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From the Field Dog Stud Book

Oct 11, 2019

The Field Dog Stud Book is the oldest all-breed recognized pure-bred dog registry in the United States, its records dating back to 1876.

The FDSB has a long history of maintaining and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the pure-bred dog breeds. DNA certification of sires and dams arrived as an invaluable tool to assist not only the FDSB, but owners and breeders in the accuracy of the pure-bred dog breeds.

It is timely, as the new field trial season swings into high gear, to note some updates implemented by the FDSB to assist owners and breeders.

The first step in the registration process is the submission of the litter enrollment form to establish a permanent record of a breeding (sire, dam, date bitch was bred, date of whelping and number of puppies in the litter).

The litter enrollment form has been updated to include the certificate of the owner of the stud dog to certify that the dog was bred to the bitch shown on the enrollment form.

Previously, a separate stud certificate was to be included with the submission of the enrollment form. Now, that certificate is part of the enrollment form so that all documentation information noted above is all shown on the one form, simplifying the enrollment process.

Breeders are reminded that litter enrollments are to be submitted within six months of the date of whelping of the respective litter. Experience has shown that delays in enrolling a litter with the FDSB oftentimes results in lost or misplaced paperwork pertaining to the breeding. In order to ensure this requirement and to encourage breeders to submit forms promptly, the litter enrollment fee doubles after six months.

There is also a similar requirement for the registration of individual dogs. Dogs intended for registration are to have their registration application forms submitted to the FDSB within one year of whelping, again to avoid the possible loss or misplacing of the breeding information. Fees for registration also double if a registration form  for a dog is submitted  one year after the whelping date.

Owners and handlers are reminded that dogs earning Derby placements are to be registered at the time the placement is won, or application for registration is being processed by the Field Dog Stud Book, that is, “applied for.”

The availability of DNA certification is likely the most significant benefit ever for pure-bred dog breeds. Among the goals is improving canine health, potentially eradicating genetic problems  and by doing so benefitting future generations of pure-bred dogs.

A second aspect of DNA is confirming a breeding, assuring unequivocally a  dog’s parents — this sire and this dam.

Since DNA came full force in 2004, the FDSB has required that all dogs, all pointing dog breeds, winning a championship — winner and runner-up — have DNA on file with the FDSB. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in those titular placements being voided.

Another requirement for requiring DNA certification pertains to sires and dam. A sire of five separate litters is required to have DNA on record, and a dam if she is responsible for whelping four litters.

The Field Dog Stud Book will send DNA kits upon request.

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