robin Gates. With

Erin’s Wild Justice, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


28. Lester’s Storm Surge, PM; Gary Lester. With

Wild Hawk, PM; Judd Carlton.


29. Phillips Storm Line, PM; John Milton. With

Chinquapin Fred, PM; Slade Sikes.

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