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By Julie Kimbrell | Nov 27, 2019
Open Derby Winners. Front, from left: Joe McHugh with Miller’s Extreme Heat, Mike Tracy with Iron Bully and Jeanette Tracy with Steel City Avenger. Standing: Lefty Henry, Jack Kimbrell, John Ray Kimbrell, Mary Kimbrell, Claudia McNamee, judge; Tom Brigman, Jr. and George Kimbrell, judge.

McBee, S. C. — The 2019 running of the Fort Mill Field Trial was held November 1-9 on Sawtooth Plantation outside of McBee, S. C. We started the trial in the 70s, ending into the 30s and 50s the last two days with frost in the mornings.

Once again the owners John and Sue Ivester were very generous with their grounds and facilities for our field trial. We are certainly grateful to them for the use of their grounds and facilities as without them we would not have a place to run our trial.

As we all know finding judges to spend much needed time and attention while in the saddle is often challenging. This year we put our confidence in the knowledge and willingness of these men and woman for their time and opinions.

For the Amateur Derby and the Amateur Shooting Dog we had Derek Bonner of Mooresboro, N. C., and Gary Whitworth of Lincolnton, N. C. The Open Derby and Open Shooting Dog judges were Claudia McNamee of Atlanta, Ga., and George Kimbrell of Fort Mill, S. C.

Our drawing had 115 dogs, consisting of 34 amateur and 81 open entries.

This size trial, as any trial, takes lots of helping hands. It requires much work to be done before, during and after. We thank all of those who helped. All of these people and many more helped in one way or another. Bill Adams, Rick Hulse, Austin Sherman, Jack, George, Julie, Mary and John Ray Kimbrell. John Ray kept things moving smoothly. He put out birds along with Jack throughout the trial. Bill Adams helped Julie with the awards and keeping notes for reporting since Julie was unable to attend during the week. George, Jack and Mary made sure all were well feed. So much more to mention but we will just add another “THANKS” to all who helped.

We thank the handlers, scouts, owners and other visitors who came and participated even if only in fellowship during lunch. Without participants there would not be a trial. We are looking forward to another successful trial next year. Hope to see you there!


The Amateur Derby had six entries. Hazelwood’s Smokin Joe, pointer male owned by George, Julie and Jack Kimbrell and handled by George Kimbrell, was awarded first. Miller’s Packing Heat, pointer female owned by Fran and Jack Miller of Georgia and handled by Fran, took second. Come Back Hoss, red setter male owned and handled by Joe Edwards, was third. These dogs showed lots of potential. We look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

The Amateur Shooting Dog had 28 entries. Beckworth’s Firefighter, callname Dan, pointer male owned and handled by Alan York of Louisville, Ga., earned first. Dan had four nice finds, a back and a forward race. At’a Boy’s Strangle Hold, callname Ted, pointer male owned and handled by George Kimbrell, placed second. Ted had six finds at almost every ten minutes with a nice shooting dog race. Harbor City Cruz, pointer male owned and handled by Thomas Brigman, Jr. of Rose Hill, N. C., took third place with three finds and a big race with style.

Twenty-four coveys were moved for the Amateur stakes as well as multiple singles.

McBee, S. C., November 1 — One Course

Judges: Derek Bonner and Gary Whitworth

AMATEUR DERBY — 5 Pointers and 1 Irish Setter

1st—HAZELWOOD’S SMOKIN JOE, 1686398, pointer male, by Doublecross Blackhawk—One White Dog. George, Julie & Jack Kimbrell, owners; George Kimbrell, handler.

2d—MILLER’S PACKING HEAT, 1685699, pointer female, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Fran & Jack Miller, owners; Fran Miller, handler.

3d—COME BACK BOSS, 1686163, male, by Come Back High Liner—Come Back Foxy. Joe A. Edwards, owner and handler.

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 25 Pointers,

1 Setter and 2 Irish Setters

1st—BECKWORTH’S FIREFIGHTER, 1645188, pointer male, by Erin’s Brave Heart—B W Molly. J. Alan York, owner and handler.

2d—AT’A BOY’S STRANGE HOLD, 1672274, pointer male, by At’a Boy Roy—Cantor’s Star. George Kimbrell, owner and handler.

3d—HARBOR CITY CRUZ, 1655653, pointer male, by Brown’s Tom Tom—Erin’s Lady Luck. Thomas E. Brigman, Jr., owner and handler.


The Open Derby had 23 entries. Miller’s Extreme Heat, pointer male handled by Mike Tracy and owned by Joe McHugh of Boston, Ga., was placed first. He had two finds, with one being a big covey, and a front forward race. Iron Bully, pointer male handled by Mike Tracy and owned by Bill and Muriel Primm and Ernie and Karen Saniga, took second. He had two covey finds with a nice race. Steel City Avenger, pointer male handled by Jeanette Tracy and owned by Karen and Robert Reed of Gettysburg, Pa., was third. He had an unproductive, one covey find and one single find with a good race. Birds were scarce for this stake.

The Open Shooting Dog had 58 entries with seven different handlers. This stake started Tuesday morning. Throughout the trial there were approximately 85 bird “finds”, including about six nice sized coveys.

Miller’s Heat Seeker, pointer male handled by Mike Tracy and owned by Muriel and Bill Primm, Dennis Hood and Jack and Fran Miller, earned first. He had four well-spaced finds, an unproductive and a nice shooting dog forward race. Armstrong Mountain Dustie, pointer male handled by Mike Tracy and owned by Frank Joyal of Jeffersonville, Vt., took second. He had an unproductive and three finds with a nice shooting dog forward race.

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, pointer male handled by Mike Tracy and owned by Casey Hollander of Seabrook, S. C., placed third. He had two finds, two backs, a nice relocation with a good shooting dog forward race.

Thanks to all for another successful field trial. Hope to see you back next year.

Judges: George Kimbrell and Claudia McNamee

OPEN DERBY CLASSIC — 18 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—MILLER’S EXTREME HEAT, 1685698, pointer female, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Joe McHugh, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

2d—IRON BULLY, 1686077, pointer male, by Dominator’s Rebel Heir—Bullerina. Bill & Muriel Primm & Ernie & Karen Saniga, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

3d—STEEL CITY AVENGER, 1684690, pointer male, by Waybetter Rocky—Steel City Karen. Karen & Robert Reed, owners; Jeanette Tracy, handler.

OPEN SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 44 Pointers and 14 Setters

1st—MILLER’S HEAT SEEKER, 1674886, pointer male, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Muriel & Bill Primm, Dennis Hood & Jack & Fran Miller, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

2d—ARMSTRONG MOUNTAIN DUSTIE, 1673241, pointer male, by Great River Ice—Summerhill Black Label. Frank Joyal, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

3d—COOSAWHATCHIE SMOOTH RIDE, 1651276, pointer male, by Great River Ice—Great River Queen. Casey Hollander, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

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